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0s [Music]
12s hello everyone I'm snoot from coffee
14s State we've got some fantastic news for
16s all you satisfactory enjoyers out
19s there satisfactory the mindblowing first
23s person open world Factory building game
26s is officially making its way to Nintendo
29s switch I know you've been waiting for
32s this moment well the wait is almost
36s over we really wanted to Port it to the
38s OU but we couldn't find one so the
40s Nintendo switch was our second favorite
43s pick but enough talk let's check out
45s some gameplay footage running directly
47s on the
59s switch
61s [Music]
70s [Music]
84s [Music]
88s damn that's good I don't think we can
90s make it any better than that we may not
93s have a flushable toilet in the game but
95s at least now you can flush the whole
96s game down the
102s toilet H birdie shy thanks for watching
104s everyone
113s sh