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Dev Thoughts #26 - The Void Invades

Hey everyone!

This will be the last Dev Thoughts before the release of Survivors of the Void on PC on the 1st March! I can’t explain how excited we all are at Hopoo Games for you all to get your hands on the expansion - We’re very proud of the final product and we hope you all enjoy it - be sure to let us know what you think!

Thank you to everyone who has followed along with each of the Dev Thoughts over the last 5 months, it’s been a wild ride and it's been great talking with you all - this won't be the last time you hear from me as we do have some more surprises for you in the not-too-distant future!

Following last month’s reveal of the Railgunner the anticipation for release of Survivors of the Void has skyrocketed and I have a couple of release updates for you all before we get into the main subject of this month’s Dev Thoughts.

Release Updates
Firstly I'm happy to announce that for the first time we’re releasing Risk of Rain 2 and Survivors of the Void on the Epic Game Store. It will launch at the same time as the Steam version on March 1st and the Expansion will have the same limited special offer price on launch we announced last month for Steam - a 35% discount down to $9.75

The Epic Store version will be multiplayer compatible with the Steam version so you’ll be able to play together with your friends no matter which PC version you own.

Explore stinky new worlds with your pals

Secondly i’d like to give an update to our console fans as many of you have been back in contact with me since last month excited to give the Railgunner a try - While I dont have a precise date for you just yet I can confirm that as mentioned in Dev Thoughts 23 we are still on schedule for a Q2 (April-June) release for the console versions and I will let you know as soon as possible when the exact release date will be.

And finally I know many of you - like myself - are huge fans of the RoR2 soundtrack and want to get your hands on the new music we previewed last month - You can now pre-order the Survivors of the Void OST on Chris’s Bandcamp on the following link:


Survivor #2
Introducing the second of two Survivors arriving with the Expansion

The Void Fiend.

The Void Fiend is Risk of Rain 2’s very own Jekyll and Hyde - a Void corrupted survivor that fluctuates between a controlled form and corrupted form, each with different strengths and weaknesses.

Key to mastering the two sides of the Void Fiend is Corruption - which is increased by taking damage, reduced by healing but always slowly creeping higher and higher.

The Void Fiend doesn’t have a set of alternate abilities to choose from - once your Corruption reaches 100% you burst into a more aggressive form with 4 new abilities to master.

While in this form your Corruption slowly decreases - giving you a short window to use these more powerful abilities before transforming back into your controlled form and reliving this curse over and over.

In your controlled form Drown fires a slowing long-range beam for 300% damage - a great all-round weapon that does high damage and has built in crowd control.

In your corrupted form Drown transforms into a short-range rapid-fire beam that rips and tears through your enemies foolish enough to attack you.

Using your huge mutated crustacean arm-cannon fire a plasma missile for 600% damage - you can also charge this attack building to an explosive plasma ball instead, dealing 1100% damage.

In your corrupted form not only does this attack instantly fire a 1100% damage arcing bomb it also has twice the explosive radius.

The Void Fiend can vanish into the void for a short time which cleanses all debuffs while you move in an upward arc - great for escaping tough situations or for navigating to higher ground.

In your corrupted form this turns into an aggressive leap forward through the void allowing you to quickly close the distance to decimate your enemies up close and personal.

Suppress is Void Fiend’s way of maintaining whichever form you wish to stay in a little bit longer. In your controlled form you consume 25% corruption and convert it into instant 25% healing.

In your corrupted form you crush 25% of your health to instead increase your corruption by 25% allowing you to stay in this powerful form a few seconds longer to unleash the power of the void - if you can afford the price.

You can also watch some exclusive Void Fiend gameplay footage over on the IGN website:


That concludes our..


.... What was that?

Oh God they’re getting clo…


…the crabs… ..they’ve found me….

…The CRA…『「?SILENC?E」』




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