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Hello Friends,

Firstly I would like to apologize on behalf of the team in regards to all of the issues that many of you are facing with the new release. We were pretty devastated ourselves by what has been going on and have worked hard to put out a hotfix this morning. Let me know if you guys are continuing to see issues.

So lets get into it:

Unfortunately, I haven't been nearly as active in here as I should. Things have been rather busy and we've been working hard on both current and future releases. Candidly, Reddit is a bit more involved in comparison to Discord or Twitter(where I can respond actively on the fly and they have good notification tools), at least more so than I am able to maintain as equally. I apologize for that.

I do want to work with the Reddit community as you are all just as passionate as us devs and the other community hubs. My time away and the time between patches have seem to have shaken faith, trust and dehumanized interactions and perspectives. So let's fix that.

In this post, I want you to hit me with feedback and questions and today I'll do my best to answer as many as possible, no question goes unanswered. You guys deserve at least that much respect and deserved to be heard. We are all here in this community because we love the game, so being able to have good, civil and healthy conversations is important.

I'll kick off with a question that I'm sure some of you have:

"Where and how in the hell did you arrive at these design decisions?"
With this question I'm assuming it's in regards to some of the changes(Weapons) that have been challenging for us and a part of our community. When I was approached by leadership and the former design lead(whom I've worked with for the entirety of RoCo and then some), to take on the responsibility: my first step was to have discussions on what we should do for RoCo to keep it growing, thriving and be the long lasting game it deserves to be. We love RoCo dearly and we want it to succeed.

Talking with Scott, Brad, other former designers, die-hard devs who play everyday, the community, looking at months/years of data and so on. The one big thing that we landed on and wanted to address in the game was depth and identity. Our intentions were to always have characters to have strong identities and our weapons to give unique playstyles. Over the years that intention had gotten muddied as we had struggled to really clarify what our game's core was to be about(was it tactical? was it casual/arcade-y? what is our game?). It was time to start working towards that direction and it's going to be difficult.

Change like this is a scary thing to do and something that we attempted at solving previously but didn't succeed(Speed/Toughness comes to mind). It's scary because it challenges player comfort zones and forces players endure the turbulence and having to adapt to changes. Candidly, RoCo was sitting relatively untended to for a long time and the core had stagnated. The Will that I carry on from our previous leads was to fix this core and put RoCo on SOME KIND of direction that would bring back our original desire of having depth and identity(and thus, variety) in our game.

These aren't easy or frivolous decisions to make, they are very hard and carry a lot of weight. As such, we look at the weight of data, how our players are responding to the changes and how we respond to the changes as well. All game studios do this, we are just way more transparent of our intentions and how the sausage is made.

I have been and will continue to be clear and transparent with our decisions for RoCo.

All you have to do is ask.

Discussions can and should be had.

Maybe newer/better solutions spring from it?

Or we make compromises.

This is a joint effort so ask away and give me feedback directly.

So, what are your questions? :)

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Originally posted by C0LD55

I love this game and Thanks for answering questions from our community

Been playing for almost a year now and I'm probably The Best All Around Player this game has ever seen.

I don't really have a question but my thoughts on this last update are not positive, Many issues regarding performance and weapon changes and I just hope you can fix these issues before people give up. I wish you and all the Devs The Best and Thanks.

appreciate it man, we are constantly working towards making the game better, hang in there!

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Originally posted by Tenebrae42

I'll say with Glitch, while the global hack is powerful, I much preferred the radar version. Labeled correctly as a breacher, but it allowed him to fill an intel/defender roll in a way by covering a flank. I understand if neither version is currently ideal, but at least from this player's perspective, I liked the radar!


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Originally posted by Particular-Sky3467

Hey Jared! I appreciate this Q&A. I don’t know of any other game that is as transparent as you have been in the past two months! That being said, I have some feedback and some questions for you.


  1. I love the clear sense of direction that you and your team are giving this game. Keep it up!

  2. I know that you are bumping up the base accuracy for SMGs in this next update. For the future of balancing, I think an increase to recoil (not bloom) and range would be best. I have no idea how difficult that is, but I think the players would much rather that.

  3. I do love that quick play is available and that Wingman is in rotation. I would love to see a filter be added to quick play (dodgeball is my favorite mode) so that I can avoid the modes I don’t like (such as battle zone and extraction)


  1. Can each class have a universal perk? For example, duelists all have replenish, intel has tracker rounds, support has lifeline, sniper has evade, breacher has bulletproof, and defenders have gadgeteer/energized. In the same vein, what about intrinsic perks per class? Such as duelists have faster health regen, support revives with more health, breacher has larger ammo capacity, defenders take less damage, and intel moves faster. These probably would just over complicate things but have you thought about something like this?

