This update covers a lot of different ground including a large number of refinements and smaller fixes. It improves both the base game and Royalty expansion content.

The most obvious feature is that you can now choose whether you want to recieve faction goodwill rewards from each faction, the same way you can choose to accept or reject royal favor. I'd like to reach a nice balance between creating varying experiences through randomized quest rewards, while also avoiding offering players rewards they're not interested in at all. So I'll be watching to see how this works and considering how to improve reward generation even more.

This update should be compatible with savegames and mods. If any further issues come up please let us know on the unstable testing Discord channel[discord.gg].

Big thanks to everyone who... Read more

29 Mar

The main feature of this update is the ship landing beacon. Placing four of these on the corners of an open rectangle forms a shuttle landing pad. When shuttles land at the colony, they will land here if they can. In addition, Imperial guests (including the High Stellarch) now land using the shuttle.

This update should be compatible with savegames and mods (except ModSwitch, see below). We did extensive testing for mod compatibility, but if any further issues come up please let us know on the unstable testing Discord channel here[discord.gg].

Big thanks to everyone who helped test this update! Changelist below.

Note: The shuttle will only be used for newly-generated quests, so if you have a royal endgame quest on your savegame already, expect the stellarch to arrive in a drop pod as in the previous version.
... Read more

20 Mar

Update 1.1.2579

20 days ago - Tynan on Steam - Thread - Direct
Here's another polishing update for RimWorld!

The most notable change is in how titles interact with work types. Now, only certain characters will actually not do worktypes disallowed by their titles. Royals from the Empire, as well as colonists with the greedy or jealous traits will refuse to do any formally-prohibited work type, while others will take the titles less seriously and continue to work as normal, ignore formal restrictions on food, and not issue decrees.

We're still looking at different ways of adjusting the royal system to allow for nobles to be powerful without destroying challenges or constraining storytelling.

This update should be compatible with all savegames and mods.

Thanks to everyone who gave feedback on the unstable version in the unstable test Discord server[discord.gg]... Read more

14 Mar

Update 1.1.2575

26 days ago - Tynan on Steam - Thread - Direct
This update includes various new features, adjustments and bug fixes.

EDIT: It's been released to everyone!

Thanks to everyone who has been contributing unstable build feedback in official unstable build testing Discord server[discord.gg]

Change list:

- Implemented renounce title button on pawn bio tab. You can now have your royal colonists renounce their title if you wish.
- Implement mech shield generator charge cycle. Shields now go down for a random day every 10 days, if you're willing to wait.
- Mech cluster condition causers and mortars now sometimes take several days to initiate threatening the colony. This gives more time to prepare and attack the cluster.
- We now generate random rewards only up to 5500$, the rest will go into market value fillers like gold, plasteel, and uranium. ... Read more

12 Mar

Update 1.1.2571

29 days ago - Tynan on Steam - Thread - Direct
Balance updates and bugfixes today!

If you're willing to help test the unstable build in future, please join us here: https://discord.gg/EV2PNt7

Feedback is welcome all around. The most direct place to offer it is the Discord channel above, but I'm watching forums, Reddit, and everywhere else I can collect feedback. Thanks in advance to those who contribute thoughts, and to all those who have offered feedback so far.


- Baron can now do Animals work.
- Count can now do commoner work. Count is now only unable to do same as Baron, plus Animals.
- Balanced down ultratech and bladelink melee weapons a bit. Reduced illegal bladelink usage detection chance 5% to 3%.
- Psychic entropy base recovery rate reduced from 5 to 4.
- Improve psychic entropy recovery rate on pawns without psychic amplifiers from 4 to 8.
- P... Read more

11 Mar

Update 1.1.2570 released

30 days ago - Tynan on Steam - Thread - Direct
This is a continuation of yesterday's unstable testing with some updates.

