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Latest Patch Notes Devblog #12 – Somewhere, Over the Double... (6 months ago)


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This is a bug fix patch to address critical issues that came up in the first week of Scorched Acres. This patch explicitly does NOT contain balance fixes, since we want to make sure players have enough time to figure out new strategies and preferences with the new content.

=== Gameplay Changes ===
  • Fuel Array
    • Increase damage of Fuel Array's explosion from 100% of your health to 300% of your health
    • Fuel Array no longer pierces armor
    • Add new graphics to Fuel Array to clarify that it is not a Sticky Bomb
  • Grovetender
    • Reduce horizontal jump distance to reduce chance he yotes himself off the stage
  • Misc
    • Blood Shrines now take into account shields and barriers to make it more consistent
    • Reduce maximum number of overlay effects (burning, shielded, glass, etc) to 6 from 8 f...
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01 Jul

28 Jun

Hopoo Games Development Thoughts #5

21 days ago - Huntress on Steam - Thread - Direct
This week Scorched Acres went live, and we're thrilled with the reception of the update. This was a big nervous moment for us internally, since it essentially sets the pace for the rest of Early Access.

Overall we're very happy with the balance and design of the content we included, and we're glad the community feels that way too! There are a lot of moving parts with each Content Update, so we're keeping our ears to the ground for anything that felt like it moved too much.

With the release of Scorched Acres, our Roadmap has now progressed forward! Our next update lands in September - and it's loaded with content. Check it out below:

===**Major Points**===
• Very excited about REX's reception! We're seeing a lot of polarizing views, which is super awesome and exciting. We don't want everyone to fe... Read more

26 Jun

25 Jun

This is the first content update for Risk of Rain 2. With this update there is a bunch of new content as well as other general changes and quality of life improvements.

Changes with the ‘☂’ icon in front of them are changes or additions suggested by the community. As always, if you want to stay up to date on the game feel free to join the Official Risk of Rain 2 Discord[discord.gg].

==== Major Content and Changes ====
  • Added New Survivor: REX
  • Added New Stage: Scorched Acres
  • Added New Boss: Grovetender
  • Added New Elite: Malachite
    • Malachites are new high-tier elit...
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