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So, like me, I assume all of you are ready and waiting for the June update. However, as you might or might not have realised, getting an S tier rank is going to be significantly harder following the June update. So, to help you in your S-quest, here is my all inclusive guide to getting an S tier on every map, for every game mode.

You’re going to need to take the following loadout yourself:

-Beanbag Shotgun -Taser -Mirror/Gas Launcher/ Flash Launcher/Shield -Heavy Armour -CBRN Gas Mask -CS Gas Canisters -Pepper Spray

For your AI teammates, you will only be using either red element or blue element, but I personally change the loadout for all of the ai teammates just in case. For each member, you’ll need to take:

-R7/Beanbag Launcher -Any sidearm -Mirrorgun -Heavy Armour -CBRN Riot Gasmask -CS Gas Canisters -Door Wedges

The reason you don’t bring any breaching tools with you, is on every door, you’re going to have to lock pick every door, then peek, then have the AI throw CS gas inside before clearing. Breaching tools will allow the enemy ai to hear you beforehand and run away, and the gas has an immediate effect, and a long duration so the suspects will be trapped for the duration of the gas.

You want to make sure that you take point in every single clear, as the minute one of your teammates takes damage, the s tier is lost.

If you are close to an enemy, and you know where they are, prédire with your pepper spray slightly, make sure you stun them, then switch to your primary and melee them until they surrender. It is key to conserve ammo, as you are likely to run out towards the end of the longer levels.

Make sure not to shoot enemies in the head with the beanbag shotgun, as it will lead to a point reduction. Be careful not to melee suspects too late, and also be careful not to overuse pepper spray, for the same reason.

Hostage rescue now runs on a sight based system, so make sure to gas each room beforehand, otherwise they will run away and kill hostages. You may want to use no armour on active shooter, which is fine because you will not need to do any gassing either, just use the beanbag and get there asap before the shooting starts.

The easiest levels to complete are Fast Food, followed by gas station, club, then BS hotel, BS meth, then Brisa, valley, port and higher, with the hardest being carriers of the vine. (However the enemies spawn in the same places every time).

Getting the S tier will be a grind, but this is your last opportunity before it gets near impossible with the new cover system.

Good Luck!

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You're gonna need to go into more detail now with all the new stuff updated! I suggest heavy armor with steel SAPI inserts, full coverage, and favor extra grenades over mags in your inventory.

26 days ago - /u/Gruntr - Direct link

Originally posted by VotiveChunk2609

Hey gruntr! Thanks again for all your replies on my posts. I can’t wait to play the update, it looks amazing. Keep up the good work bro 👍

Much appreciated! :))