  2. Would you consider adding a “full auto” setting to DMRs?

  3. Can you make the lobby menus an endless scroll?

  4. Can you add Rogue Mastery challenges similar to the weapon mastery challenges?

Once again, thank you so much for this time that you’re setting aside for us. It is greatly appreciated!

  1. Potentially! We are actively looking at locking in certain perks by role or certain qualities of perks by role. Something to think about and I like your suggestion!
  2. Not sure, the semi-auto nature one major component that makes them distinct(sans mamba). We might stray to far into AR territory but we'll see!
  3. Explain? Not sure I'm following
  4. Neat idea, I can pass that along to my systems designer to think about that!

Appreciate you taking the time to give feedback and as questions!

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Originally posted by Humble-Ad-8912

What I've been experiencing with my friend in this regard is that when we team up in a party, we're basically screwed. We're both experienced/max level console players and the game either puts us with 2 extremely bad team mates or matches us against PC players in a completely different league who we can't touch. This is what has killed the fun the most for us.

I don't know if there's something in the matchmaking that "compensates" for our levels or something, but I seem to have a better chance of more evenly matched games when solo queuing. Either way, I really wish we could choose to limit cross play to console only. I would rather wait some minutes to find a good game than have these bad matches.

That;s interesting. Admittedly I'm still not well versed in how our matchmaking works fully but I'll keep this in mind as I dig into it and talk with our backend team.

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Originally posted by OB0E

Part question, part comment. I hope you realize the Maw is overpowered now. We spoke about it a few weeks ago, and now we have a hydra/maw meta. Kill feeds in TDM are swamped with it and it feels like a cheat code using one.

That being said, I understand and thoroughly appreciate your ambition. Project saint was promised to us and provided us with initial relief. I haven’t heard a damn thing about that initiative in a long time. Address some big issues & Meta stuff, but please focus on the things that will scare players away faster than any OP weapon or imbalance.. connection issues and cheating. We know about the connection issues, but I ran into FIVE obvious cheaters within a few hours the other night. The worst I have seen it recently. Hell, I’ll work for y’all for free to go through reports of cheaters if you spend some time with me to explain that algo we had spoke about weeks ago.

Connection has to be first and foremost though. Keep your head up. We know you are trying, that’s why we are here still. Just try to make time for transparency when things aren’t going as planned. This thread is exactly that. You are trying and will get it.

Appreciate the feedback friend

The spirit of project saint remains, We are invested in fixing the core and all the issues around it, including stability. For cheaters we actively deal with them and we succeed on that front when our players report them, keep up the hard work on doing that and we will nail em as they crop up!

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Originally posted by DeltaRecker

Can I have the option to turn off the hit effects and tracer rounds? These effects are like flashlights pointing to my eyes, and I tend to lose focus mid-fights.

I've heard this a couple of times so I'll add this to our list

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Originally posted by Apprehensive-Wave-37

Arms race? Are you able to get in arms race? I miss that game mode it was my favorite besides 6v6 and strikeout.

Arms race was rad huh? :D

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Originally posted by Apprehensive-Wave-37

So the backgrounds. You mentioned in the patch notes that you where gonna try to get music that we wanted to select? Are you able to get swappable backgrounds as well?

Backgrounds are a bit more complicated as we have to maintain only one due to performance concerns and game size. Limitations that we have to work around I'm afraid :( that is a cool idea though

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Originally posted by MrFaTtYwAcKy

Why are we focusing on the balancing of weapons and rogues and not people’s ability to cheat or the way matchmaking is currently setup, so many people want to go back to the game but it seems like every update we take one step forward with rogue mechanics, but we take two steps back when it comes to weapons.

Much in the same way you don't have a foot doctor doing brain surgery. We have different people talking different things. Our design team is focused on gameplay balances and the core direction, our engineering team is focused on fixing bugs and improving stability. We can do both.

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Originally posted by Pbear420

I can be very critical of you folks and other dev teams over decisions that change a game. I just want to say sorry and I'm glad you are reaching out to the community. Nobody is perfect and nor will any game reach the standards of everyone. As long as your team continues to work with the community I'm happy. I appreciate you all.


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Originally posted by etherealimages

Just came to say I think the vocal playerbase has an issue with .... everything lol they can't temper their frustration with optimism and realistic expectations sometimes. They're unnecessarily way too harsh to the devs who are just regular ass passionate people that actually have knowledge in their field. Thanks for always trying to be transparent. You're a good ambassador for bridging the gap between Devs and Community.

:') <3

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Originally posted by EvilxxxQueen

Here’s one…can we have Ronin’s old face. Lol


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Originally posted by arrowsintheknees

I support many of the recent changes. The SMG changes, however, remove any amount of enjoyment from the SMG class. A simple damage falloff nerf would have sufficed. The firing pattern of the SMG was not the problem before in its ability to compete with ARs at range. It was just doing too much dps at mid range. Just my thoughts, and thank you for everything you do for Rogue.

