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1s hey everyone my name is Jason I'm a
3s community manager at coffee stain
5s Studios and today I've got a bunch of
6s really cool update 8 quality of life
8s feature improvements that are going to
10s be coming with the update looking
12s forward to tell you all about it and
13s make sure you stay to the end because I
14s think the loss was going to be a bit of
15s a fan favorite try not to spoil yourself
17s with the timeline
19s chill enjoy enjoy the ride now before we
21s get right into it little quick load of
23s housekeeping as you guys may have known
24s if you've seen the video here where we
26s talk about the development of update 8
27s being a little bit Rocky we actually got
29s rid of all of our deadlines internally
30s and externally where we had no external
32s deadlines but we got rid of the internal
33s deadlines
35s um just so we could work on stabilizing
36s the game just a little bit of an update
38s on that we now have an internal deadline
40s range which is not the specific deadline
42s you guys are probably looking for and
44s we're not committing to anything
45s publicly but I just want to let you guys
46s know that right now we are aiming to
48s release at some point in June we'll see
51s how that goes
52s hopefully as time goes on we'll know a
54s little bit better when it might actually
55s come out and who knows maybe it won't
57s even be in June okay so just letting you
59s know what what we're thinking right now
61s just so you're aware okay anyway back to
63s the video let's move on the first
64s feature that's getting some love is the
66s parachute the power what uh I don't know
67s if many people use the parachute I don't
69s think I really ever did use it that much
70s but
72s um it's getting a bit of a rework and I
74s think that maybe a lot of people will be
75s using it a bit more now okay so the
77s parachute previously was a consumable
79s piece of equipment and that meant that
81s every time you use it it kind of got
82s used up but now in update 8 the
84s parachute will be non-consumable you
86s just gotta make one parachute and you
87s can just keep it and use it to your
89s heart's content so it's a great piece of
91s Kit to have in your uh backpack in your
93s inventory while you're exploring
95s um because you know it can kind of solve
97s certain situations that um jet packs
99s don't really handle so well and yeah so
100s I think it might be handy to have a
101s parachute on hand and the other thing is
103s they've also the gliding ability has
105s been improved and the movement speed has
107s also a bit improved as well so it'll
108s function better too so hopefully you
110s guys enjoy your time with the parachute
111s the next quality of life feature is
113s going to be about the zip line and that
114s is that zip lines are no longer
116s interrupted when traveling on ceiling
118s power outlets and also on power Towers
120s so some of you may have actually known
122s about the ability to zipline through
123s ceiling power outlets before and the way
125s this kind of worked is you would hit one
127s of those Nubs you'd fall off at it but
128s if you look up you would like grab on to
130s the next uh Power Line anyway you could
132s just keep going so it's basically this
134s new quality of life feature is basically
136s exactly that but it's improved now so
138s instead of falling off you just keep
139s smoothly continuously ziplining through
142s those ceiling Outlets to your heart's
144s content and the same functionality is
146s also extended to power Towers
148s um now this doesn't actually extend to
149s power poles as you could imagine the
151s poles are still kind of in the way of
153s your body so you will still Bonk into
155s those if you try and do that this might
156s raise a bit of a question like what
158s happens if the power line turns or if
159s there's like multiple like branching
161s power lines how is that handled and
163s basically you can just look in whatever
164s Direction you want to go in whilst zip
166s lining and you'll go that way so if
168s there's a branch that goes left and
169s right you look left you will go left but
171s on top of that you can also use movement
173s input Like A and D left and right you
175s can use those to override your the way
177s you look so you could be looking left
178s you hold down right or D and then you
180s will just take the right Junction uh
182s when you're doing that and this applies
183s for ceiling Outlets as well as power
185s Towers but one thing to note is that
186s there is an angle limit I think the
188s angle limit is about like a 60 degree
189s angle so if it's if the if the power
191s line turn is more than 60 degrees you
193s can't continuously do that but you know
195s you could maybe just jump off and then
196s reattach or something like that but yeah
197s I saw a bunch of people reacting to last
199s week's video up here if you haven't seen
201s it yet and and a lot of people have
203s theorized like wait can you can you
204s zipline continuously through the power
206s Towers because that would make a lot of
207s sense especially with zipline Sprint
209s mode and yeah you guys were you guys
210s were right on the money uh you can do
212s that also just decide real quick
213s something that um a lot of people have
216s asked questions about the power Towers
217s is whether or not those two the two
220s lines on power towers are uh two
223s separate power lines or are they just
225s aesthetic and they're just aesthetic
226s they're actually one power line in terms
228s of your power network but they are
230s aesthetically just two and you can't to
232s plan on either one other little feature
233s coming to the zipline is the ability to
235s right click toggle to zipline so
237s previously you would have to hold left
238s Mouse button while zip lining and then
240s you let go of a left Mouse button to hop
242s off but now you can just right click to
245s attach yourself and let go of the mouse
247s and you'll stay on the zip line and then
249s you can right click to get off okay so