If you're willing to help test the unstable build for compatibility in future, please join us here: https://discord.gg/4YMfu6


- Player-created content update.
- Fix: Nuclear Stomach not having zero food poisoning chance
- Fix: Escaping prisoners being able to equip bladelinked/biocoded weapons.
- Refactored mech cluster position finder to be more robust and flexible.
- Fix: Room requirements debuff for royals in caravan. Only apply debuffs on player home maps.
- Fix: Some mechanoids showing up as "dormant" after awakening.
- Fix: No mech wake-up sound on LordJob_SleepThenAssaultColony.
- Fix: Link plasmasword and zeushammer having no detection chance.
- HaulAIUtility now checks whether the worktable is spawned when deciding if hau... Read more

10 Mar

Update 1.1.2569 on unstable branch

about 1 month ago - Tynan on Steam - Thread - Direct
This update is available on Steam's unstable branch fo testing.

We're testing to ensure full save and mod compatibility. If you're willing to help test the unstable build for compatibility, please join us here: https://discord.gg/FYBsdNX

Change list:

- Increased mini-turret range 25->29.
- We no longer generate big mech clusters if there's no space for them to spawn anyway (we keep the points, they're just more compact).
- We no longer generate quests to build monuments bigger than possible (e.g. due to bad terrain).
- Quests are now consistently sorted by date in the quests tab.
- Low-tech weapons are no longer biocodable.
- Psychic animal pulser no longer affects player faction animals.
- Adjust tuning of chemical desire traits.
- Add tip about changing storyteller and difficulty through the options menu.
- Col... Read more

08 Mar

Update 1.1.2567 released

about 1 month ago - Tynan on Steam - Thread - Direct
Just a small balancing update this weekend.

Balancing will continue as we collect more feedback from across the Internet.

- Increase tribute collector rewards to 4 favor per prisoner and 1 favor per 50 gold.
- Inferno turret now has longer cooldown and lower accuracy.
- Charge blaster turret now has lower rate of fire, smaller burst size, and worse long-range accuracy. Renamed to charge turret.
- Mech turrets health changed from 280 to 250.
- Random mech clusters no longer come as as raid strategy but as their own incident.
- Increase faction relations rewards for quests.
- Fix incorrect black line on the Royalty main menu background.
- Adjusted donkey and caribou body size (donkey is no longer bigger than a yak).
- Added some loading tips.

07 Mar

Update 1.1.2566 released

about 1 month ago - Tynan on Steam - Thread - Direct
This update brings bugfixes and other adjustments.

If you're willing to help test the unstable branch, please join this Discord server: https://discord.gg/FYBsdNX

Change log:

- Shorten the royal endgame quest defense duration 15 days->12 days. This does not affect quests that were already generated.
- Significantly reduced the frequency of random mech clusters (unconnected to quests).
- Mech large turrets now have minimum ranges. Mech mortars initial warmup increased 60->120 seconds. Mech mortars cooldown increased 44->80 seconds.
- Reclassified mech mortar as problem causer instead of combat threat, so clusters will now only spawn one of these. Charge blaster turret burst shots reduced 24->16. Mech heavy turrets health 380->280.
- Hosting quest worst case raids timing is no longer as severe.
- Giving a speech from the thron... Read more

06 Mar

Royal Ascent Quest Bug?

about 1 month ago - Tynan on Steam Forums - Thread - Direct
It was fixed - but the old quests were already generated so they still have to play out.

If you fail the old quest the game should generate a new one for you not too long after. Or you can use dev tools to generate the quest EndGame_RoyalAscent.

Sorry about that bug, it never appeared in all our testing!

Update 1.1.2565 released

about 1 month ago - Tynan on Steam - Thread - Direct
This update brings bugfixes and other adjustments.

