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Kudos on what I have to honestly say is the best FPS experience I have ever had, it’s plain to see the passion involved in putting the game together. It’s not an early access cash grab or abandonware, it’s a project that the team behind it clearly cares deeply about and has already made leaps and bounds. From the detail out in the world that gives such a glimpse into a bigger story, to the fluid gunplay that just feels right, it is an enthralling experience. Out of all I’ve spent over the years this is easily a title that stands out as one that I’m happy to give my hard earned pay, hell there’s a reason I’ve gifted it to 3 friends. It’s not something you see often, I’ve never felt the need to write anything like this before. So to put a closing note I just wanted to say thank you. It’s clear you guys are making the product that you want, regardless of what sells or is deemed acceptable by today’s standards. Can’t wait to see what comes next.

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Thank you!