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That is all. Can't buy the Supporter Edition so I just want to know how the AI is doing with the new systems. How's cover? Are they doing fake deaths and suicides? Maps fun? I dunno, go crazy with your opinions, I wanna hear em

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doesnt help that the ai can now pen through concrete with a 9mm with perfect accuracy if you try to take cover, while you cant even return it with a 5.56 ap round

They shouldn’t be able to pen with perfect accuracy, but if they see you and then you move behind a wall they’ll take some pot shots within a certain distance of the wall. I would think that it’s possible those rounds are just luckily hitting you. Your AP should definitely be penetrating. If you can send a video then that’ll be good since it could be something as simple as a surface that doesnt have the correct penetration values.

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Not seen a suicide yet and i circumvent fake-deaths by tying up every single corpse now. Cover system is rgeat though. Once alerted enemies are much harder to kill and firefights take 3x the amount of time. This rewards recise engagement of oblivious enemies over ramboing the shit out of a level even more and is surprisingly healthy for the game imo. Biggest issues are bugs and performance issues right now. Most bugs are negligable, but the performance on some of the unoptimized maps absolutely kills my PC. It's not the newest, but i can usually play the game on low. For some maps i now get framedrops to 12-15, when action breaks loose.

Maps and Environmental Storytelling are insane. They went completely nuts with both new maps and seem to perfectly understand what made SWAT4 Maps so memorable. Even older Maps (Dealer / Gas / Meth) got some great updates, to the point where i would consider most maps extremely memorable and rich of narrative already.

...and yeah, AI is really buggy right now. There's a 30% chance that any command will just be ignored. Pathing sucks. Sometimes they get stuck. etc.

Thanks for the feedback. Performance should be better this next hotfix. There are also probably too many mirrors in some levels which also cause a lot of problems… we’re discussing them internally.