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0s many of you are probably wondering
2s what's coming in 1.0 but today I'd
4s rather talk about a few things that are
6s not making it into
9s 1.0 getting the game to where it is
11s today has been an arduous journey and
12s there are still so many things that we
15s still want to add to the game but we
17s sort of need to be a bit realistic uh we
19s would be in early access for many many
21s many more years before we be anywhere
23s near close to have everything we want in
25s the game if we're ever going to release
27s a complete game we sort of need to come
29s to terms with the fact that we can't
31s have everything and we need to decide
33s you know what can and can't make it into
35s the full release and that means making a
38s few sacrifices this is just how it is
41s when you're developing any game a game
43s can only be finished when you stop
44s working on it I I think to a large
46s extent this video will sort of
48s disappoint many of you especially since
49s we haven't really revealed anything yet
51s for 1.0 so you really don't know what
53s you're looking forward to uh but you
55s know I'd rather be open about this stuff
57s so that we can sort of paint a better
58s picture as to what you can expect to see
61s in the full release uh or or I guess in
64s this case not see I do want to point out
66s though that in contrast to the video we
68s made on you know six things we're never
69s adding to satisfactory it's still quite
71s possible we're going to add some of
73s these features to the game at some point
75s it just won't be in time for the 1.0
77s release first thing I want to talk about
78s is the big crab enemy you saw back in
80s the reveal trailer in 2018 this is
83s probably not going to come to as a
84s surprise to many people because we've
86s already said in the past that we've sort
87s of put this enemy on ice as development
90s for before the game has gone on we sort
92s of realize more and more over time that
94s the combat aspect of satisfactory isn't
96s very important and it's not something
98s that people you know keep coming back to
99s the game for I'm sure that adding more
102s combat related features to the game
104s would make the combat better cuz like
106s right now the combat is a bit mid uh but
108s we don't mind it being that way cuz it's
110s not really a heart of the game you know
112s it's not hard of cards and the more we
114s look into this we find that we get a
116s better return of investment in
117s development when we focus on like the
120s fact aspect of the game rather than the
122s combat aspect of the game and that's why
124s for instance in update 6 we sort of
126s decided that we would rather add like
127s you know Variety in the forms of
129s different types of ammo for weapons uh
132s which also added a bunch of automation
133s challenges rather than add combat
136s mechanics or you know more involved
138s enemies we have sort of improved some of
140s these aspects over time but I think we
142s need to make sort of a bigger change to
144s have like any real bearing on like the
145s combat aspect of the game and the Krab
147s boss is one of those things where we
149s don't really feel like it necessarily
151s adds too much to the game as it is uh
154s regarding of like how bombass it is and
156s it's a bummer that we sort of showcase
158s this in our marketing material only to
160s like end up not adding it but I also
162s think it's a bit unreasonable to hold us
164s accountable for something that we've
166s only showcase for like literally 30
167s frames in one trailer from almost 6
169s years ago a lot of things have changed
171s since then and you know we wouldn't have
173s decided to exclude it uh if it weren't
175s cuz we thought we would add you know any
178s other better if we could add any
180s uh if you could have would we wouldn't
184s have decided to exclude it if it weren't
186s cuz we thought we could add you know
188s other better things to the game the main
190s reason why we haven't been able to add
191s this up until now is because we would
193s need to spend a significant amount of
195s time to improve the AI pathing that
197s exists it's a big large creature it's a
200s big large creature uh that doesn't work
203s with the AI system we currently have
205s unfortunately so we would sort of need
206s to accommodate the AI system uh with
209s that creature in mind and we felt like
210s the development wasn't really worth it
212s for this another thing that's not making
213s it into 1.0 is official mod support I
216s think if you asked us like a couple of
218s years ago whether we would ever launch
220s 1.0 without official mod support I think
222s we would have like straight up said no
224s that's not happening we've sort of built
226s the game with modding in mind like
229s that's the reason why our safe system
230s works the way it does and a lot of other
233s systems that we've designed we've
234s designed them with modding in mind but
236s we were blown away by like how quickly
238s people started making mods to the game
240s and today there's a very active moding
242s community and you know they've done
243s amazing work fix is a really
246s well-made website that give you access
247s to like all the tools necessary to both
249s download and develop mods uh the
251s satisfactory mod manager is very easy to
253s install to disable and enable mods and
256s such and like I said we have a very
258s active moding scene something that I
260s don't think we anticipated when we
261s launched satisfactory initially I think
263s initially we really thought that we
264s weren't going to see any mods until we
266s added official mod support so the fact
268s that like we have such an active modding
270s scene right now is just like so amazing
272s to us and while we don't have official
274s mod support you know we still try to