If you're willing to help test the unstable branch in future, please join this Discord server: https://discord.gg/FYBsdNX

Change log:

- Fix: Endless cycle of the prisoner getting out of bed, and the doctor putting the prisoner in the bed
- Fix: Tortured artist gets inspiration after being hit by berserk psycast.
- Most traders now buy musical instruments.
- A mitigation for: Pawn allocated several times to Bed or Throne. Until the root cause is known.
- Fix: Cloth sandbags not displaying as 1.0 color.
- Fix: A count was used as a caravan guard for the empire
- Show detection chance for illegal psycasts attached to the mouse.
- All weapons are now biocodable. All lodgers now arrive with their weapons biocoded. Lodgers can now drop non biocoded weapons via UI (e.g. if ... Read more

05 Mar

Update 1.1.2564 released

about 1 month ago - Tynan on Steam - Thread - Direct
This update contains balance changes and bugfixes.

If you're willing to help test, please join the testing Discord server: https://discord.gg/ryKTFr


- Mech turret balance: Charge blaster turret cooldown 3.5->4.5 seconds. Inferno cannon turret cooldown 8.5->11.5 seconds Inferno cannon miss radius 3.5->3.9.
- Update player-created content: 172 names added.
- Languages updated.
- Ground-penetrating scanner rebalance. Random find time 4 work days->3 work days. Guaranteed find time 8 work days -> 6 work days.
- Ground-penetrating scanner now displays feedback about the current user's scanning speed, the random scan interval for this user, and the progress to a guaranteed find.
- Fixed a bug that could cause deep ores to generate outside the buildable area.
- Hunting decrees are now cancelled if there are n... Read more

03 Mar

Update 1.1.2563 released

about 1 month ago - Tynan on Steam - Thread - Direct
Just a quick update with some miscellaneous fixes. RimWorld is now at 1.1.2563.

This update is on the unstable branch. EDIT: Released to main branch now.

- Shuttles now avoid landing on crops.
- Using a resurrection serum now removes royal titles, to prevent duplicating them.
- For modders, fixed and issue where BaseGen and SketchGen SetCustom and GetCustom methods don't work
- Fixed a bug that allowed stacking toughskin, armorskin, and stoneskin implants.
- Fixed a bug that would cause the royal ascent quest to fail if the high stellarch died of old age.
- Fixed a bug that caused traders to restock every day.
- Fixed a bug where nobles would get stuck if the throne room became unreachable after they decide to go reign.
- Fixed a bug that caused bladelink weapons lose reference to bonded pawn after the pawn died or leaves the map when saving the game.
- Long mod names will no longer clip out of the box on the loading screen.
- Fixed... Read more
Will address thanks :)

Update 1.1.2562 released

about 1 month ago - Tynan on Steam - Thread - Direct
EDIT: This has been released to the default Steam branch.

Today's updated build is up for testing on the unstable branch. The build is 1.1.2562. We'll set it live soon after we confirm it doesn't break anything. It should be save and mod compatible.

Anyone who is willing - please try the unstable branch with as many mods and as crazy a savegame as possible! I'd love to hear if anything breaks, or if it doesn't. Thanks in advance.


- Silver and gold tile are now considered fine floor. Fine floor have an info card entry stating that they are fine.
- Fixed a bug that caused backstory translation data to be ignored if the translation was compressed.
- Fixed a bug that caused the camera to jump occasionally.
- Fixed a bug that made it impossible to form a caravan if two map sides were blocked.
- Adjusted mech cluster drop rules to avoid dropping too close to colony or colonists.
- Changed psychic animal pulser to only affect no... Read more

02 Mar

What's Next for RimWorld

about 1 month ago - Tynan on Steam - Thread - Direct
The release of RimWorld - Royalty has been a great success! Thanks to everyone who's bought it so far, the testers and translators, modders, streamers and video makers.

I thought it would be a good idea to write a bit about what to expect next. In the past I've rarely written about the future because release dates and game designs often change unexpectedly during development. I can't tell you how many times in the past I had a firm expectation of some development outcome that was totally wrong in the end. Not talking about the future avoided the risk that something would change and people would get angry because they perceive some promise to have been broken. Talking less also allowed me to focus on making the game great instead of spending time managing public expectations.

