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Do we know for sure that there will be both 99-inverted cape tokens and 120-inverted cape tokens?

Is there a chance we will only need the 99-inverted cape token to be traded to our main to get the 120 variant? (with main having the 120 skill)

I'd rather grind multiple 99-tokens then just 1 120-token like for example 120 hunter...

Also, do we know if these tokens will be discontinued or not? if no, then i will probably pass on FSW

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There will be separate 99 and 120 tokens and you'll need to trade the 120 tokens to your main to get the 120 cape variants.

We are currently planning to bring the inverted capes back from time to time, since a lot of players won't be able to get all cape variants in the ~4 months that FSW will be running.

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Can you please give us an idea on how exactly you plan to do this? We have never received a concrete answer, and when it could be literally anything between "fsw every year" and "eventually release them as the 200m variant," it creates a lot of uncertainty regarding whether some goals are worth trying to go for this fsw event for those of us who play mains and are after cosmetics.

Also, I would like to ask you to make sure that the xp modifier applies to archaeology properly. On dxp in the live game, archaeology precision (faster artefacts) is doubled but focus (material speed) is not. On the main game this makes sense because you can buy materials and it's a worthwhile tradeoff. But on fsw, the focus should also be doubled so accounts don't end up having to ironman 2-4x materials for their sped up artefacts. This would make archaeology significantly worse than other skills relative to the normal XP rate. Another way to do it is to allow the modifier to apply to restoration and excavation xp only and not focus/precision. However you decide to do it, I really hope it is addressed. Thank you.

Hey! Since I'm not a product manager or the like, I unfortunately can't tell you how exactly the plans for future FSW events or re-releases of FSW rewards currently look like. I'd imagine that this would partly be informed by the performance of this FSW event. Either way, that decision is above me.

In regards to arch, I'll discuss this with the team! I believe, there is currently no doubled precision or focus (I might be wrong though), but there will be a chance for doubled material gathering later in the event that will hopefully help with gathering materials. Either way, I'll discuss this with the others!

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So I don't actually have to take part in FWS to obtain the inverted capes, since they will be released later on?

I thought this was going to be some special kind of event where we could unlock those cosmetics for them never to be released again, just like the highscore events back in the day. It's not even special if we can get the capes through normal gameplay later on...

The plan is to bring the capes and skilling pets back in some form in the future, as many players were upset at the thought of them being exclusive. Whether that is going to be through normal gameplay or future events, I don't know yet. However, the Luma legendary pet and the halo of returning are going to be exclusive to this event.

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Hey, could you clarify if the champions halo is exclusive as well, or just the halo of returning?

I could see the champions halo coming back every time, and the halo of returning being swapped for a new reward later on.

Ah sorry, forgot to mention that! Afaik, that's the plan, yes!

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Thank you for the response. I appreciate that you will discuss arch with the team, as if precision or focus is not doubled (or whatever the modifier is at the time in fsw mode), arch will pretty much be normal speed which is different from any other skill. The only way that's not true is if restoration and excavation xp are doubled/multiplied, which is not how I thought they'd do it but I guess that works too. Just really hope it's not neither.

Just had a check and restoration and excavation XP are multiplied, just like every other skill :)

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If I want to get Luma or the Halo of Returning on my current account is there a way to get it?

EDIT: Looks like the Halo will be Tradeable but not Luma?

Yeah, that's right!

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So Luma is completely impossible to obtain on my main account and will never be obtainable in any shape or form?

Yes, it is intended as an indicator of "This account was definitely here for FSW.", as most other rewards can be traded to players who weren't actually involved.

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Will we be able to trade the halos to our Ironman account? I noticed I’m not able to put an offer in on the GE, unlike the platinum nex tokens, etc.

It will be possible to trade FSW rewards to your ironman via direct player-to-player trading. :)