251s that's another bit of a quality of life
252s feature with a zip line conveyor belts
254s are also getting some love in update 8
256s which is great because we build a lot of
257s them there are two new quality of life
259s features coming to conveyor belts and
260s pipes for that matter but like all of
262s these features apply to conveyor belts
264s and pipes and the first one is actually
265s something that we've leaked actually uh
267s back in the blueprints video video up
269s here if you haven't seen it and some of
271s you with Keen eyes actually have spotted
273s it before and that is that belts and
276s pipes will now automatically be built
278s with their appropriate stand when free
281s placed on the ground so previously you
283s would have to build a conveyor pole then
285s attach the belt to that and then you
288s could build out from that and that
289s building will have a conveyor pole
290s automatically attached if you place it
292s on the ground but now even if you free
294s place conveyor belts or pipes on the
296s ground they will come with their
297s respective poles the second Improvement
299s coming to belts and pipes is a bit more
301s of a niche case but I'm sure many of you
303s have actually run into it before if you
304s play the game a lot so as we all know
306s free placing belts or pipes is a
308s two-step process you click once to place
311s it where you want and then you set the
312s height right you look up and down and
314s then you click again that's the second
316s phase to actually build the the building
318s right so you can place the belts or
320s pipes wherever you want and then you can
321s set their height however in update 8 the
323s change that's coming is that the
324s validity of the belt or pipe build
326s itself the entire validity of it will be
329s determined by the second phase of
331s building as opposed to the first phase
333s of building what this means now is that
335s you can now place the first phase of the
337s belts built down even if the belt or
340s pipe's initial placement is invalid or
342s too steep and then you can adjust the
345s height to where you need it to be so
346s that maybe at that point it's valid
348s right and that's basically what this
351s this little quality live update
352s addresses the dismantle feature is
354s getting an unreasonable amount of love
355s this update and I'm all for it I've
358s spoken about the blueprint dismantle
359s mode that's coming to allow you to
361s dismantle uh entire blueprints in one go
363s but now I have the pleasure to introduce
365s to you all the dismantle filter feature
368s I guess it's called so dismantle
370s filtering is a feature that lets you
372s point uh your cursor at a building you
374s can highlight a building you can press G
377s to filter on that building and then from
380s that point on you will only be able to
381s dismantle that kind of building or
383s highlight that kind of building you can
384s now freely switch your filter to
386s something else whenever you want by
387s looking at something else and pressing G
389s or if you look at the same kind of
390s object again you will you can just press
392s G again and that removes the filter also
395s each time you exit and enter uh
397s dismantle mode the filter will be reset
399s as well so you have to deal with that
401s the other really cool thing about this
402s feature is that it also works on
403s blueprints so you can enter blueprint
405s dismantle mode and you can filter entire
407s blueprints so that when you're looking
410s at all your buildings around you you'll
412s only ever highlight or be able to
414s dismantle uh blueprints of the filter
416s type that you've got set which I think
417s is really handy but also dismantle
419s filtering is an independent feature to
421s mass dismantle which is probably where a
423s lot of your minds are going like how
424s does this work with that but they're two
426s independent features which means all of
428s their features can be used independently
430s or with each other and this is where
432s dismantle filtering really shines I'm
434s sure you guys have been in many
435s situations where you're trying to tear
436s down a production setup and you're using
439s masses mental to do it and you're
440s accidentally highlighting foundations
442s when you don't want to delete
443s foundations and this is a great use case
445s for that because what this means is that
446s you can freely change your dismantle
448s filter while Mass dismantle is still
450s working as well so you can set a filter
453s highlight a bunch of buildings
455s set another filter continue highlighting
458s a bunch of buildings in the same as
459s dismantle and for example if you never
460s filter for your foundations you'll never
462s highlight your foundations it makes
464s tearing down production lines really
465s really easy without modifying the the
468s structural Integrity of your uh of your
470s of your factory now some of you might be
472s scratching your head and wondering
474s um wait didn't we have something like
475s this before and actually we did it just
477s wasn't really talked about that much
478s there wasn't a lot of like uh feedback
481s for it or anything like that either and
483s it was a little bit more I think in my
484s opinion a little bit more confusing to
485s use so this feature sort of existed and
488s was introduced in update seven and so
490s this feature is actually a rework of
492s that and I think it's in a much better
493s State now uh so that you can you know
495s freely dismantle your factories uh more
497s effectively I think with more control
499s another quality of a live feature which
500s may actually not be quality of life you
502s guys will have to let us know actually
504s is the uh the first person Trace uh has
507s been adjusted
509s um and this is because I don't know if
511s you guys knew this or not uh but the
514s first person Trace has been misaligned
517s to the reticule for many many years and
520s so what this sort of means is that like
521s the reticule is not actually a perfect
