25 May


Hello Rogue Reddit!

In a previous stream we often spoke about weapon mastery and its impact on balance. I've seen many a post, tweet and comments centered around its removal from the game but I would like to focus this post to be a discussion around Ranked, Weapon Mastery and where we should go from here.

In our eyes, we see Ranked to be an experience where the players work around a tight and consistent ruleset with known variables(i.e. they understand what they and their enemy have access to and the decisions/strategies around it). Weapon Mastery is a system that currently runs counter to that in that it allows Rogues to either push their strengths further or shore up their weaknesses.

To that end we are leaning towards disabling Weapon Mastery in the Ranked Ruleset. However, I'd like to create an open forum here to discuss that here with the players who play ranked and value that experience.

If you don't want to voice your opinion but still...

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Originally posted by Filmstuff37

Not sure if your team is aware that the map rotation is acting bugged? u/RoCoJared - It's in all modes: TDM, demo, SO, an ranked, on multiple servers across regions. I have played NAE and W, and I know other comments on here are from EU. Majority of the maps repeating are High castle Omega, which is at least 3-4 times in a row, Glacier repeating, and randomly a few others but mostly Omega consistently on repeat. - This started right after the last maintenance update from around four days ago. Thanks 👍

Apologies for the late reply, but yeah we noticed and are working to adjust that. Something about the last maintenance seemed to have affected our map pools for players.

06 May


Originally posted by DefNotMy5thAccount

Seeing a response from the lead dev always makes me happy 😊👍🏾...

I admit, with the current state of things it's easy to feel hopeless in a way...thanks for a least staying committed to fixing things...

Ill personally try not to be so doom and gloom with my takes, while also giving an honest perspective...

Upvoted you bro so people see your response...

Glad that I was able to instill some confidence in you. We'll keep grinding on making the game better and earn the trust of our players.


Originally posted by Apprehensive-Wave-37

Ight ight I hear that. If the show is still going on then I'm gonna snag my self an event pass.

Also, minor suggestion for the weapon mastery there was nova wrap. Is it possible not for short term goals but for long term goals there could be more cool nova wraps but not just recolors, with different effects? Like there could be a black lightning one but its bullets have an after image and to unlock it you have to get to a certain level. Or you could unlock one by mastering all the rogues.

Yes, we're looking to expanding any and all of our progression systems in some way to give players more to earn


Originally posted by Trick-Leek7473

You’ve been saying that for a long time and we see no evolution. Just bandages to problems your updates brought to us.

Evolutions take longer to develop, in the meantime we are also able to address other things in balance, rulesets and the like.


Originally posted by Secret_Natalie

Then where is the new content (aka new Rogues and new maps)?

Well we did drop one in 3.2! And we do intend on rolling out new Rogues and bring back a new and improved canals this year so stay tuned in that regard! :)


Originally posted by BaloothaBear85

No. We intend on continuing to develop and support this game for as long as possible. We see value in it and our players see value in it. For sure things aren't entirely all perfect and fine, we've a ton of work to do to fix, improve and evolve RoCo, but we are committed!

I appreciate the work you and your team has put in but I feel there is a massive lack of advertising for the game. WoW:Blitz , Fortnite, Apex etc... I have all seen commercials and ads but I have never seen a Roco ad or commercial. If there was a big influx of new players that would get the game in a good position.

Right now most if not all of our efforts, resources and budget are focused on developing and improving RoCo. We are in a dormant state publishing/advertising wise but that'll be something for us to look at when we're satisfied with where RoCo is at and in its next destination.

05 May


No. We intend on continuing to develop and support this game for as long as possible. We see value in it and our players see value in it. For sure things aren't entirely all perfect and fine, we've a ton of work to do to fix, improve and evolve RoCo, but we are committed!

26 Apr


Originally posted by Phantom_2024

We, the players, really appreciate your effort to keep the game afloat even through the negativity on our part (I am guilty of this as well). Hopefully, you will understand that the complaints on our part are there only because we love this game and wish for it to continue and evolve with time. Old players, who leave because of the bugs, make us worried about RoCo's future.

Please, don't give up on RoCo. Give your best effort and we will give our support and love. Peace.

