18 Apr

New God Release: Ix Chel - The Light Weaver

Passive - Rainbow Weaver

Every time Ix Chel hits an enemy god or provides an allied god with a beneficial effect she gains one color of the rainbow. On obtaining all 6, her next basic attack has no movement penalty, is increased in size and deals bonus damage.

Gleaming Blast

Ix Chel fires a blast of gleaming light ahead of her dealing damage, piercing minions, and stopping on the first enemy god hit. Minions and Jungle Camps take an extra +40% damage. Successfully hitting an enemy god turns this ability into Threads of Light.

Threads of Light (Gleaming Blast Alternate)

Ix Chel weaves together strand... Read more

28 Mar

Welcome to the second season of SMITE's Year 10, The Season of Hope
With the Battleground of the Gods shaken by the arrival of Surtr and Martichoras, it seemed all hope was lost. However, just as things seem their most grim, the Battleground receives a sudden abundance of new growth and life. And with it... Hope! Welcome to SMITE Year 10's Season of Hope!

With changes to the Conquest Map, game-wide changes to Healing and over 150 balance changes overall, the SMITE Season of Hope has arrived!

The Conquest Map has new life!
The Conquest Map is seeing new life in the Season of Hope, with plants springing forth, changes to pathing, and even a rainbow in the sky! Explore the vibrant new map, and discover all of the changes for yourself.

A new event arrives on the Battleground: The Hope Reborn Event! The... Read more

27 Mar

The time has come again to celebrate SMITE's birthday!

We are bringing the party this year with the SMITE Birthday Gem Sale!

With savings up to 33% on Gems and plenty of sales, let's celebrate SMITE in style!

Gem Sale!
  • Save up to 33% off of Gems now until April 9!

  • The SMITE Birthday Calendar Event
  • A Gem Storm! | Complete 3-FWOTD and earn 50 Gems Each from March 31 - April 2
  • Earn 2x Worshipers for completing games from March 28 - 30
  • Party Up to earn 2x rewards April 3 - 9

  • Seasons Chests: Up to 40% Off
  • SMITE Birthday Chest: 25% Off
  • Sea Being Chest: 25% Off

21 Feb

New God Release: Martichoras - The Manticore King

Basic Attacks

Basics apply Venom, dealing 5% Basic Attack Power over 2s. Initial hit applies 4 stacks, hits refresh and increase damage by 1 stack, max 8 stacks.

Passive - Monstrosity

Martichoras gains up to 100 stacks of Ferocity for hitting Basics, Abilities, and earning kills or assists. Once maxed, he loses all Ferocity and gains an Attack Speed buff that increases in duration by Basic Attacking gods. He also gains a permanent Monstrosity stack of 1% Physical Lifesteal and 1% Physical Ability Lifesteal.

Acid Rain

Martichoras fires hundreds of venomous spikes from his wings, creating a circular rain of spikes that deals damage as it rolls forward. As the rain moves, it leaves behind a toxic trail that slows and damages all enemies within the trai... Read more

24 Jan

SMITE's is celebrating its 10th Year, with the release of the Fire Giant Update!
To celebrate 10 amazing years of SMITE with our incredible Community, we have packed the first Update of Year 10 with more changes and additions than ever. We are looking forward to SMITE's 10th year being the best one yet!

A Brand New Conquest Map:
With an entire new Conquest Map, Year 10 will give players a chance to create brand new strategies and chances to express their playstyle.

A new SMITE Crossover Event - Magic: The Gathering:
We also have an exciting new Crossover Event with the incredible universe of Magic: The Gathering! Play as powerful Planeswalkers & Creatures in... Read more

06 Jan

It has been a long and eventful road, but #WorldsWithFans is almost here!

To celebrate this momentous occasion, we have an SWC Gem Sale going on.

With Gems up to 33% Off, and certain Chests up to 50% off, now is the perfect time to grab a new look.

Get ready, Season 9 SWC is right around the corner!

