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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.
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Risk of Rain 2: Survivors of the Void PC Patch v1.2.3 (Build ID #8537997)

Changes with the ‘🌧’ icon in front of them are changes or additions suggested by the community. As always, if you want to stay up to date on the game or give us feedback feel free to join the discord at https://discord.gg/riskofrain2

The goal of this patch is to address lower-level bugs, while also taking a look at some content changes and more long-standing bugs that have existed in RoR2.

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  • Simulacrum
  • Slightly updated visuals of Void Focus
  • Now has an indicator for the Void Focus’ position
  • Void Seeds
  • [/b]
    • 🌧 Now cap at a maximum of 3 per map
    • 🌧 Spawn less frequently with Artifact of Sacrifice enabled
    • 🌧 Spawn less frequently on top of you when starting a new stage
  • Void Fiend
  • [/b]
    • 🌧 Corrupted skills are now lower priority than Heresy items, allowing Heresy items to override both versions of skills
  • Goobo Jr.
  • [/b]
    • 🌧 Damage Bonus: +70% ⇒+200%
    • 🌧 Health Bonus: +70% ⇒ +200%
    • 🌧 Fix description in logbook being wrong
    • Developer Notes: Goobo was designed to be +600%. It was +70%. +600% was actually waaay too strong when we fixed it, so we set it to a more reasonable value.
  • Brittle Crown
  • [/b]
    • 🌧 No longer grants gold to the enemy who hits you while wearing the item (but still shows the visuals)
    • Developer Notes: We thought it would be a cute behavior if when losing money from Brittle Crown, it granted that money to the attacker - for use in stuff like a Scavenger’s Crowd Funder. However, this resulted in you gaining all the money back when you killed the enemy, making Brittle Crown have (essentially) no downside.
  • Ben’s Raincoat
  • [/b]
    • Rework behavior - Now has an internal cooldown of 5 seconds
    • Now blocks 1 (+1 per stack) debuffs before going on cooldown
    • Now grants 10% of your health as barrier when blocking a debuff
    • Now has the ‘Healing’ tag
    • No longer grants maximum health
    • 🌧 No longer blocks non-timed debuffs, like Eclipse 8 and skills like Power Mode
    • Developer Notes: Ben’s Raincoat was a very binary item, resulting in unsatisfying stacking behavior and frustrations when given to monsters (like in Simulacrum). The item also trivialized Eclipse 8. Now, it has a bit of downtime for when it can block debuffs - and since we didn’t want this to be just a net nerf, we also added a large barrier when blocking a debuff with the coat.
  • Void Devastator
  • [/b]
    • Max Health: 2100 (+630 per level) ⇒ 2800 (+840 per level)
    • Armor: 10 ⇒ 20
    • Developer Notes: Despite being a boss monster, the Void Devastator had strangely low stats for its cost, especially when compared to same-cost monsters like the Imp Overlord
  • Gup
  • [/b]
    • 🌧 No longer splits if killed from a ‘Void Death’, like from Lost Seer’s Lenses
    • Voidtouched Gups and Geeps will now split into Voidtouched Geeps and Gips (respectively)

    • Altered some planets in the Planetarium
    • Updated Captain’s Defense Matrix log to be granted by playing Captain
    • 🌧 Updated Shipping Request Form to be blacklisted for enemies
    • 🌧 Updated inventories to work with more than 255 items for mods with many items
    • 🌧 Made it easier for mods to register custom achievements
    • 🌧 Updated localization to allow mods to properly utilize the system
    • 🌧 Extended systems to support mods adding custom item tiers
    • 🌧 Pluripotent Larva will no longer convert into items that are not available in the current run
    • 🌧 Updated a deep pool in the Planetarium causing you to get stuck inside if you had no jump boosts
    • 🌧 Updated Heretic to receive Heresy items, even if spawned from Goobo Jr, so it can use abilities
    • 🌧 Fixed Korean language files having a malformed format, resulting in errors

    • 🌧 Fixed Category Chests dropping a much smaller subset of items
    • 🌧 Fixed Beetle Guard summoned from Queen’s Gland no longer being a fresh green color
    • 🌧 Fixed a variety of issues relating to Heresy items losing or gaining stocks when swapping skills with other skills
    • 🌧 Fixed Simulacrum referring to Rainstorm as Normal
    • 🌧 Removed nodes in Simulacrum’s Titanic Plains, Sulfur Pools, and Rallypoint Delta that were inside walls
    • 🌧 Removed nodes in Aphelian Sanctuary and Sulfur Pools that were inside walls
    • Fixed tag requirements of Vengeance and Void Fields
    • Fixed a bunch of NRE’s, causing a potential variety of issues
    • 🌧 Fixed profiles not being able to be deleted in the main menu
    • 🌧 Fixed out-of-bound zones for Aphelian Sanctuary, Void Fields, Distant Roost, Titanic Plains, and Sky Meadows not properly culling monsters
    • 🌧 Fixed Siphoned Forest being called Snowy Forest in the logbook
    • 🌧 [!!SPOILER!!]Fixed the frog not spawning a deep void portal
    • Fixed text for Blast Shower not clarifying that it also removes freezes and stuns
    • 🌧 Fixed visible back faces in Siphoned Forest
    • 🌧 Fixed Void Fiend’s Trespass continually playing the sound if you quit in the middle of the skill
    • 🌧 Fixed Disposable Missile Launcher and Fireworks not triggering other missile effects, like AtG Missile and Plasma Shrimp
    • 🌧 Fixed a few bugs with state-controlled debuffs (like Void Fiend’s Corrupted Flood) and Ben’s Raincoat causing those debuffs to be permanent
    • 🌧 Fixed REX’s core position being lowered while sprinting, causing AI issues and some projectiles appearing in the floor while sprinting
    • 🌧 Fixed Bulwark’s Ambry entry missing in logbook
    • Fixed Heretic’s head hurtbox causing issues when hit
    • Fixed Xi Construct and Void Jailer appearing with Artifact of Dissonance enabled, even with the DLC disabled
    • 🌧 Fixed Simulacrum button being there even if the DLC is disabled
    • 🌧 Fixed Pluripotent Larva not corrupting all items that map many-to-one (i.e., Runald’s Band + yellow items)
    • 🌧 Fixed Railgunner seeing her own Weak Points while Chaos is enabled
    • 🌧 Fixed camera issues with Frost Relic while using Railgunner’s scopes or Mul-T’s Power Mode
    • 🌧 Fixed issues with Gup / Geep / Gip and Dio’s Best Friend
    • 🌧 Fixed Collapse counting as two separate debuffs
    • Fixed Geep and Gip receiving items from Evolution and Simulacrum multiple times
    • Potentially fixing more cases where Simulacrum would fail to spawn enemies
    • Fixed various typos

    Once again thanks very much for everyone who has jumped in and played Survivors of the Void and especially everyone that has reported these bugs! We're planning on at least one more bugfix/balance patch for the expansion so If you have any further issues with any of the above, or find any new bugs (impossible) please keep letting us know!

    -Hopoo Games

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