I have no intentions on giving up :) I know our efforts won't necessarily make everyone happy(an impossible task for sure) but we work tirelessly to make RoCo the best it can be. Everyone here and on other community fronts are engaged because they love the game, we do as well!

25 Apr


Originally posted by Phantom_2024

Thank you for taking the time to put out a response regarding this, Jared. You will have to pardon me for being a little skeptical.

  1. We know about the bug and we know your team is still working on it. What we don't know is why the rewards were removed all the way. There was no warning or informing on RoCo's part about it. We don't know when we can expect it to return. If you would include the information in twitter or here or in the patch notes we would know what to expect. Right now, we are in the dark.

  2. If the removal was not intentional, and if they (login and seasonal awards) are supposed to come back with the fix, will we get back the awards we had to miss because of this bug?

I don't blame you for being skeptical, from the outside looking in it can be frustrating(and it's equally frustrating on our side, trust me on that).

We weren't entirely sure why such features broke down despite working untouched(frustration point here), but do understand that sometimes code can deprecate. Things not made robust tend to break down or a fault in the system makes itself known, hence we are rebuilding it and working to bring those things back. Our players deserve to have such engagement features and be rewarded for their time.

I apologize on the poor optics on this issue, not our best effort I admit. We'll correct that and will post progress as we make it.

For the last bit, not entirely sure, I do want to suggest that we have a "make good" effort for players once we fix it. Need clearance and to figure out what that "make good" will be.

24 Apr


Originally posted by JuicyPumpkin888

And event pass experience? I mean from daily and weekly quests. It will be very hard to complete event pass for casual players without bonus XP from quests. If it's not possible to fix soon then maybe it would be fair to activate BP XP boost?

We're rolling out a fix for the XP not being given out from dailies and weeklies. We're also kicking out a 2X XP event this week to help players catch up

23 Apr


Originally posted by FuzzyPiez

Daily and weekly BP XP from contracts are bugged (NO XP AT ALL!!!) and they STILL have not acknowledged it cause it probably does not make them money/cause them legal issues /u/RocoJared

Not the best take here. We are looking into this, first I've heard of this issue(I'm talking with QA) and I'll work to get this resolved.


Intentional? No. Being Fixed? Yes

21 Apr


We are currently investigating and fixing any issues that we can find with the servers that we are able to resolve. You guys helped me be loud enough to make these efforts happen sooner! Keep giving us data whenever you encounter server issues! Recordings and MatchIDs are the most helpful here :)


We'll let players know once we've fixed the system and re-enable our ranked queues.


Originally posted by bosbuddy

Do you have a timeline? Because I'll hold off doing placements if it's going to reset anyways. Also I try to get my friends to rejoin the game every new season. And we play ranked, so that timeline would be great

Timeline is As Soon As Humanly Possible. For now we've disabled ranked until we can get it resolved.


Not intended, something went awry and we are investigating. Once we fix it, we'll likely need to reset again so that you guys can have a proper shot and placement from your qualifiers.


Originally posted by Madness2Rescue

u/RoCoJared, The account level is not reflecting correctly. I can see with my friends some are in 800+ and some in 600+

I was Lvl 550 + 700k odd xp . I am in Level 550 only. is this an issue?

Can you please explain this?

Could you send me screenshots of your friend's profile page? I need names and IDs(which is found the profile page) so that we can investigate as they might be in bad spots.

We had to remove the excess xp off of 550s to avoid major inventory issues on the backend. It's explained a bit in the patchnotes.

20 Apr


We are on the cusp of rolling out a fix for this before the weekend. We've stopped the resets from happening to any more players and are working to setting those affected back to their intended levels.

19 Apr


Originally posted by IgorWithSkillz

So the person that did level up, they played a game and then got reset back to 550. But how come that spare XP we had would be deleted? Also the account level progression rewards that were mentioned in the patch notes, are those only for People that level up past those goals after the update? So me as a level 550 dont get The supply drops from the levels before?

We found that having players shoot through levels due to the excessive XP at 550 causes some real issues with rewards. So we had to fall back on skimming off the excess XP but granting 550lvl players a title.

That being said, you WILL get the rewards you missed once you hit the next level up mile stone(getting all of those supply drops) so don't worry there.

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