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I just finished my first run through night club. It felt totally off. I counted 237 bodies. Given that several places had huge, difficult to count piles, there were probably more. This would make it the deadliest mass shooting in the world by nearly 100 people, and the deadliest in the US by nearly 200.

...and I'm supposed to believe that the response to this is a 5-person local SWAT team? In real life, an event like this would bring in every armed officer in like a 50 mile radius. It would probably bring in the military / national guard. Also... How is it that the response time was even slow enough that there was time to not just kill that many people, but stack their bodies in piles all over? Even... Uh... Outside... Where they would have been seen and heard immediately and would have had zero cover to just f*ck around. It makes no sense.

I understand that void is trying to be dark and edgy and mature, but this a game that is supposed to be about realism and I feel like there are parts where realism is being tossed aside in favor of being edgy.

Did anyone else pick up on this?

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I think the main hurdle is that it doesn’t exist.

VOID military/leo solutions when

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That may be an explanation, but it doesn't really jive with me as validation... It's just another piece of narrative and edgyness getting in the way of, at least, what I expected out of a SWAT 4 spiritual successor. Which... To their credit the core gameplay nails perfectly. The environments just sometimes feel less so

That’s a fair criticism, this is primarily our own interpretation of real events vs. trying to follow them exactly. As an example, it’s unlikely bodies would pile up in the center of a dance floor, they’d be at exits and there would be way less of them.

However it’s definitely a much more confronting experience (at least to some, in your case the suspension of disbelief wasn’t enough which is fine) to be presented with such an insurmountable number of bodies.

Realistically events like, say, the Bataclan massacre saw images of a few dead in larger areas with most people being able to escape, fortunately. This isn’t lost on us, it’s just the way we’ve decided to present it in a way that becomes more readable.

As for scale, that’s fair! I hope you get the chance to jump into agency and Ridgeline which are two smaller levels. Fast food is also having the added area cut down so it goes back towards the primary focus being the restaurant. Many small maps are coming, an earlier focus for us was large maps and as a result, many stayed.

Thanks for the feedback, though. Were not trying to be edgy in our defense, but I can totally see how it might come across as that.

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Originally posted by A_MAN_POTATO

Thanks for the detailed response. Even when my vision doesn't align with yours, it helps to have clarity on why decisions were made the way they were. I hope it was clear that i''m not angry or anything, just voicing my opinion. That is, after all, why I supported the game. I haven't yet played the new test maps, but I will be sure to check them out. I've been really enjoying fast food even in it's unfinished state.

Oh no problem at all. :)