276s support our modding Community as much as
278s we can and we're going to continue doing
280s so having official mod support would of
282s course make it simpler to use mods and
284s potentially even make mods but you know
286s it's already pretty streamlined as it is
289s which by the way is all because the
290s modern Community has puted so much
291s effort into it which is crazy and to my
294s understanding like the only thing that's
295s kind of limiting in terms of developing
297s mods right now is how we handle Sound
299s and Music in the game so I think that
301s could really benefit until then there
303s are already a bunch of really good mods
305s we have a very active modding Community
306s like I said and we're super stoked about
309s that so while we do want to add official
311s mod support eventually uh in this case
314s our efforts could be put into something
315s else that's currently missing in the
317s game okay so uh I think I'm going to get
319s crucified for saying this but yeah one
322s thing that's not coming at 1.0 is the
324s ability to easily build circular
327s foundations uh now I know this is one of
329s the most requested things from our
331s community in terms of building in the
332s game but unfortunately it's a
334s complicated problem at first glance this
336s might seem like a trivial thing to
338s implement by just slapping you know a
340s bunch of triangular pieces together and
341s call it a day uh but that's not
343s necessarily the case as different people
345s sort of want different outcomes on this
347s topic and in some cases we might need to
349s like sort of redesign how our current
350s build system functions just to be able
352s to support fully given like what people
354s are asking for even if we did add
356s separate bill pieces such as like
357s equilateral triangular Bill pieces or
359s whatever ever uh we still need to manage
361s all the dependencies that all our
363s foundation pieces and all our wall
364s pieces and such already have at the
366s moment that's not to say that we can't
368s do any of these things it's just that
370s when we looked at like prioritizing
372s development for the game we always find
374s that like there are other things that
376s don't exist in the game right now that
378s we think are more worth working on
380s because people are already able to build
382s Ciro platforms uh granted that they're a
384s bit like finicky and annoying to build
386s and they don't look perfect you know and
387s there's a bunch of Z fighting you know
389s Etc ET but there are detailed guides out
391s there on how to do this and since the
393s addition of blueprints it's become
394s easier to build stuff that curves and
396s make these sort of circular foundations
398s so I highly recommend checking some of
399s these tutorials out people are already
401s able to like do really creative stuff
403s with curves and while it's not a smooth
405s experience you know people uh aren't
408s limited by it but there are limitations
410s to other aspects of the game where you
412s know certain features straight up don't
414s exist so we could definitely improve
416s that aspect of the game um but it always
419s comes down to like iation and and what
421s we work on and you know maybe we we sort
423s of dropped the ball on this decision
425s specifically maybe it would have been
427s really uh Worth to prioritize this
429s aspect of the game uh I guess it's hard
431s for you guys to sort of weigh in on this
433s right now given that you don't really
434s know all the details for everything
436s that's coming at 1.0 yet so so yeah like
438s once the game is out do tell us on the
440s qway side if we should prioritize this
442s next and on the topic of that I also
444s want to mention roads because this is
446s also something a lot of people ask about
448s specifically and it's so sort of the
450s same thing there people are able to
452s build roads and satisfactory already
454s with the build pieces that exists it's a
456s finicky it's annoying but it's
458s technically possible uh we did prototype
461s actually a sort of system early on where
463s you could build roads using splines
465s similar how like train tracks work uh
467s but it wasn't great if I to be honest it
469s was really hard to make it look good it
471s didn't really Jive that well with the
473s current build mechanics that we had so
475s we decided to get rid of it there are
476s also some optimization issues that come
479s with all this stuff so again instead of
481s tackling that problem we instead opted
483s to develop other features for the game
485s that we sort of felt were missing
488s instead of supporting this stuff better
490s I'm just okay so I'm just a messenger
491s here so like don't shoot the messenger
493s okay but just saying next exciting thing
495s that's not coming at 1.0 that I want to
497s talk about is any type of logic system
499s to the game we're not against this idea
501s as with any of the other ideas I think
503s these are all great ideas uh we think it
505s could be really cool we have you know
507s many ideas on how we could do this uh
509s and we have even prototyped some of this
511s stuff but we decided to to not
513s prioritize it for the game mostly
515s because we don't want the game to be
517s like overly complicated with the
518s addition of extra logic that the play
520s would need to sort of facilitate we
522s didn't want to design the game where you
524s would need to sort of include logic
526s stuff to be able to fully play the game
528s uh so in that case it would be sort of
530s an optional thing uh and if it's an
533s optional thing then the question becomes
535s like whether it's worth spending that
537s amount of time needed to be able to
539s implement something like like that uh
540s when it's not really part of the core
542s gameplay I think that comes down to like
