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Since the update, he has now started to do more damage in p4, and the lightning damage now cannot be reduced by using debilitate.

Ive been streaming kerapac solo hard mode before and after the update and there is a CLEAR change in the damage im taking. ill provide 2 clips here soon.

I am using cryptbloom and animate dead.

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17 days ago - /u/JagexRamen - Direct link

Kerapac finale and base damage hasn't been touched.

I will however, look into the lightning strike damage no longer working with debilitate and see if that is a thing.

EDIT: Had a look at the lightning/debilitate issue, so the lightning damage and damage mitigation is now calculated off the lightning strike instead of Kerapac himself. An easy fix that I'll look to have hotfixed hopefully tomorrow

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Originally posted by ghfhfhhhfg9

this is why you dont change things that arent broken.

also good qa, "fix" lighting aka break it and doesn't QA defensives or kills @ kerapac.

Are you really trying to tell me, the dev that coded it, that something wasn't broken? :(

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Originally posted by duhrell09

/u/JagexRamen, any update on the debililtate/lightning issue?

Fixed Monday