Appreciate the feedback and I understand! Give it another go in the next update and let me know!

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Originally posted by XakuArt

Q#1: will there be an commendation feature post match & option to see players purchased items & perks via scoreboard.

This has cropped up before and both are good suggestions! Thanks!

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Originally posted by -Vibraxas-

Any plans for a Coop similar to Mass Effect 3s Objective based coop?

Will the store be updated to include items from the rogue crates?

I want to fix bots first before considering any PVE stuff! We'll see!

I can't answer in regards to the store and content. But I can pass this along as feedback to the team who can!

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Originally posted by PainterZealousideal9

Shooting my shot here I only mainly play Ranked and most of my suggestions will be for Ranked Demolition the mode I love the most and want to work and have its own identity separate from the other modes. I have played demolition and ranked since it was added and have been my favorite modes and reasons to come back and play this game, this are not perfect solutions just things I have thought of throughout years of playing this game.

1.Can we adjust the TTK to be higher in this game nowadays when I play this game I die really quickly, and in 3rd person shooters this low TTK rewards camping in my experience whereas high TTK rewarded headshots and accuracy. Having higher TTK also helps repositioning in gun fights or moving to better ground to win the fight that I miss from older seasons.

  1. Can we revert the weapon changes for having all weapons for the same gun class. This change has made using the most meta weapon more common and kind of shut off newer players from being able to compete in ranked cause they didn't unlock the better AR. Back in the old days of Rogue you had to chose between good Rouge with strong ability or rogue with strong gun options or perks.

  2. In ranked Demolition can we have throwables be consumables that are bought in between rounds. Throwables are the best way to push defenders out of stronger defensive positions. This might help the money economy system feel more useful as deciding between strong perk or more grenades would nice.

  3. For ranked demolition only; can life not regenerate and instead only be refilled in between rounds or with a stim or health item that is one time consumable. The reason for this is because often times when a team is down one teammate the ensuing 3v4 battle swings to that team that has more people not taking skill into consideration. The snowball advantage from having full health after close gun battles is hard to beat in clutch situations for the team that lost teammates, this would make the battles in between mean more for the rest of the teammates that died in battle contributing towards their teams win as opposed to having all that damage and health refill. This change would also help teams whos teammates have left early because stacking damage could help those 3v4 games be a little more fair because disconnecting has become commonplace.

  4. For Ranked play only can console lobbies play with console only lobbies like Xbox, Play station, Switch. The skill gap lately between players has been noticeably different every since this change and made me stop playing ranked all together. If playing regular modes all players can still play together and if queued with a pc player for ranked they get put in PC ranked lobbies.

  5. Can we raise the account level limit to 1,000? A lot of people are just stuck at 550, maybe after a cool skin or rewards for reaching higher levels or max level. People like to grind this game a lot but a lot people have left this game cause there is nothing to do after max leveling account or finishing battle pass. Side note I have like many days of double xp not doing anything but setting there.

  6. Please add wingman back as permanent mode. Wingman is so different that it is refreshing to play maybe add to ranked.

  7. Can we add tournaments in game. This would just be nice to have simple tournament modes for fun in game prizes playing like wingman in a bracket style mode would be fun to see.

  8. Can Battle zone get its own large scale maps to play on this mode was always fun felt too small to do battle Royale style gas circles because the maps were already small. Having a separate map would help the identity of this mode that way we aren't playing the same maps, playing the same maps over and over for hours is fatiguing.

  9. In ranked only can team map voting both teams vote between 1 of 3 maps to choose from this would help with map fatigue cause I don't want to play lockdown 24/7. Each team captain or team votes out one map and another team votes out same map or different map last map remaining is chosen. This would also helps players play maps they are better suited to win.

  10. Might catch flak for this one but can the bomb go off based on time and not be able to defuse last second This makes rogue rogue but it doesn't make teams push bomb or apply pressure as quickly usually they try to wipe out team then defuse cause they have time to.

  11. Make armor a consumable bought in between or maybe carryover between rounds. This is just another way to make money economy feel like it does something every towards the end of the game.

  12. Please add half time game switches. Playing the same rouge for defending and attacking is rough and limits the amount of counter play needed in the situation especially in solo que. Maybe the team needs a medic more than a sniper or a trench or anvil for better defense.

This is all for Ranked Demolition specifically because that's all I play mainly. Feel free to modify or disagree some of these changes are just reverting changes or just from playing ranked for a long time and watching my friends move on from this game.

Wow! Thats a lot of feedback, I'm in alignment on some of these and I appreciate you sharing this. We'll keep this in mind as we look to our one-life modes and their ranked equivalents :)

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Originally posted by PacificoAndLime

Hey Jared, thanks for the transparency. I want to recommend that "save the day" players get a money boost to catch up to players who have already played a few rounds. Thank you

I agreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

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Originally posted by Tokitueth

First I wanted to say thank you Jared! Your efforts mean a lot to us!

