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Since the spec recently got a buff, it'd be a nice item to have the choice to be able to add to an eof. Technically it's a purchasable t70 staff but considering there's already higher level staves in the game (vanquish) that is just easier to get I don't see it having a negative effect on the mode.

Could add insignias too since they are pretty dead content these days and the restriction for irons to not be able to get them just doesn't make sense anymore.

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I'm going to tag /u/JagexDaze so that ironman restrictions in Barbarian Assault are reconsidered for GIM.

We plan to review all minigames and content as part of GIM - can't promise everything for launch but we plan to prioritise the content that impacts the most. I've noted down Barbarian Assault and the others mentioned here though so we have a record.

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Originally posted by HeyImCodyRS

Are these changes planned to be made for normal irons too, or just gims

If we change them for GIM, we'd change them for normal irons too while we're there I imagine.
Again can't promise anything as GIM will be the priority but will aim to address both as much as we can.