544s a lot of this stuff it's just basically
546s time and effort that goes into
547s implemented this stuff um and it's
550s always a question of like prioritization
552s for us and this is a feature that we
554s think could be really cool for
556s satisfactory and there are elements in
558s the game where even like minor logic
559s would really benefit greatly from from
562s the existing gameplay but um yeah don't
565s expect anything like that for 1.0
567s unfortunately and the last thing I want
569s to talk about about is that there are
571s currently some parts in the game that
573s are going to be removed you already know
577s of one which is beacons uh the reason
580s why we're removing beacons is because
582s we've since updated how the map works
584s with the addition of map markers which
586s you can more easily like place down on
587s the map instead of having to like
589s physically go and place them in the
591s world and now sadly there are two more
594s casualties which are flowers and color
598s cartridges rest in peace
600s the reason for this is because we want
602s to remove cost for
604s customization originally you needed to
606s use color cartridges to be able to paint
608s walls and stuff like that we found that
610s very tedious so we opted to remove that
613s for coloring walls when we removed the
615s color gun and so far we sort of kept
617s that cost for patterns that you could
619s paint on foundations but even in the
621s case for these we we feel like it's
622s still a bit unnecessary we we originally
625s had plans to make it so you could like
626s automate Coler cartridges because like
628s running around for 30 hours collecting
630s flowers just so you could paint your
631s factories felt a bit annoying and you
633s know unnecessary but after working a bit
636s on the recipes during the rebalance P
637s that we're currently doing for 1.0 we
639s felt like having to automate stuff to
641s just like customize patterns doesn't
643s really add that much to the game so we
645s decided to just completely remove those
647s and make all customization completely
649s free speaking for balancing by the way
651s if you didn't know we're currently
653s working on rebalancing many of the
654s recipes in the game uh the rebalance
656s will be mostly focused on the end game
659s so don't worry too much about like the
661s early and mid sections of the game um
664s those recipes haven't changed too much
666s if uh any at all as far as I know but we
668s are making General tweaks to like the
670s game overall and that includes pretty
672s much all the recipes checking them out
673s and seeing if they make sense I guess we
676s thought it was best to sort of do this
677s at the end of production rather than
679s like having to do it over and over over
680s multiple updates uh cuz it's kind of
682s disruptive when like after each update
684s you would have to sort of make changes
686s to your production lines and your
687s factory so so that's what we're working
689s on right now I think I've mentioned this
691s on stream a couple of times that we were
692s planning to do a rebalance pass like
694s this and uh now we're doing it so yeah
697s we're doing it one big swoop now at the
699s end and hopefully it won't affect too
701s much and even the people that it does
703s affect I think a lot of people are still
704s going to like restart the game from
706s scratch anyways when 1.0 comes out so
708s maybe it's not a big deal anyways this
710s is still somewhat of an ongoing process
712s so I can't really talk too much about it
713s now but I can unveil the changes that
716s we've made to the alt recipe that
718s included beacons so remember how back in
721s update whatever when we said we were
723s going to remove beacons and said they
725s were deprecated we still kept them in
727s the game because there were was an ALT
728s recipe that still used them and we
730s didn't want to disrupt that production
732s line but now that we're doing
733s rebalancing we actually know what that
735s recipe looks like so let's talk about
738s that so the new ingredients for the
739s uranium fuel unit are 100 in case
742s uranium cells 10 electromagnetic control
745s rods three crystal oscillators and 10
748s rotors
750s um so that means essentially that
752s instead of beacons in that recipes we
754s replace it now with rotors so now you
756s know so there you have it these are some
758s of the things that I know people have
760s been sort of asking for that we can
762s confirm right now are unfortunately not
764s coming at 1.0 but maybe later we'll see
767s like I said like these are good ideas we
770s like these ideas it's just that we
772s weren't able to make them come to
774s fruition in 1.0 as I'm said I'm sure
776s this video is very disappointing for
778s many people uh but rather be upfront
780s about this stuff so you don't wait and
782s expect to see something that's not
784s coming there are many cool new things
786s coming in 1.0 that I hope will make up
787s for the exclusion of these things and
789s you know there are many more features
790s that are not coming I'm not listing
792s everything because that would be
794s impossible uh I just felt like listing
796s these things at least are things that
798s I've seen people talk about recently um
800s where I think a lot of people are sort
801s of looking forward to them and I just
804s want to set the record straight I guess
805s I I feel like I can't like really leave
807s it off at this though I I feel like this
809s video might be too much of a bummer if
811s it would just be me listing features
812s that a lot of people really looking
814s forward to won't be seeing in 1.0 so so
817s I'm going to give you all a tiny little
819s sneak peek on a little change we've made
820s to the game uh it isn't much but I hope
824s you'll like
824s [Music]
838s it
885s [Music]