I have two questions/suggestions.

  1. Do you guys have any plans for new modes? I would love to see a VIP mode. Something like Guardian from Gears of War. Where the team can respawn as long as their VIP is alive.

  2. Specifically Nintendo Switch. Some maps like Meltdown are subject to crash due to a lower frame rate. Would it be possible to give Switch players the option to lower the resolution or frame rate? Maybe 720p and/or 40 fps?

Again thank you for everything. RoCo is among my most played favorite games!

  1. Yes!
  2. Not sure but I can ask our engine team
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Originally posted by Memeloverguy

What's the process of getting in idea in the gamw normally like, and how.long does it take?

It requires setting a goal that we want to achieve, extensive research, discovery and ideation. Then it gets pitched to production and leadership who evaluates it's priority. Afterwards, it gets picked up by devs who will iterated on it until we have a solid version to test and then iterate that further until it satisfies our goal. Lastly it gets improved upon, cleaned up and ready for shipping. Takes a loooooong time and many things do fail out and fail out fast

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Originally posted by Nosdi-

Please fix

accidental mantles.

moving forward and shooting will sometimes make you pickup a melee weapon and prepare to throw it.


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Originally posted by Blackfox2240

Hey there! Couple of small questions if you don't mind. 1. Is there any plans for a permanent or limited time PvE modes as well as Battle Royale? 2. Is it possible to update bot modes to allow us to master weapons since we can master Rogues in those modes? Also adding TDM/Quickplay to bots so we can complete all contracts against A.I. Thanks for the AmA!

  1. I want to fix bots first before I consider PVE, BRs are a huge undertaking that we can't commit to at this time
  2. Maybe
  3. See my answer in #1
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Originally posted by guy_of_disguise

i have 2 questions:

In the future will we see a return to the original 6 perk system we saw in rogue or a reinvented 6 perk system at least? One that removes perks like gunsmith, bulletproof, crack shot, blaster, and other battle zone perks from the main game?

Also this question more relates to identity of the game, will we see more depth behind the world of rogue company? I’m not just talking about the lore and how we don’t really know much about the world the game takes place in, but more about what will be done to allow the game to take itself more seriously, because i think at the moment what deters some people from playing rogue company is that the game seems too childish in its aesthetic, so what will be done to make the game feel more mature?

Anyways, thank you for taking the time to answer these questions, i hope they help in giving you information on what direction you should take rogue company to.

Definitely helpful and I appreciate it!

  1. Definitely want to re-evaluate our perk system and see were we can solve it proper with our goals
  2. I'm not sure what you mean exactly by "more mature"? Could you elaborate?
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Originally posted by No-Classroom5577

Will match MVPs ever get bonus xp? I feel like that would keep me playing after consecutive losses due to bad teammates.

I definitely want to reward MVPs more :)

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Originally posted by Bchange51

number of rogues currently in development? as an addendum how many rogues have been scrapped and what would their supposed abilities have been?

I can't answer that question :) it'd ruin the surprise

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Originally posted by noobinghere

No questions here just feedback: I love that you try out changes with the game, not all might be good, but experimenting is fine I think. Also I think you shouldn't listen to people's reaction right after the change. Lot of them just don't want to adapt and it's easier to hate, I think you should wait some time before listening to feedback and reverting back everything to please those who are shouting loud.

Also just a quick note I think your priority should be fixing glitches and unbalanced matchmaking, even making the waiting time longer to find a proper match for better players I think is eternally better than putting them together with absolute beginners.

Anyway lots of love to you for your work and efforts! Don't get discouraged please! <3

We can do both! While the design team focuses on making the core gameplay better, the engineering team can focus on making the game function better! Having a multi-disciplined team allows devs to do such things!

Appreciate the kind words and feedback!

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Originally posted by x-twigs

Hi Jared! Thanks for doing this Q&A. I really hope you're able to answer my question; I know it's fairly late but it's something I've wanted to ask for a really, really long time. What direction is the Rogue Company team wanting to take the game's identity? Are you looking to further develop more of its tac-shooter elements, or are casual modes more of a priority for the team? Thanks for all of your hard work!

Short answer: casual but with stronger focus on meaningful and strategic choices around rogues, weapons and how you work through the shop.

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Originally posted by phoephoe18

Hi! I have a visual bug and have had it for months-maybe even a year. The Store Dialogue box never disappears. It crowds the screen and sometimes makes playing hard. The person I play with has the same visual bug. We’re both on console. (They’re on ps5, I’m on ps4). I’d post a picture but I’m not sure how here. So to be clear, even while playing the game, there is a black box with text in it that shows how much money I have, a shopping cart. And the word Store. The same one that appears when you’re purchasing items. It never goes away. Thanks!