524s indicator for what you're aiming at
525s basically and so some players might have
527s noticed this
528s um as it might have been hard to aim at
530s smaller buildings like like wall power
532s outlets for example and it has also been
534s quite noticeable especially if you're
535s looking directly down below you as you
537s can as you can see here so now uh the
540s update to this is that the trace should
542s be exactly where your Crosshair is your
543s reticule is
545s um and so you will actually select what
547s you are aiming at now the interesting
549s thing here is though is we don't know
551s why it was the way it was before and
553s it's entirely possible that there's some
555s like big brain uh you know 1000 IQ
558s reason for it to have been the way it
559s was before so if you guys feel that it's
562s like off or bad now give it some time
564s adjust to it but if you think there's
566s anything wrong with it
567s um or that there's some use cases where
569s it would have been better for the trace
571s to be as it was before please let us
573s know QA site comments below or whatever
575s um QA site would be better after you get
577s updated actually
579s um yeah let us know because we can
580s always put it back I guess but we don't
582s really know why it would have been the
583s way it was before another major major
585s rework and something that a lot of
587s people have been commenting for and
588s requesting for such a long time
591s and it's so exciting to be able to tell
593s you about it now actually
595s um and that is that jet packs can now
597s use different kinds of fuel jet packs
600s can now use solid biofuel fuel turbo
602s Fuel and liquid biofuel so now in the
605s equipment UI players can now set their
607s preferred fuel type and this fuel type
609s will be what is used uh if it's
611s available in your inventory by default
613s now if that fuel runs out and you have
615s other fuel in your inventory it will
617s automatically switch to other fuel types
619s when refueling the jetpack and if your
622s preferred fuel isn't available
624s um the default priority order of what
626s fuel the jetpack will automatically
628s switch to is the same as what you can
629s see in the menu and so you might be
631s wondering what what do these other fuel
632s types do do they just last longer or
635s something or or what do they do but
636s actually they each have different
637s properties solid biofuel this is going
639s to be a really really basic fuel type
641s that people can use before they have
643s fuel production because solid biofuel
645s can be somewhat automated pretty
647s decently well early on and this has the
649s same speed and power as normal fuel just
652s a slightly slower acceleration and it
655s burns up quicker resulting in less air
657s time so we can't reach as high basically
659s as normal fuel normal fuel this is the
661s default fuel that you all have been
662s using with jet packs before it's
664s basically the same but it has been
665s tweaked a little bit so that it gives a
667s bit more upwards momentum so it should
669s feel a little bit less sluggish when
670s you're using it so a little buff to a
672s regular fuel turbofuel has a faster
675s acceleration and speed allowing the play
677s to reach much much higher and quickly
679s boost themselves up on large buildings
681s or high Cliffs it also has slightly
683s increased air control to match the
685s higher speeds basically so that you can
687s kind of move as you intend and liquid
689s biofuel we don't actually expect players
691s to use this that much since liquid
692s biofuel can't be fully automated but it
695s is mostly the same as regular fuel but
698s it burns far far slower okay so this
701s actually allows players to reach up
702s really really high and glide for
704s actually super insane distances and so
706s you might be actually wondering for
707s example
708s um side-by-side comparisons of these how
710s high you can go with each jet pack from
713s a straight burn and so here's a little
714s demonstration of that now and you can
716s see solid biofuel goes up to around 16
718s meters 16 17 meters regular fuel goes to
720s 28 meters turbo fuel goes to about 52
723s meters and liquid biofuel goes to just
725s under 62 meters so about 60 meters and
727s so the last feature I think this is the
729s one that y'all have been waiting for
730s this is the last feature that I'm going
732s to be talking about today that's going
733s to be coming to update 8. quality of
734s life feature is going to be
736s fire rocks can now be destroyed with
739s explosives that's right gas pillars gas
741s pillars the fart rocks throwing Nobles
744s got them and they explode you just need
745s one Obelisk and they fall apart and it's
747s and it's actually it feels so good it
749s feels so good to see those things just
751s die
752s God so many people have been asking for
755s this so I'm so excited to be able to
757s tell you about it now now there's really
758s not much more I can say about this we
760s all know how annoying they are you throw
762s a bomb at it and they go away that's it
764s so I there's not much more I can say but
766s what I can do is let's put together a
767s glorious Montage of watching these guys
770s Fall to Pieces enjoy
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779s thank you
788s [Music]
810s foreign
814s [Music]
847s what do I even do with this video at
849s this point Thank God those things are
850s gone well anyway video can only go
853s downhill from here so I better wrap it
854s up quickly if you like the quality of
856s life features smash like consider
858s subscribing let us know in the comments
860s below which features you're most excited
862s for uh is probably gonna be the fart
863s rocks but if there's any other ones tell
865s us about those as well have a lovely
867s weekend everybody and I'll see you guys
869s uh next time take care bye
872s thank you
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882s that's a that's a that's a chicken wrap
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