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Latest Patch Notes Devblog #12 – Somewhere, Over the Double... (8 months ago)

17 Sep

This is the second major content update for Risk of Rain 2 on PC. With this update we are focusing on Skills 2.0, brand new content, as well as other general changes and quality of life improvements.

Skills 2.0 introduces a new way to play your favorite survivor! Our new “Loadout” system allows for swappable skills and skins at the beginning of each run. Each survivor will maintain their unique identity, but have some options to tinker with before jumping into a run. While some skill variants play off existing skills, some variants are entirely unique abilities available to a survivor. Each new skill and skin in your Loadout will be unlocked only with survivor-specific challenges - good luck! More skills and skins are planned to be added in future updates.

This Content Update will be coming to consoles soo... Read more
: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page [url=https://steamcommunity.com/ogg/632360/announcements/detail/3629261603725096696]here[/url].

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Development Thoughts #7

19 days ago - Huntress on Steam - Thread - Direct
=== Risk of Rain 2 Console Launch ===

We’re very excited to work with both Gearbox Publishing and PlayEveryWare to bring Risk of Rain 2 to the Xbox One, PS4, and Switch, launching today! Thanks to their fantastic efforts, we’ve been able to turn around a console release very quickly.

A unique challenge that we’re facing is that Early Access games don’t really exist on all the consoles. To help smooth over that confusion, we are launching a console-specific roadmap, outlining the timeline of when the consoles will be updated to match the PC version of the game. Note- the PC roadmap remains the same and we will maintain two roadmaps (see below).

Outlined below is our intended development plan for Content Updates (CU) going forward:

-Hopoo Games begins and develops the CU
-Submit to Gearbox QA o... Read more

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