That's really weird, DM me with a screenshot if you're able.

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Originally posted by KayanKhang

His Legendary Crackshot was removed in the game and yet he's still able to down anybody instantly with his ability active while using the Devotion. I don't think it's fair and balanced in any way possible. He can ignore armor and see through smokes while doing bonus damage with his ability, that is way too much. Either get rid of the bonus damage or reduce it.

I feel like Stalker for Fixer is somewhat better than Crackshot because this will give him the speed advantage while sniping against a Runway. I think Stalker needs to be swapped with Gunsmith because I do run out of ammo in TDM and Strikeout.

We are figuring out how best to handle fixer. he's in a weird place of having such potency but is, data-wise, the lowest winrate rogue in the line up.

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Originally posted by Savreauna_

The number of crashes, restarting, and long wait to queue up. It can be very draining. Especially loading into a game that already started with a huge disadvantage. When the scoreboard has a huge gap of 30 - 57

that sounds aweful, what platform do you play on?

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Originally posted by therealHDR

A couple features I'd love to be considered!

- emote in the mvp screen
- character quips back, maybe this got removed cause it was annoying? I suggest a toggle option, like we already have with muting a player's mic or commands or both
- HUD resize option
- Being able to remove voice packs from skins we have on? Per example I might want Ronin's shadow spectre skin but her regular voice, vice-versa, I suggest having an extra place to exchange all voice packs we got from previous skins
- Maybe increase xp gains? I find that with an active booster I receive a fair amount of xp after every match, but they're rare so, as soon as I have none, I go back to getting little to no xp
- have a general/team chat box, I can't tell you the amount of times I've spam-pinged an area/enemy until the game auto stopped me only to have my teammate ignore it and be killed instantly
- Having the option to add someone mid-match by clicking on them
- more unique Seasons that impact certain maps maybe, when it's winter have maps that make sense snow, if it's a grafitti season have some maps with that theme, maybe even during a... i don't know, a certain faction-themed season, to really push a narrative like with the Trench storyline, have events taking place during certain maps, or police crosslines, something that makes me believe the story isn't just some text on screen with quests

Been playing this game for 2 years now and it's quite cool to see it grow, but i'd love for more future updates to... shake things up maybe! I know it's easy to talk but I really love the mechanics and things like these would make the game better imo!

Thank you for reading!

good suggestions and definitely in the midst of shaking things up! Things take time so keep an eye out!

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Originally posted by AggravatingRide3267


Any updates regarding the bug where the game freeze and crash after "X amounts" matches played? No matter what map is, I play only Deathmatch Mode, and when our team or enemy team reach the score around 52/60 kills, the game crash.. and of course, all the progress are gone..

This happens on xbox one and PS4 since many months.. 😣

We have ongoing efforts to improve stability across the board. If you happen to know or see a pattern in the "X" amount let me know.

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Originally posted by sT0n3r

Please remove any noise or music from the main menu screen, we have that terrible drone of the aircraft hanger right now with no way remove it or change the volume.

cheaters are a thing, please add game replays? maybe the last 5 ranked games can be replayed/spectated, kill cam and play of the game could also be added very easy, reply system is built into the engine its not hard to implement.

let us see our ping in game

i love ranked, how about we have a leaderboard ?

thanks for your time

The second 3.1 went live and I heard it, I let our audio team know to turn that down!

Replays and kill cams are a feature that we used to have but haven't been able to properly support(it takes a dedicated strikeforce to maintain and improve) and it has deprecated overtime as we added more an more complexities to the game.

Ping yeah, I want it

Someday :) stay tuned

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Originally posted by Rhymsz

Any idea why EU players are getting put on NAE servers?

Why is it when I Solo. Q I'm expected to carry my teammates or lose the match?

Competitive is where I think you should balance the game at and for, smgs have taken a dip in usage and are very unreliable. I have clips of AR just simply outgunning the Knight up close ( and these are best players in the game they don't miss like that )

Just hop into Elvyns elo discord and play with the best players then I think you'll have a different light of day with the game..

We expand out the queue search if the player pool is low in a region and you're queue goes on long enough.

I'm not sure, MM is not my forte YET(researching how our system works)

I have to balance for both sides friend. I can't alienate one side over the other. I look to the data for both casual and competitive to evaluate balance.

Also SMGs did dip in performance but have stayed in a positive winrate range, however I have given them an global bump and adjusted ARs in the CQC fights in the next update.

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Originally posted by 99_IRON_99

What happened to Login rewards ? Will they return or will they be gone ?

