Transcript (by Youtube)

2s hi everyone just a short little video
4s today to talk about some things related
6s to pricing for satisfactory so a while
9s back we mentioned that we were thinking
11s of increasing the game's price and
13s promised to let you all know beforehand
16s if we're going to do this or not and
18s today I'd like to sort of confirm that
20s this is indeed going to be the case uh
23s the game's base price will increase from
26s $29.99 to
28s $39.99 uh this is to account for
30s inflation but also because we've spent
33s many years sort of improving the game
35s since its initial release and its
37s original price uh I also want to let you
40s know that the game is currently on sale
42s on Steam and Humble Bundle and it's a
45s it's a pretty chunky sale I believe it
47s might be like one of the biggest
48s discounts we've had so far and shortly
51s after the sale ends is when the price
53s will increase uh which means that the
56s price change will happen before 1.0 is
58s released so if you have haven't picked
60s up satisfactory yet and are waiting for
62s 1.0 this is your golden chance to get it
65s at a low price we wanted to sort of time
68s the price change with the 1.0 release
71s and it's a bit of a bummer that we have
72s to do it now seeing as how we feel that
75s you know 1.0 will better reflect this
77s price point uh but unfortunately there
79s are some rules in place on Steam and EGS
82s regarding price changes that in our case
85s made it so that we needed to do it
87s beforehand um I realized that this is a
89s little bit of like a V explanation as to
91s why we must do it before 1.0 but you
94s know these things are a bit delicate to
96s sort of discuss openly so I I'm I hope
99s you understand um so make sure to pick
102s up the game while it's on sale now if
105s you haven't already so you'll save a
106s couple of bucks when 1.0 drops and uh
109s you know as for the release date of 1.0
113s um uh I I can't give you a date today um
118s but
121s there may be some news very soon