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I was playing Runescape on mobile earlier today, and when I went to go to the PoF, as soon as I harvested one of my Zygos my phone just went dark. A few seconds later, it came back on but my display had a light green hue and in the hours since it has gotten worse and worse to the point where my phone is completely unusable.

Now, I'm not saying that RuneScape necessarily did this, but is it possible that it was running so hot that it damaged the iPhone's internal systems? My phone is less than 2 months old, it has absolutely zero physical damage, but the display seems totally shot. I haven't dropped it, dipped it in water, etc. I've never had an issue like this with an iPhone before.

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Hey That_Guy381,

After doing a bit of digging, it would appear the the iPhone 11 and 12 have manufacturing defects with their LG displays. This can happen randomly. It was just unfortunate that it happened while playing RuneScape. From what I can tell, enabling auto brightness, lowering your default brightness and updating to iOS 14.6 should fix the issue. If this doesn't help, you might have to contact Apple support, they should be able to walk you through a fix as it's an acknowledged issue among iPhone 11's and 12's.


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Mod Dolan, I think you need to change your signature from “QA Engineer” to “Absolute Bloody Legend”! 😁 It’s really nice to see responses from Jmods over Reddit, especially thorough like this!