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1s hey everyone my name is Jason I'm a
3s community manager at coffee stain
5s Studios last week we actually released a
6s teaser trailer for some cool new
8s features coming to update two new
9s features the priority power switch and
11s the power towers and if you didn't see
13s the teaser trailer it'll be up here in
14s the cards if you want to check it out
15s and Yeah and today we're just basically
17s going to be talking about what those
18s things are and how they work now a fun
19s little fact is actually both of these
21s features were kind of we started making
23s these way back in update four actually I
25s think the Power Tower model has been
26s done since back then
28s um and the priority power switch we've
30s leaked more times than a broken faucet
32s to be honest uh I remember uh there was
35s one video where we were talking about
36s new UI coming with resource Wells and
38s things like that and it was like there
40s was a two frames I think it was two
41s frames with the uh priority power switch
43s in the build menu and you guys caught it
45s so we'll equip the pressurizer we'll
47s plop that on there
52s it's nice for them to be finally
54s finished off and they're coming out with
55s update eight so that's exciting so the
57s first thing we need to talk about is the
58s Power Tower uh this big bad boy is going
61s to be unlocked in tier four in a new
62s Milestone called expanded power
64s infrastructure which is actually the
66s name of a milestone in tier VI that
69s Milestone is now going to be renamed
70s into Logistics mark IV and then this new
72s Milestone added to tier 4 with the Power
74s Tower and power storage will be moved
76s into it and that would be called
77s expanded power infrastructure and power
79s Towers have two attachment points they
81s have a top and a bottom there's a power
83s top and there's a power bottom
87s oh I'm just sitting there going don't
89s make the don't make the joke Chase don't
90s make the jokes don't say it don't say it
92s Power top and power bottom okay and the
94s different attachment points actually
95s have uh I think the top one has three
97s attachments to it and the bottom one has
98s four so the Power Tower can connect up
100s to seven uh connections at a time
103s um the top of the bottom attachment
105s points have different properties for
106s example if you uh click a power line on
108s the top uh attachment points and you
110s drag out you'll drag out a Power Tower
112s automatically in the same way that power
114s poles usually work when you drag a line
116s out of out of power poles and if you um
119s attach it to the bottom attachment point
120s that automatically pulls out a power
123s pole which is generally speaking what
125s you want to do when you're um working
127s with the power Towers you know use the
129s top attachment points for to cover a lot
130s of distance and then the bottom one is
132s to pull out power poles to nearby
133s factories another property of the power
135s Towers is that the top attachment point
137s when building out of that you can
138s actually build cables about about three
141s times as long as you can normally with
143s power poles so one of the main things
145s about this Power Tower is the ability to
147s quickly and easily run long power lines
151s uh a really long distance right like
153s great distances
155s um also it looks really cool you know
156s can you imagine these these power Towers
158s just disappearing Over the Horizon
159s across the desert I think it looks super
161s sick and this also means that the build
162s gun when dealing with power Towers
163s actually has a longer build distance as
166s well so that you can still build power
168s Towers really really far away it makes a
170s lot of sense for the feature so now
171s there are actually two types of power
172s towers and if you use the quick switch
174s radial menu you'll see them both there
175s as well so you can you know use Quick
177s switch for that and the two types are
179s one with a platform and one without a
181s platform and the entire purpose of
183s having the platform one is there's a
185s ladder on it you can climb up to the top
186s and then of course you can zipline
188s across the uh you know really really
190s long distances and this synergizes super
192s super well with the zipline Sprint mode
195s that we added back in update seven we
197s had this feature in mind when we added
198s that feature and now it makes way more
200s sense if you have the zip line with you
202s because because you couldn't be standing
203s on a Power Tower with a with a platform
205s and then pull out another Power Tower
207s with a plan form build it a long
208s distance zipline zipline Sprint mode to
211s get to the other Power Tower land on it
213s and then rinse and repeat and you can
215s just keep doing that and you can
216s actually run power lines quite far quite
218s quickly and so that's how the Power
219s Tower works next up is going to be the
221s priority power switch yeah we've got the
222s power top the power bottom and now we've
224s got the power switch very good okay
226s foreign
227s the priority power switch is an advanced
229s version of the power switch and it is
231s unlocked in the mam katirian research
233s and this thing is actually super
236s powerful it is the power switch they
239s told you not to worry about but uh
242s I'd be sweating I'd be sweating this
244s thing's crazy good let's get into it so
245s typically in satisfactory if your power
247s consumption exceeds your power
248s production and you have no power backed
