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09 Mar


Originally posted by LegionGaming2k


I can't, really... legally ;)


I promise there is a valid - yet no less frustrating - reason for this. Legally anyway.

08 Mar


Originally posted by zer0w0rries

I have this weird bug where I didn’t get any free levels. I’ll wait for your dm.


Originally posted by islandgal45

Ps4 pro, have never bought a rocket pass

Reaching out via DM!


Originally posted by sharpy10

Same thing happened for me on Switch. Straight to Tier 21 without buying the pass

DM'd you to hear more about this!


Originally posted by Lelewout

Bug: Splitscreen player overwrites chat settings for main account. First of all, something changed in the way a splitscreen player joins the party. It now looks like it uses my Epic Games account as splitscreen player and my Steam account as main player. Before that it just duplicated my Steam account to use as splitscreen player. While changing settings, the chat settings are unable to be changed by the splitscreen player and on default they are on 'Allow Text Chat with Nobody (Off)'. So, I haven't been able to use Text Chat during matches.

Platform: Steam


Logs: If playing on PC, grab logs and drop them on Pastebin, and put the link here

Hey there! Reaching out via chat


Originally posted by PitbullSeanPaul

Will the AC Milan stuff be available after the update?

AC Milan and Women's History Month are live in the store meow!


Originally posted by TheAgentLegend

so how do we claim

The decal is live in the store now! It's under the Women's History Month 2023 tab in the store :)


Thanks for letting us know! This should be fixed now :)


Originally posted by islandgal45

Bug: logged in and somehow jumped to level 23 immediately, got all the rocket pass items up to there all at once

What platform are you on? And did you buy the rocket pass?


Platforms: Epic Games Store, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Steam, Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S

Scheduled Release: 3/8/2023, 8 a.m. PST / 4 p.m. UTC

The Headlines
  • Season 10 Rocket Pass, featuring the Volkswagen Golf GTI, has begun
  • The new Arena ‘Deadeye Canyon (Oasis)’ is live in Online Playlists, Private Matches, Exhibition Matches, and Free Play
  • Season 9 Rewards are dropping for all eligible players
Season 10 Rocket Pass
  • Season 10 Rocket Pass, featuring the Volkswagen Golf GTI, has begun
    • The Volkswagen Golf GTI uses the Octane hitbox
  • Season 10 Tournaments are now available
  • Any unspent Season 9 Tournament Credits automatica...
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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.