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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.
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In-Game Events and Sales:
  • The 8.8 Bonus Update is dropping on Tuesday, September 7! You can check out the Bonus Update Notes[www.smitegame.com] now!
  • The Upside Down Arena is still live in SMITE! Hop in, and earn those levels for the Stranger Things Battle Pass before it is gone!
  • The 3x Worshiper Event ends today! Get those games in!
  • The Shadow Spirit Chest is 25% off from September 10 - 13!
  • The For Fans by Fans contest is closing submissions on September 9! Submit your art for a chance to win! More info {LINK REMOVED}Here!
  • The 8.8 Ceaseless Whirlpool Update is LIVE! You can learn more by reading the Update Notes[www.smitegame.com].
  • We revealed our newest Battle Pass: Cleanliness vs. Godliness! You can learn more in the 8.9 Update Notes[www.smitegame.com]!
  • Make sure that you claim the Shadow Howler Hun Batz skin before Thursday, through Prime Gaming[gaming.amazon.com]!