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Why not call them "Complete" tokens? They don't skip the task, they complete it for you.

Sure, people will figure out pretty quickly what skip means in the context, but why overcomplicate it? This will also help newer player not make mistakes in the future.

For what it's worth this doesn't just help snowflake accounts, I used vis wax to reroll a dungeoneering challenge because I plan to just lamp the skill and didn't want to bother with doing a floor, if I had known skip tickets gave xp (instead of just being a "free" 10 vis wax reroll) I would have skipped it instead for the free lamp! No great loss, but why not make it super obvious?

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Funnily enough, we originally called them challenge complete tokens.

Got feedback in review to rename them to challenge skip tokens and use similar iconography to Yak Track skip tokens, since players are already familiar with how those work and these have a similar effect. (Skip the effort, get the reward.)