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0s we've been in on we've we've
4s um oh boy this is going to be a
7s video hey everyone my name is snot I am
9s the community manager at coffee stain
11s Studios long time no see we haven't seen
14s each other for a while because uh I
16s haven't been
17s uploading and I've been grinding the
19s patch notes video which I'm really
20s looking forward to releasing uh coming
23s soon anyways I that's kind of what I
25s want to talk about actually today uh I
27s kind of wanted to sort of well you've
29s read the title I want to announce when
30s when um update 8 is coming out on the
32s Early Access Branch so yeah we're
34s finally ready to release update 8 on the
35s Early Access Branch we've been on the
37s experimental Branch for you know
40s billions and billions of years we've
42s been sort of hard at work finishing up
43s the last few things but we feel happy
45s with the state of things and we're
47s finally ready to move it over so when is
48s it SN when is the date when is it coming
50s out you're probably screaming right now
52s cuz we're probably like an hour into the
54s video already and I still haven't said
56s anything November 14th is going to be
58s the DAT of
63s Reckoning yeah November 14th which is
65s next week uh kind of like last second
68s announcement I guess but that's sort of
69s how it is you you've probably been here
70s before you know how it is so so that's
72s just how the cookie crumbles sometimes
74s so yeah next week November 14th is when
76s we're going to be releasing update on
77s the experimental Branch now that's dope
82s but I've got some really important
84s information to share with you all in
86s this video uh so so let's do it okay so
90s if you followed us here on YouTube and
91s on on Twitch and whatever you probably
93s know everything that's going into update
95s one thing we haven't talked too much
96s about is a new addition and update that
98s came in kind of late in during
99s experimental and that is that we have
101s updated our online subsystem for the
103s game now what is this online subsystem
106s you might be asking yourself so when it
107s comes to the online aspect of our game
109s there's sort of two layers to this right
110s there's the lowlevel stuff which is
113s handling like the actual like sending
114s data and like handling you know the UDP
117s request and and all that stuff um that's
119s all handled by Epic and like their SDK
121s and all that and we're taking
122s advantage of that and dopes up glad that
125s we don't have to deal with that and then
126s we have sort of the top layer on top of
128s that and that is our online subsystem
130s and that system sort of takes care of
131s stuff like you know when you're logging
133s into steam it's grabbing your friends
134s list uh being able to like send invites
137s to your friends to the game um if you
139s have an epic account and you want to
141s link that on Steam you can do that and
143s you know that sort of handled in that
144s like top layer and that layer has been
146s sort of reworked in up to dat and it
148s came in like I said kind of late you may
149s have seen like the that the UI in the
151s menus and stuff have changed uh and
153s that's along with like the changes that
155s are coming with that system uh now it's
157s really important to to take note of that
159s that system is still a little bit
160s working progress and it's going to be a
162s bit working progress once update hits EA
164s as well so why would we push a working
167s progress system well I'm going to
168s explain that real quick okay one of the
169s reasons why we needed to update this
171s system was because it was old as hell we
172s haven't changed that system since pretty
174s much the steam launch and it was way
177s overdue to be reworked uh and we we felt
180s that like during update now is the
182s perfect time to do it another reason we
184s also needed to update the system was
185s because in the back end when we were
186s handling authentication with the
187s different online services uh that needed
190s to be updated and that needed to happen
192s before December this year so we sort of
195s saw that as like an opportunity like
196s let's rework the system let's update it
199s with the authentication that's needed
201s and then get it all out in one go so to
203s speak another reason is also sort of
205s that like by implementing that system
207s we're also setting us up for future work
209s that's going to go into that system
211s that's going to improve over time so we
212s felt that now is the perfect time to
214s sort of get those two things in at the
215s same time while also being able to set
217s us up for future work that's going to go
219s into that to be able to like extend the
220s functionality of the online sell system
222s because that's something we felt we
223s couldn't really do with the old system
225s without reworking it we felt that we
226s couldn't add new features to it you know
229s um so that's sort of the reasoning
231s behind adding that system in in the
233s first place but development is a finicky
235s thing and we didn't have time to fully
238s finish that system before we need needed
240s to to push it out so we've decided to
243s sort of push up toate with the current
245s implementation of that system uh to EA
248s and then we'll keep working on the
249s online subsystem on experimental for a
252s bit uh so we can test it and all that
254s stuff and then once we get to a good
255s spot with the new online subsystem will
257s update uh the game once again on EA with
260s those new features essentially so while
262s that new online subsystem is sort of
264s working progress we still feel that it's
265s quite stable it's good enough for us to
267s be able to to release up to dat to Early
269s Access
270s and then we'll keep working on the the
272s online s system uh on the experimental
274s branch and then keep working on it and
276s then once we feel that it it's come to a
278s good State then we'll update the game
280s again with the new features that's
281s coming in the online subsystem um and
284s then we'll be Gucci so here are a couple
286s of known issues when it comes to the
