We’ve got major changes to the Wilderness this week, as the Ninjas swoop in to remove the Threat system - plus some other tweaks and enhancements!


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We’ve got major changes to the Wilderness this week, as the Ninjas swoop in to remove the Threat system - plus some other tweaks and enhancements!


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Originally posted by the01li3

A lot of bugs people didnt seem to mind this week... including the dive in rest no one wanted, any update on:

Anacronia Agil vine.

79 Incans unclickable.

Gconc, snipe, rapid fire using an extra tick.

Hitboxs all over the place (webs are pixel perfect, statue near Lani is huge).

Mobile forgetting tokens and auto logs you out repeatedly.

Animation stalls on "dive".

Pop up lists have grey text.

Lava noodles: leg pet forgets items, spring cleaner sometimes fails, "im already under attack" when you are not.

Wilderness Obby just dissapearing

DG skybox on light puzzle (to be fair, i think this has been mentioned to be in testing currently), and worldgate tele resets lightbox.

Chat blocks off the last few characters on longer messages.

No comments on: Avatar rework (yes I know its dead, but would be nice to see why, if the work is going elsewhere, what you think of the community generally disagreeing and wanting the rework), complaints about 120 all cape, sand seed tradable order (why is the one that you use up not tradable, but the perma ones are), Commited perk plans,feeling pumped SW "temporary" nerf has been commented on but no real outcome?, Glacor "fun" achievements.

Im all for making new content, but "garbage in, garbage out" is a used concept for a reason.

Couple things on this:

  • We are making a concerted effort as a team to better take in bugs/issues that players are talking about in terms of prioritising. We do this now as best we can, but we could be better at it. This improvement will take a little time as Mod Doom (new CM) settles in and we figure things out production side, but it's something we're moving towards.
  • We are 100% going to talk about Player Avatar Refresh, why it wasn't viable once we left early production tests, and what our roadmap looks like from a technical art perspective as a result of that project no longer being actively worked on directly. Expect a stream at some point on this.
    • As a note, please don't take that as a commitment to us doing Player Avatar Refresh - still consider it shelved - but we have been and will continue to be doing a lot of work to address the fundamental technical hurdles that prevented it (and will benefit the game all up). After that, it might be a topic of conversation.
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Originally posted by the01li3

How do you go about finding the bugs that people are talking about? Ive def seen people use the ingame reporting tool and it doesnt seem to get notices as much as reddit does for instance?

Nice that we get to hear about the avatars tho! really curious on why it was dropped when it was worked on for so long, so hypep[d up, and so much of the playerbase seemed to want it, ty for replying.

Those do get to our QA team and are actively reviewed - we checked in on that recently - and go into triage. They definitely help.

In terms of finding things, there will be bugs mentioned across the community by a good amount of players on a fairly regular basis - while it might not represent an issue all players are facing, it's important enough people feel the need to speak up about it often and others join that conversation.

Those are the kind of bugs we want to get better at fixing and addressing this year because they matter enough to be regularly mentioned. We can't prioritise all of them, but we all feel we could be more reactive to them than we have been!

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Originally posted by SeaProgram2836

Hooli, what's happening with the servers?

We're working with the Ops team to get some communication out on this, sooner rather than later. We're meeting with them early this week.

Main thing to know right now is that fixing the recent server issues is extremely important to us and there's a lot of work going on to get this sorted.

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Originally posted by ThaToastman

Its just that, you all could poll updates and prioritizations in game or on reddit. We are such a vocal community and it constantly seems like you all struggle to find direction when us passionate members of the community are happy to guide you.

There are COUNTELESS simple fixes that would be MAJOR easy wins for any new QA analysts on the team looking for some tasks.

Fill option on blessed flask Autospell select enabled for ancient spellbook brooch to ammo slot Vitalis droprate being 3x-5x longer than any other boss pet Wildy sword given a tele to active wilderness event Teleporting past lvl 30 wildy Wildy still holds to pre-update restrictions on certain items like opening cash bags and using spring cleaner Area loot range to match mobile Legendary pet retrieval lowered cooldown unstable energies given a loot value equal to malev energies to make them loot on top of the stack

all of those are basically just simple text, numerical, and copy/paste functionality changed player have wanted for years.

Or if you really want to hit a home run, you have the pernix quiver ‘ammo1, ammo2’ abilities. Make magic abilties that reference spells and allow us to assign spells to them to enable 1 button spell swaps. If making them customizable is too complex, just make abilities for exsang and incite fear. You already have the code, just put it in the game. Its stuff that affects core gameplay.

And yet we keep getting these niche fixes to quest dialogues and stuff that is suuuper low priority as its all one and done content thats largely not even noticed.

Companies spend years trying to figure out how to get direct lines to their customers for adequate product feedback. Rs3’s playerbase is literally is a developers dream for this loop and yet yall refuse to listen its so frustrating

Totally understand where you're coming from - a lot is read, but it doesn't always show in our presence or in the fixes you see.

I touched on how we're working towards doing more fixes guided by the community in that original post, but on the other point, that's where Mod Doom will come in to have those conversations and work more closely with the team to represent them.

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Originally posted by iM4RKY

Has the Twitch Prime monthly promo been cancelled or did you just forget about it?

It's coming a week later than usual as there was a last minute delay to it unfortunately. Look for it next Tuesday with a spotlight in the TWIR on Monday.

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Originally posted by Ziadaine

So what happened to the info about the new quest that was going to be dropped this week? Christ, communication lately from Jagex is even worse than Twitter's shitshow.

Coming on Wednesday in the Livestream - it's mentioned in the Livestream part of the TWIR. There's also an article going up after the stream ends.

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Originally posted by 5-x

Brawling Gloves are no longer obtainable outside of the Wilderness.

/u/JagexAzanna Could we get some clarification on this? Does it mean the gloves were removed from Rare Drop Table and Prifddinas Elves?


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Originally posted by DonzaRS

If possible please give us an update on the next stream

Yeah that's the target at the very least. We'll be on this Wednesday and try to give more info then.