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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.
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Hello everyone!

Before we get started today a HUGE thank you from everyone here at Hopoo Games for jumping in and trying Survivors of the Void - we have had an absolute blast watching your streams and tweets and Discord posts about your brand new Risk of Rain 2 experiences! For us as a team, SotV was definitely the most ambitious thing we’ve done to date and we’re thrilled with the reception!

We’re currently working on a patch that should fix most of the issues you have reported to us, along with some balance/gameplay changes. Please note that these are only some of the changes we’re working on, and we will provide full patch notes for these changes on release!

Oh yea… patch notes. We’ve learned from our mistake on not releasing patch notes for the expansion’s release - we recognize that many of you were used to how the game played prior to Survivors of the Void, and not informing you of the changes was something we have learned from - we will ensure future updates are well documented!
On that subject… Some of the things we’re working on are:

  • Fixing velocity/momentum changes after teleporting back into the map, causing you to be flung around
  • Fixing one of the DLC Equipment being permanently locked
  • Fixing a few issues with the boss item from the Void Devastator
  • Fixing profiles not being deleted through the main menu
  • Fixing Volcanic Egg disjointing over time
  • Improving clarity, balance, and behaviour on Void Seeds. It’s fairly confusing, and spawning inside of it, being unable to find the enemies, or randomly dying to it isn’t a fun experience.
  • Improving Goobo Railgunner AI
  • Reducing damage of updated Void Fields’ fog
  • Captain occasionally spawns in with no stocks of his Special
  • Simulacrum soft-locks
  • Fixing Rusty Lockbox from always dropping a red item

Forever in our hearts

Some things we’re keeping an eye on:

  • Difficulty and overall balance of new content
  • Duration of some ignite effects
  • Improving functionality internally for modders
  • Frustrations with Void Infestors, specifically with drones and turrets

Again, I wanted to say thank you to each and every one of you - it's been an amazing experience launching Survivors of the Void and we're truly grateful to have such a passionate fanbase! Please keep the feedback and bug reports coming - we’re watching and listening!

-Hopoo Games


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