250s up in storage your entire power Network
251s would just shut off right we've all
253s heard that sound we old no one love it
255s what the power priority switch allows
256s you to do is gate off different sections
258s of your factory into different like
260s power grids sort of as defined by the
263s priority power switch and then it will
265s allow you to assign each of those gated
266s off segments a priority so that if the
269s power were to fail it will start
270s switching off the segments with the
272s least priority in your factory so as to
274s stabilize what your power production can
277s actually maintain long story short it
280s makes it so your factory doesn't shut
281s down entirely so the way that this works
283s is if you go up to the priority power
284s switch you open up its menu there'll be
285s a fuse sequence Tab and in it on the
288s right hand side there will be like all
290s of your priority power switches that
291s you've built and a bunch of fuse groups
293s right and then you can just simply drag
295s and drop your priority power switches
297s into whatever group you want them to be
299s in and so when there isn't enough power
300s in your factory your fuse groups will
302s start turning off from lowest priority
304s to highest party lowest priority being
305s fuse group eight highest party being
307s fuse group one and it will turn off
308s everything within those groups one by
310s one until your factory stabilizes and an
312s easy way to remember these fuse groups
314s is that fuse group one is for your
315s number one priority buildings so you
317s want them to stay on as long as possible
319s okay so a good use case for these for
321s example is you might want to keep power
323s production buildings Infuse group one
325s that way they are the Lost buildings to
327s shut down because if you lose power to
329s your power production buildings it can
330s be a real pain generating power to get
332s your power production back up and
334s running again another cool feature with
335s these bad boys is that you can actually
336s modify the priority setup of any
339s priority power switch from any switch
341s regardless of whether they are on a
343s network or not a network at all so you
345s can just pop a priority power switch
346s down in front of you and manage all of
349s your priority power switches from
350s anywhere if you want not only that but
351s the priority power switch is in the fuse
353s menu have little like toggles on them
355s right you guys see a little slider there
356s and that is to turn on or off remotely
359s any priority power switch from anywhere
362s across the map and I think this is a
364s secret little gem of a feature so this
366s means that like even if you're not
368s relying on the whole like automatic trip
370s feature to to save your factory from
372s shutting down it's such a great way to
373s turn on and off distant uh factories
375s that you don't want to to take up power
377s anymore if you don't want them to you
379s can just do it from anywhere I think
380s this is a really really really powerful
383s um extra feature a little bonus feature
385s to get here with the priority power
387s switch now depending on how you've built
388s your power grid in your factory right
390s now and how neat and tidy things might
391s be in order to utilize the priority
394s power switch you may need to rework some
396s stuff if you want if you want these
397s benefits ideally you want to isolate
399s your different factories with as few in
401s and out points as possible preferably
402s only one in and out point so you can
404s just put one switch down there and
407s turning that on and off will turn that
408s whole segment on and off so anything
410s that's super interconnected is going to
412s struggle because it's going to be hard
413s to organize all those power switches uh
415s priorities power switch does not mean
417s you'll never lose power to all of your
418s buildings if for some reason uh first of
421s all not everything has to be in a fuse
422s group you might leave some stuff off to
424s the side and therefore it won't
425s automatically trip the other thing is if
429s for any reason whatever fuse group you
431s have your power in power production in
433s for some reason somehow doesn't get the
435s power it needs then it will still shut
437s down too so it's still entirely possible
438s to shut down your entire uh Power
441s network but overall the priority power
442s switch is a super super handy little
444s tool which will drastically reduce the
446s amount of total factory-wide blackouts
449s that you'll be experiencing if you take
451s advantage of it and I highly recommend
452s you give it a go in update it's
454s definitely definitely worth it I think
455s and it's really not that hard to set up
457s like you might just need to rework some
458s power cables but it's like it's super
460s worth it such a great little feature
462s it's like you got the big Power Tower
464s it's like the dad and then you got power
466s party power switch good little boy he
467s only got a little little pet on the head
469s I don't know what the I'm talking
471s about I'm too tired and yes that's
472s pretty much all I wanted to talk about
473s today so if you like those two features
475s leave a like and a comment down below
477s thanks coffee saying Studios for
478s Designing amazing features it helps a
480s lot you can do that let them know that
481s you appreciate their work and uh yeah
484s I'll catch you guys next time have a
485s lovely weekend take care bye
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