Also, i think the Spitfire Pistol should get a bit Buffet again, because damage reduction has a bit of a big impact on it since the update

Thank you for taking time to read this ^

They will return, an unfortunate issue has caused them to disappear, I'm sorry for that :( hang in there

Despite it still being in the top 8 of weapon winrate still, I'm increasing the falloff ranges a bit to help it. so give it a look next update

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Originally posted by Apprehensive-Wave-37

So, every so often there is a game out there like say a racing or a fighting game that when you select said character/car they are outlandishly different from any other but are good. they just need a bit of practice to get the hang of.

is that what your trying to do with roco? if so that's cool! personally i think you got that down with the knight. the objection would need a bit more tinkering but i like that when you aim the reticle losses out on focus because its a hip fire gun. the lmpx just a reticle bloom reduction, D40C a small fire rate increase. ibex im not sure how to react. that's my feedback.

You're pretty on the money with my intentions. Aiming to give each weapon a unique nuance and playstyle. RoCo has suffered from weapons being roughly the same in behavior and effectiveness(i.e. SMGs and ARs have been same-y).

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Originally posted by anonperson96

Why did the rogues speed all have to change to equal? It makes no sense that Lancer is as fast as Anvil or Cannon. If Lancer doesn’t have massive mag sizes or a ton of armour she should at least move faster.

Also Cannons power is OP and is almost impossible to kill when that is activated.

Speed and Toughness existed to offset each other. You can't have just one. Buy Legendary evade and enjoy being 20% faster in combat than any other rogue.

I'll look at cannon for potential identity adjustments and tuning down his minigun in a later update

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Originally posted by jrdyson

This is great to see that so much work is being done on this game. I’m new to RoCo. I first tried RoCo like a year ago and really just wasn’t feeling it. Gave it another shot a few days ago and am really digging it now. So some of the changes are definitely a step in the right direction.

Have you guys thought of adding a social hub?

Would love some progressive weapon skins. Maybe that come with unique quips and maybe burst into flames and flash a skull on the screen when we get a kill once they are leveled up. I got the season pass to support the game, but honestly wish the weapon skins and cosmetics were a little flashier.

Lastly is there any plan to add some detailed stats so we can track our kills in a season or how well we do with certain weapon types vs others?

Sounds like you missed out on some of the mythic weapons! Stay tuned as we roll some out! :D

Hmm, we currently don't partition stats by season but that isn't a bad idea potentially, I'll keep it on the list.

3 months ago - /u/RoCoJared - Direct link

Originally posted by WearyPitch8795

1st My Question is probably very hard to anserw but why i wont ask

How exacly skillgap graph in matchmaking looks like? Did game has problems with lack of avg skilled players ? Because matches in RoCo are pretty bizzare when i get matches they mostly looks like 2 Strong and 2 Weak players in one team

2nd Question is about SMG do you plan to give some balance changes to LMP-X like reduce ADS bloom size to level of currently Deagle but make much bigger spread when you shooting full auto ? I came with up idea to make LMP-X good weapon in 2 styles of shooting 1. is Fullauto shooting (For Short distance) and 2nd. Is bursting (For mid - long distance) What do you think about it?

Hard to answer the MM stuff as I'm still working on learning its inner workings myself.

SMGs will get another bump in the next update, give it a shot and let me know

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Originally posted by Particular-Sky3467

Thank you for your response! To clarify my menu question: On console, when you’re in the main lobby screen, you have to press R1 a few times to get to the store. I was just wondering if you could make it so that if you press L1 from the main lobby it would take you to the last “menu.” I know it’s a weird ask, but I think it would be convenient. Thanks again!

oooooh you want it to wrap around to the end, gotcha. I'll put that on the list!

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Originally posted by zxi

Are you aware of the ranked (strikeout) bug where if your game crashes and you join back you can no longer open or buy anything from the store?

Yep, its in our big bucket of 'reconnect bugs that we must fix" so hang in there!

3 months ago - /u/RoCoJared - Direct link

Originally posted by FuzzyPiez

Personally feel event passes should be 8 weeks at least, more time for the average salaryman/woman who have little grinding time yeah?

Hope you understand this as a fellow corporate slave

totally understand that, however we are locked in on having event passes go live for major patches which run 6 week cycles. This corpo slave needs to go with the whims of his superiors on that one I'm afraid :(

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Originally posted by OB0E

So, I’ll just ask this straight up. Is it at all possible to hardware ban people at this point?…

we do in fact Hardware ban

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Originally posted by zDD_EDIT

Can you share how the Matchmaking (SBMM) works in this game, or is that also a secret?

It's a secret even to me(for now). But I'll uncover it

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Originally posted by Bdonn4

Could you please fix the SMGs? I avoid using any SMG at all now with the new bloom. It's just too frustrating to miss shots uncontrollably. It has also steered me away from playing rogues that use SMGs, which sucks because many of them are my favorite rouges.

Thanks for the Q&A! Much appreciated!