Now, though, I think it's time to give a bit more info of what to expect to to help people in the community make their own decisions and to help modders be ready for what's coming next.

... Read more

01 Mar

Update 1.1.2560 released

about 1 month ago - Tynan on Steam - Thread - Direct
Another day, another hotfix! This is build 1.1.2560.

Side note: There were some recent major changes in a few key mods, so there are still some mods with compatibility problems with each other. More info on this in the last hot... Read more

Anyone else experencing these scrolling issues?

about 1 month ago - Tynan on Steam Forums - Thread - Direct
Sorry, this may be related to a recent rework of how scrolling works. We'll look at it!

29 Feb

1.1 Modded bug: can't place buildings

about 1 month ago - Tynan on Steam Forums - Thread - Direct
Replace Stuff is the problem.

If not that, RimCities or Achtung.

Update 1.1.2559 released

about 1 month ago - Tynan on Steam - Thread - Direct
EDIT 2: It appears there's a lot of incompatibility between mods at the moment. Mainly this derives from a recent change in how the Harmony mod worked, which was itself compelled by a change in Unity/.NET. This broke compatibility with many other mods. Here is a full article about Harmony from its author explaining what happened.

The recommended fix for now is:
  1. Disable the Replace Stuff mod.
  2. Place the mods HubsLib and Harmony directly after Core/Royalty in the mod load order.
That should address most issues, but a some mods may still need to be updated over the next days.

I'm talking to modders more so we can pass along info about this kind of thing more clearly in the future.

I originally reverte... Read more

Criticism on mechanoid clusters

about 1 month ago - Tynan on Steam Forums - Thread - Direct
I appreciate the rich feedback! Certainly this is just the kind of thing I'm looking to tune going forward. It's a new gameplay concept and we did lots of balancing and adjusting pre-release but with more players come more data.

They are supposed to be difficult and to require new strategies. I think they're hitting these marks, but I don't want them to feel unfair (that said, nor should they always be defeatible without losses, at least above builder difficulty).

We're further adjusting how clusters choose where to spawn, because you're right some of them were spawning on top of things they shouldn't (or even indoors). The next hotfix, and probably another next week, will have adjustments on these fronts.

After that's done and the metagame matures a bit I'll be looking at other adjustments, but I don't want to move too fast and end up "thrashing" with the design.

Originally posted by ...
Read more

28 Feb

How to demote rank in royalty DLC?

about 1 month ago - Tynan on Steam Forums - Thread - Direct
Fair enough, will look at addressing this in a patch.

What game version is the latest? Unstable or Normal?

about 1 month ago - Tynan on Steam Forums - Thread - Direct
Unstable is where we test hotfixes before putting them on default. It's always newer than default, but of course, it can be unstable. So your game might break.

How to demote rank in royalty DLC?

about 1 month ago - Tynan on Steam Forums - Thread - Direct
It's not possible aside from death (and then the title gets inherited!)

I'm curious why you want to demote your pawn?

Update 1.1.2258 released

about 1 month ago - Tynan on Steam - Thread - Direct
We've just released another hotfix of version 1.1. It should be compatible with all mods and saves.

Change list:

- Updated translations
- Add feedback on trying to deconstruct walls of a mech cluster before defeating it.
- Give 1 psychic amplifier as inheritance reward. Make title rewards a separate message that can handle more than 1 item.
- Cancelling monument markers for quests sends a copy via drop pod.
- Adjust smelt apparel description.
- Fix: Mod descriptions are cut off if they use tags.
- Fix: Royal ascent quest doesn't end properly when the stellarch dies before arriving
- Fix: Unfeasible farming decrees during winter.
- Fix: Royal prisoners try to swap pants continuously.
- Fix: Explosion in null map error in SmokepopBelt for unspawned pawns
- Fix: Designators not appearing with old custom scenarios where rules is null.
- Fix: Fertility grid doesn't update when edifices are removed.
- Fix: Can trade with outp... Read more