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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.
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Hey all,

Response to the Biotech release has been amazing! Just here to let you know that we've put out two hotfix updates so far. Change logs are below.

We're watching and gathering issue reports across forums, Discord, and reddit and will continue to fix critical issues as they're discovered. Less-critical things will be left for slower updates later - it's important to stick to essentials for hotfixes, because it's easy to break one thing while fixing another and maintaining stability is our top priority now.

If you're willing to help report or investigate issues, please join the RimWorld Official Development Discord server[discord.gg]. Thanks to all those who took the time to report issues.


1.4.3524, released Oct 21, 2022 - Fix: Mods list not dirtied before sorting on reset.
- Fix: Breach raids not spawning.
- Fix: Children getting adult body types from genes.
- Fix: Kid Romper has no alpha channel. This can cause it to render as a pink square.

1.4.3525, released Oct 22, 2022 - Potential fix for black screen when loading a game with multiple mods.
- Disable growth moment letter for quest lodgers.
- Fix: Temporary work restrictions affect growth moment passion choices.
- Fix: Errors preventing mechs from acting in very niche circumstances.
- Fix: Gene assembler artwork has incorrect import settings.
- Added some mech gestation null checks for safety.
- Fix: Clicking on the "carry pawn" checkbox in caravan screen opens health card.
- Fix: Bandolier and sash have incorrect unfinished thing.
- Fix: Shelves cause non-haulable things in the same cell to not affect beauty.
- Fix: Attempting to absorb a xenogerm of your own colonist displays a warning message saying you'll anger your faction.
- Ignore package id suffix when checking for mod requirements