SMGs are getting and accuracy and range bump in the next update and ARs are getting adjusted to not stomp them in CQC. Give em a whirl

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Originally posted by Diligent_Chemistry63

Perhaps you could make it like how VALORANT worked around it, they spawn the bomb on the ground (in this case,, the chimera) and its' up to rhe players to pick it up, instead of a random player having it which was also CS's problem

That's one of the solutions we will want to try

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Originally posted by Tenebrae42

Hope I'm not too late to the party after reading through the other stuff. I tend to give a lot of (perhaps needless) exposition, so I'll try to bold the actual questions/relevant bits. Sorry about the quote boxes, if it makes it harder to parse or anything. Reddit didn't agree with my breaks for some reason

  1. Not so much as question as it is my main concern: matchmaking and servers. Dead horse, I know you know, you know we know you know. Been playing about 2.5 years now, so I've been through it. Servers Down emote represent. Matchmaking is rough, often feeling like a 1v4/1v3/2v3/2v4/etc, with wide, wild gaps in player skill on the same team, much less between teams. This is massively exacerbated, especially for me as of the late, by server issues. I can break my back and maybe carry an effective 1v3 or 1v4, but it is made infinitely harder and beyond infinitely more frustrating when I rubberband and toss my molly at the wall I'm using for cover, or walk off a roof and off the map, or teleport past the corner I was hoping to hide at, just standing there like I'm Anvil at the shooting range.

  2. How do you feel about weapon passives? The Conviction has the passive of becoming more accurate as it fires. Do you think this type of thing could be implemented across the board, or at least more broadly? As the team explored weapon identity, I don't doubt there will be some overlap, especially in the wider classes like SMGs and ARs. Passives, whether on all guns or just some, could help further push a weapon's intended identity. That being said...

  3. Better communication of in game mechanics. I was talking about this elsewhere in the thread with commenters. Weapons with higher headshot damage, like the Riptide and Knight, might currently hint at these things, they don't really spell it out. If this would be too much to fit into a description in match store, maybe make the Weapons pages give more info. Longer descriptions or maybe just more stats/bars, like headshot damage, recoil, hipfire (is this Handling, or is that something else? I've never really known in any shooter I've played). This also goes for things like what defines a multikill, or damage over time. Yeah the latter is a grab since it's somewhat obvious, but I've has to ask myself if Trench's wires or Juke's drone were considered DoT or were in fact separate instances.

  4. Input methods. I don't have much issues with forced crossplay. I get along without too much issue. My only real concern is how fast MnK can turn compared to most controller players. Makes you feel like a tank. The recent Throwing Axe meta has massively exacerbated this, at least for me. I don't think separating MnK into their own queue would really be on the table for the devs, as it would chunk the PC base pretty hard, I'd imagine. This is more just a gripe I have as of late; I might just need to git gudder.

  5. Separate rogue weapon wrap customization! Someone else said this, and I upvoted. Just wanted a more vocal tack on. Save the day, look good, get paid. Also, would it be possible to change the weapon a rogue carries at walk-in to change based on the weapon you set as your favored in the Arsenal?

  6. Save the Day. I saw you commented on this aspect of it already, but joining in without getting to buy and no ability sucks. Also, I feel the starting cash should be adjusted based on number of rounds that have passed. It can be hard to save the day sometimes when you join in the third round with only $18k (not sure if that's the right number off the top of my head). I'd kinda want there to be a way to scale it based on your average performance, too, on top of a baseline. But I'd imagine that is complicated to implement and would allow good players to snowball a bit.

I'm sure there's more, and I'll edit it in if I think of it before I see a response. Thanks for taking the time to touch base with us!

  1. Ongoing efforts to improve them, you as the player have avenues to report server issues! Ingame and in our discord! Do your civic duty as we need as much data as we can get!
  2. I am looking at things to make the guns even more unique so stay tuned
  3. I get that and we'll keep this in mind
  4. noted
  5. I want this back as well, on the list!
  6. Yeah I want to fix it so that the joining player is financially "caught up" with the other players
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Originally posted by eSkuzy

Hello Jared, first of all thank you for doing this Q&A.

My question is very simple and you started answer it in your post :

"Over the years that intention had gotten muddied as we had struggled to really clarify what our game's core was to be about(was it tactical? was it casual/arcade-y? what is our game?)"

So my question is the same as yours in this sentence,

What is Rogue Company ? And where do you want it to go ? More tactical "hardcore" gameplay or more of a "casual" shooting game ?

Thank you for your time.

The core of roco is defined by it's rogues and the weapons they use. Each one should be paramount in their distinctive playstyles, strengths and weaknesses. It is a fast moving action-y third person shooter with tight mechanics. Game modes are a vehicle that can dictate how hardcore or casual the experience will be(think Halo's BTB vs SWAT).