287s state of the online s system like most
289s of the functionality is there um but
291s there are a couple of things to like be
292s aware of at least when it comes to this
294s stuff so one known issue is a bug that's
296s been in the game since launch so this
298s isn't anything new or anything like that
300s that the way the game sort of like
301s decides who you should uh spawn as like
304s which character is based on your session
306s ID so that's your online ID and if you
309s forever reason fail to connect to the
311s services or if you're playing offline or
312s whatever the game doesn't know like who
314s you are in the world and it will spawn
316s you as a new character there's a couple
317s of reasons why we've designed the system
319s to be in this way uh and have these like
321s unfortunate trade-offs but one is that
323s we want to have like one seamless uh
325s online connectivity sort of experience
328s so like being handling the game as one
330s online game is is easier to handle like
332s when people are connecting and and
334s seamlessly be able to connect and all
335s that stuff uh the other reason is
337s because we wanted to be able to like
338s when you're having your save file you
339s should be able to like use your one save
341s file and send it over your friend and
342s like being able to like determine like
344s who what person were in the safe file
346s and still connect and all that stuff and
348s that's possible by doing it this way uh
350s but the trade-off of course is that if
352s we don't have your online ID then we
354s don't know who you are essentially in
355s the safe file so in that case you will
356s spawn as a new character in The Hub um
359s you can still get your inventory back if
362s you go over to your where you last save
364s and and take care of business if you
367s know what I'm saying very violently
373s okay so if you do that you can get your
376s inventory back uh the unfortunate thing
378s is that you will probably lose out your
380s hot bar which sucks also if last time
382s you Sav you in a vehicle uh you won't be
385s able to dismantle that vehicle and you
386s won't be able to get the player out the
388s only way to solve it at the moment is to
389s use a editor it's really annoying and uh
393s we're not proud of that bug but we are
395s going to in the future do something
397s about it so like you can eject the
398s player from vehicles and stuff like that
399s and the reason I'm telling you about
400s this bug is because there might be some
402s edge cases where you might start the
405s game offline without realizing it and
407s that happens so if that happens uh it's
410s probably due to like the service either
412s either failing to sign you in and
414s getting you know proper authentication
416s and stuff like that for the online
417s services um and the way to resolve that
420s is to to restart the game and one
423s particular case when this can happen is
424s when you first start the game from
426s updating the first time because the game
428s sort of takes longer uh in the initial
430s boot to do a lot a lot of stuff in the
433s back end uh such as like building
434s shaders and stuff like that so it takes
436s longer for the game to boot up the first
437s time um and what happens then is you
439s might time out when you're trying to
440s connect and fail the sort of signin
443s process essentially to the services and
445s and yeah the way to circumvent that is
447s to just restart the game again after the
449s initial Boot and then hopefully that
451s will sort of uh resolve the issue and
453s you should be online again and you
454s shouldn't run into that offline issue
456s we're going to address that issue in the
457s future we actually have a pretty
458s involved solution in mind where you can
460s like sort of pick who to spawn as in the
463s future potentially uh we'll see how that
465s goes but we have a solution in mind it's
467s just that it's it's been taking us a bit
469s to to sort of get to that and now that
471s we have this new online subsystem in the
473s in in place that sort of sets us up to
475s be able to start working on that uh
477s whenever that happens uh so yeah another
479s known issue with the current
480s implementation of the online subsystem
482s is that currently you cannot unlink
484s accounts so if you are on Steam and
486s you've linked your epic account uh
488s previously in the game you were able to
490s like unlink those accounts within the
492s game uh that's not going to be possible
494s at the moment the reason behind that is
496s because that feature of unlinking all
497s that stuff we sort of want to move that
499s out from the game so you can sort of
501s handle that separately so you can go
503s like on epics website or whatever and
504s handle your accounts and and like sort
506s of make it more transparent as like
508s what's going on um um but uh we haven't
511s had time to fully wrap that up so you
513s can actually do the unlinking so that's
515s something that's coming in the future so
517s yeah I just want to make you guys aware
518s that this is a system that's still a bit
520s working progress it's going to be stable
521s on up toate but there are more features
524s coming and there's a bit of like a some
526s workarounds that might be necessary to
528s do but for the most part it should work
530s uh fine so yeah up to dat exciting times
533s we working out it for so long and I
534s can't believe it's finally coming out oh
537s boy uh anyways we usually have a release
540s stream on on on the date of release and
543s uh it who who would have thought we
545s actually have our weekly Dev streams uh
547s at at this time so we'll probably stream
550s as to like when we'll release the update
552s like what time I don't know at the
553s moment maybe we'll put it on the screen
555s here or maybe we won't who knows like
557s but um it's usually around the time when
559s we do our our Dev streams so join us
562s then and then you know we'll have a good
565s time okay we'll figure it out all right
568s uh I actually haven't planned for that
570s stream so so I hope
573s uh it's probably fine see you all on
575s Tuesday until then
581s [Music]
584s bye