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Originally posted by ZatoxRS

Awesome! I have been working on my spreadsheet for a while now, and I can for the first time ever calculate the Runescore 100% accurately.

Some pinpointers I've found so far:

- The five ironman achievements are still in the list, so if u sum the Runescore u end up being 50 too high cuz of those. Maybe there is a way to make this more transparant. The total number of achievements in the list is therefor 2,935 instead of the expected 2,930. (this is obvious for me and you, but maybe not for other people).

- There is a Magic subcategory in Skills, whereas Attack, Strength, Defence, Constitution and Ranged have all been classified under the 'Combat' subcategory in skills. This is very odd and should be changed. It is up to debate whether or not Prayer and Summoning should be in there as they increase the combat level as well. Or just separate them all in subcategories is also an option obviously. /u/Jagex_Stu

I'm not sure what you mean about Ironman achievements. In the case that there's different conditions for ironmen, they use the same achievement as non-ironmen with overridden attributes rather than new achievements.

Magic has its own subcategory as there are several unique Magic achievements (mostly non-combat).

The Combat subcategory only contains skill chain achievements for the combat skills that don't have any unique achievements to justify their own category.

We opted to combine these as the Skill category is already quite long, and likely to get longer as subsubcategories get added over time.

If unique achievements for those combat skills get added in the future, we could split them off into subcategories pretty easily. But tried to shorten the list as much as we could as a baseline so you have less subcategories to scroll through

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Originally posted by ZatoxRS

Cheers Stu! That sounds fair enough to me. Feels like you can have endless discussions about these. Nevertheless it must be great to have created more flexibility in how you guys can manage achievements from now on. Thanks again.

Thanks for your understanding!

Yeah, I've thought about where achievements should go...way too much! I hope that it's fairly intuitive, since every achievement has to have one place that makes sense.

The good news is recategorising is really easy in the new system, so there's room to reshuffle as the data set expands. Picking somewhere that makes everybody happy is the hard part. :)

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Originally posted by wolfgang169

Is there a reason why the reaper title unlock isn't in the "final boss" subcategory (and thus renaming the subcategory to something different), since it is technically harder than Solak so should be further down the list rather than being in the "Combat" main category.

Would make more sense to have all 3 of them together too?

I honestly erred on the side of caution with Reaper Crew as I know it's an important goal for a lot of players.

Figured putting it in the root of Combat would make it most likely players would find it acclimatising to the new system.

If the consensus is that Reaper Crew's up there with Final Boss and they should go in the same subcategory, I'm certainly open to moving it.

Or if there's a subcategory name that intuitively encompasses the 3 for bossers, feel free to let me know.