3 months ago - /u/RoCoJared - Direct link

Originally posted by guy_of_disguise

I appreciate the reply! and i’m happy to hear that reevaluating the perk system in this game is something that you’re considering.

As for the second half, i guess what i mean is having characters feel a bit more fleshed out in terms of their interpersonal relationships, but also i just want more characters that add to a more serious tone included in the game. While i can appreciate the work that the art team, and who ever else is responsible for character design, does, characters like cannon and glimpse just seem weird and out of place at points for me personally, while especially characters like trench and dallas after trench’s redesign and dallas’s lore change feel like caricatures of what they’re aimed to be.

Realism isn’t exactly something i want to see incorporated in the gameplay, as it can lead to some frustrating and unbalanced changes, but incorporated into the lore and character design, i feel it’d help the roco community connect with the characters just a bit more than they already do. I hope that explains it a bit better.

ah ok I see what you mean, yeah currently our character's "character" is a bit shallow and they dont interact much. Something I definitely want to improve on when we are able!

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Originally posted by CapoDV

Hopefully I'm not too late. What are the chances of a BR more? I know it was in the survey a while back, did it get any traction? Is it something players wanted?

Pretty low atm. We have BZ as our initial experiment into the BR realm. To really make a full-fledged BR it'd require a much larger map and a lot more tech development to support a large collection of players in a single match. Pretty cost and resource prohibitive at this time I'm afraid :(

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Originally posted by FuzzyPiez

Ah, I get it, more KPI bs from team leaders that's why you guys are doing 6 wk patches.

Can you disable matchmaking in Practice Strikeout though? At my wits end and about to join the game crashers and dashboarders since it obviously works for them.

Still don't understand why there's mm for practice modes it makes no sense. It should be like the training range, instant join, no MM

That one is more of a technical constraint. I can talk to some people and figure out why that is, could be just a simple matter of "it's a universal set up, can't change it without changing all" Game dev be like that sometimes :/

3 months ago - /u/RoCoJared - Direct link

Originally posted by eSkuzy

I was wondering if more languages are going to be supported in the game ? I am mainly thinking about arabic and more laguages in Asia such as Korean, Thaï, Indonesian ect..

Hm, our company has an outsource team that handles localization. I'll take a look and see what we cover.

3 months ago - /u/RoCoJared - Direct link

Originally posted by Filmstuff37

u/RoCoJared ??? Noticed other questions are still getting a response lately, not sure if I need to repost this or just not getting an answer altogether? Kinda disappointed and confused since other questions are still getting a response from today and yesterday, but I only have multiple responses from a previously banned troll allowed on here. That seems pretty shitty from my own experience. Thanks for the q&a, I'm done after this one, bye.

Hey friend, I have answered this one mainly because I don't have all the info to best answer this. If anything you've put this on my radar to do a deep investigation. I should've left a comment about that. Sorry!

3 months ago - /u/RoCoJared - Direct link

Originally posted by zDD_EDIT

Hmmm, very interesting that even you don't know. Why is that (SBMM) and crossplay such a Taboo subject?

Awesome... thanks for the reply, and for sharing that you will uncover it. Hopefully, that also means once you do, that you will continue the transparency and share that info with the RoCo community.

Simple, before I took the role on it wasn't my job to know. Now it is so now I need to work to know it. Theres a ton of "tribal" knowledge and documentation to root through to understand the systems better.

3 months ago - /u/RoCoJared - Direct link

Originally posted by eSkuzy

Is a difference in speed depending on the weapon you have equiped (a character who wield an LMG is going to slower than someone havibg a pistol or an SMG between his hands) a possibility ?

Potentially, but we will need to seriously test it internally and with some very experienced players to make sure that direction is the right one.

3 months ago - /u/RoCoJared - Direct link

Originally posted by KingChael69

If you're dedicated to fixing the core and stability then how come the servers have gotten worse?

I know a guy who isn't working right now but has a pretty impressive portfolio when it comes to networking (he has traveled overseas to help companies). If you want someone who can help fix or point out server health and stability issues and put you guys in the right direction, he'd be your guy. I'm not sure what the difference is when it comes to networking for videogames but going off the basis that it's fundamentally the same as doing any other type of networking, he'll be able to help you guys out with fixing the foundation for the game.

The stability issues are not of willful actions on our side, thats for sure. We have some heavy hitters ourselves looking deeply into it. It's extremely concerning that it's gotten this bad and we want to fix it.

2 months ago - /u/RoCoJared - Direct link

Originally posted by eSkuzy

Hello Jared,

I was wondering if you had the time to check with the team in charge of localization about the potential of more languages being supported by the game ?

Thank you in advance, Have a good day.

Hey friend, sorry for the delayed response. At this time this is in the "I shot a message to the localization team and am waiting to hear back" stage. Loc is a shared service with the rest of HiRez's games so these correspondences can take a bit.

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