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RuneScape lore and EasterEggs just stir something genuine in me. I've always enjoyed a good in-game clue hunt (not Clue Scrolls, they give me arthritis). Thus far, this game has given us a lot of fun trading sequences, cryptic messages, and little secrets to find. Here are a few, and their status to date as far as I know:

Mod Ryan's Trading Sequence: Currently at Pot of Souls

Mod Deg's Trading Sequence: Solved and finished

Mod Ramen's Trading Sequence: Done for now, requiring potential future Mazcab update to continue

The Menphos Cipher: Unsolved (Claimed to say "Menpahos" but without proof of cipher solving)

The Draynor Manor Grave Clue: Unsolved

Necklace of Salamancy: Unsolved/Reserved for future content

Inactive Teleportation Device in Rex Matriarch Lair: Still Unsolved/Reserved for future content

The Shard of Erebus still not activating some significant secret dialogue as I use it on every in-game object, NPC, and environmental asset: It has sadly not triggered any cool dialogue yet

Would any J-mods be willing to step up and throw us a bone on whether or not anything listed here (or anything we've yet to discover) lays waiting for us to solve? Anybody in the community interested in these things and want to add anything I've forgotten? Hope this post and be of interest to some, and maybe generate some conversation about this! I was inspired after watching this video about the "Crack the Clue" event in OSRS.

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There is one with Solak that hasn't been found yet. It's extremely rare and can't be forced by doing a certain combination of things. It just happens.

No hints.

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Sort of? :o Ninja-dev Mod Frosch added an easter egg between October 2020 and September 2021 alongside a ninja strike that is yet to be found. It's text-based and possible to find in a ninja-related update, except within Tortle Combat.

Necklace of Salamancy is reserved for a future update. Mod Sponge, its developer, said all tools required to obtain it haven't been released yet.

Same goes for the Inactive Teleportation Device had something to do with an area that the developer wanted to add, but didn't. It's in the game, but its purpose was scrapped.

I guess I can give a bit more info on this now ^^
- First of all, the text that I added isn't some profound lore drop or secret info, it's just flavour dialogue, but it just happens to only be able to be found in one specific location with specific conditions met, so you wouldn't really find it by just playing normally. And, at least judging by the wiki, no one has found it yet.
- You need to have interacted with other players at least once in a specific way to be able to get to it.
- It is new dialogue, but on a previously existing NPC.
- As Will said, it was added as part of a ninja strike between October 2020 and September 2021.
- A new hint maybe...if you find the correct wiki entry, it states that what I've added isn't actually there, directly disputing what is now the truth. ^^

That shouldn't make it too hard but hopefully not too easy to find ^^ Have fun :)