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02 Jul


We have a variety of topics to cover in this Dev Thoughts so we gotta go fast NOW

Let's dive right in!

=== Hopoo Games is hiring! ===

As the title might suggest, we are hiring! This is big news for us, since we’ve always been an incredibly small company.

We’ve launched our new website http://hopoogames.com, where we’re hoping to start adding job listings over time. We also have a new official twitter https://twitter.com/hopoogames for Hopoo Games, where we will tweet company-related stuff. Our first listing is for a Lead Pixel Artist on a non-disclosed game. Stay tuned for that :-)

=== Console Update ===

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: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page [url=https://steamcommunity.com/ogg/632360/announcements/detail/2520276100969901364]here[/url].

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As we all know, the next update is 1.0, the last update until we leave Early Access. Earlier this month, I ran a quick tweet to get some feedback on what RoR2 1.0 may look like to you.

From that tweet, we not only learned that there’s quite a few areas of improvement we could work on, but also that you guys are passionate about what RoR2 1.0 could be - with many fantastic suggestions and ideas of things that weren’t in the original roadmap.

=== Updated Roadmap ===

We don’t take 1.0 lightly - we know a lot of players have been waiting for the full release to play the game, or have joined us early on in EA and are now holding off for the full release.

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: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page [url=https://steamcommunity.com/ogg/632360/announcements/detail/2197139657029528799]here[/url].

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This is a bug fix patch to address issues that came up in the first week of the Artifacts 2.0 Update most of which were reported by the community. As we mentioned in the Artifacts 2.0 Patch Notes, this was our biggest and most complex update so far and we are very happy to see so many players enjoying the new content. The number of new players joining in on Risk of Rain 2 and our community have been insane the last couple weeks, so thank you all so much.

  • Change the way Artifact of Sacrifice works with initial spawns
  • Remove Metamorphosis from being selected in Prismatic Trials
  • Change the amount of Hordes of Many that were spawning a...
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