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: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page [url=https://steamcommunity.com/ogg/294100/announcements/detail/1705113791243949631]here[/url].
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We've been hard at work on a hotfix for some important bugs discovered in 1.1. The hotfix build is now released. The build number is 1.1.2257.

Saves and mods should be 100% compatible.

Please let us know if you have any trouble with it!

We're still working and there will be more hotfix builds with language updates and more fixes.


- Fixed not being able to uninstall/reinstall unstable power cells after defeating mech cluster.
- Made smoothed stone count as floor for royal room requirements.
- Fixed a bug where the mechanoid cluster quest never completes.
- Mech clusters can no longer drop indoors.
- Fixed a bug where injured pawns would never do recreation.
- Added info on new features to ModUpdating.
- Fixed a bug where turrets have a red cross overlay after loading a 1.0 savegame.
- Fixed a bug where a "colonist died" thought would appear when a quest helper died.
- Mood caused mental breaks are now disabled for the wimp from the noble wimp quest.
- Change string.Replace to Substring for finding relative file path in LanguageData.
- Fixed a bug where the "Carry to shuttle" command drops the target on the floor if the shuttle is outside the allowed area.
- The Empire intro quest is now skipped if the player has opted out of royal favor rewards from the Empire.
- Fixed a bug where arrest success chance can exceed 100%.
- Fixed a bug where royal apparel generated on non-royal characters to satisfy warmth requirements.
- Fixed a bug where a different trader would arrive than the one requested.
- Added monument size limit for quests.
- Fixed a bug where the noble wimp doesn't leave the colony after the quest ends
- Fixed a bug where the "Open linked quest" command appears even if the quest is expired/completed/dismissed.
- Fixed a bug where unnecessary blueprints are removed in DoTerrainChangedEffects
- Fixed a bug that would cause a black screen if a mod was missing packageID in dependencies.
- Fixed a few typos.

Modding features:

- Added IgnoreIfNoMatchingField attribute to allow having custom data in About.xml.
- Added the ability to set description and dependency relations on a game version-specific basis for About.xml.
- Added support for negative conditional load folders support. Rename attributes to IfModActive/IfModNotActive. Allow comma-separated packageId lists as values.
- Added Language folder support to LoadFolder system.
- Added MayRequire attrib functionality to individual load folders, to allow using them conditionally.