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28 Sep

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Hey! Since we released 1.0 on PC (and continue on-going efforts to get 1.0 on consoles), our team at Hopoo Games has finally had time to evaluate our development over the last year-and-a-bit. It has given us insight on how RoR2 has gone so far - and where we want to take it going forward.

Here’s the plan:

Early Access Post-Mortem Since we’ve officially left Early Access, we thought some players may be curious as to how the whole thing went. RoR2 was our first ever Early Access project, and so there were many lessons to learn.

Overall, Early Access was a fantastic way to get feedback, spread news of the game, and engage with players. However, it came at a cost of creativity and quality to meet deadlines.

The Early Access Roadmap kept us honest and on track - and as a result, we created a g... Read more

11 Sep

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01 Sep


The goal of this quality of life + bugfix patch is to address a variety of bugs, fix a few unintended changes to Merc, and to make the final fight a bit more engaging and a bit less cheesy.

  • Captain
    • Captain’s Supply Drop now presses the buttons on Abandoned Aqueduct
  • Equipment Drone
    • Now recharges equipment much faster, approximately 5x as often. We don’t expect Equipment Drones to suddenly become super strong, but th...
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31 Aug

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13 Aug


Hi. First and foremost, thank you all so much for jumping into the 1.0 Update. It has been a ton of fun for the team to watch streams, read reviews, hang out in the Discord, and even hop in some multiplayer games with the community.

Since the update on Tuesday, we’ve been working and compiling the first targeted hotfix patch. There will also be another more comprehensive patch to follow, as with all of our previous Content Updates. Apparently, the game is not perfect. This is a collection of community responses and feedback from a variety of channels - keep 'em coming!

=== What We’re Workin On ===

Some of the things we’re checking out right now are:

• Players are getting marooned on a remote island on the final stage. This has been addressed in a hotfix today.
• Players can crea... Read more