Gem Sale January 6 - 15: Save up to 33% on Gem purchases!
Events January 6 - 9: 3x Worshipers

January 13 - 15: Gem Storm | Receive 50 Gems per day by earning 3 FWOTDs, for a potential total of 150 Gems!
Discounts Mood Chests are 40% Off

Dev Chests are 50% Off

Noxious & Psychedelic Chests are 25% Off
Wow. It's hard to believe that it's been almost 10 years since the launch of SMITE, but we're thrilled to celebrate this milestone with the all-new Year 10 Celebration event. We want to thank everyone who has helped make SMITE what it is today, and show everyone just how much they mean to us! So, we’re giving away some amazing rewards for FREE to all players - just for playing a few games.
How it works: From January 6th until January 23rd, jump into SMITE and play 10 games to unlock a Unlimited Skin Chest (featuring fan-favorite skins like Toony Terror Scylla), a free Battle Pass (or 10 levels if you already own it), 10 Pick-Your-Own God Chests, and 10 Account and Match Boosters. That's a lot of goodies just for playing a few games!

In addition to these rewards, the Year 10 Celebration is a great opportunity to watch the SMITE World Championship. While they dominate the stage, you can work on dominating your enemies in-gam... Read more

13 Dec

Odin's Onslaught
Fight the mighty Nidhoggr on this whole new map:

Odin has hired five teams of two to defeat the herald of Ragnarok, Níðhöggr (Nee-thogg-r). Face off against each other to reach a bounty threshold of 35,000 gold. Defeat jungle monsters, players, and a roaming boss for bounties. Secure and deliver trophies for even larger gold rewards.

The Yulefest Event
Welcome to the Yulefest event! This event celebrates SMITE’s many friendships during this most joyous and cozy season! This event will have 6 purchasable Exclusive Skins in total with 2 Skins releasing every 2 weeks. Each Skin will have an initial discount for that release only. Purchase all Skins to un... Read more

15 Nov

Mischief itself has manifested.

Honking echoes across the Battleground of the Gods.

Beware all who hear them...

The Goosening is upon us!

Gem Sale November 14 - 27: Save up to 33% on Gems!

Events November 14 - 21: 2x Favor

November 22 - 24: Party Up for 2x Everything

November 25 - 28: 3x Worshippers

Discounts Pantheon Chests up to 40% Off!

Plushie Max Chest, Gl1tch Chest & Shield Guardian Chest 25% Off!
New RuneScape Event

Cyber Tokyo Battle Pass

New God Skins
Gnome Child Vamana

Rune Armor Bellona

King Black Dragon Cerberus

Wise Old Man Merlin

... Read more

25 Oct

The suns almost down, leaves are falling from trees,

And the Battleground is visited by an eerie nights breeze.

All of our Deities are in for a scare, 

The Reaping is back, SMITE-goers beware!

The Reaping Has Begun! The Reaping has returned once again, bringing fantastical frights to all who dare step foot on the Battleground of the Gods! There are sales, events, and plenty of new skins that you can enjoy through November 1st![/b]
The Reaping | In-Game Event With the release of the Hero of Hawaiʻi Update, you can participate in The Reaping! You can collect Pumpkins by purchasing event skins, or rolling The Halloween Chest to earn fantastic rewards!

  • Each The Halloween Chest roll or direct purchase will reward you with 1 Pumpkin.
  • If you collect 3 Pumpkins, you will unlock the new Dark Magic Aphrodite Skin!
  • If you can collect all 6 Pumpkins, you will unlock the...
Read more

18 Oct

New God Release: Maui - Hero of Hawaiʻi

Passive - Manaiakalani

When an enemy god is Hard Crowd Controlled near Maui, they are marked for the duration of the Crowd Control and for an additional 2s afterwards. If Maui basic attacks an enemy with this mark, his next basic attack becomes enhanced. Any gods hit by Maui's enhanced basic attack are pulled to him. This passive has a 10s Cooldown.

Master Fisherman

Maui charges up, spinning his hook and preparing it to go farther the longer he charges. When he refires, the projectile damages enemies and stops on first god hit. If Maui hits an enemy god he reels them in, crippling and vortexing them towards himself for 1.5s. Maui can cancel this ability at any time.

Mystical Ulua

Maui throws an Ulua made of magical water that ex... Read more

20 Sep

New Conquest Map - Volcanic Chaos!

Houses at War Battle Pass

New God Skins
House Phoenix Amaterasu

House Unicorn Chang'e

House Dragon Yu Huang

House Jackal Anubis

... Read more

24 Aug

New God Release: Ishtar, Goddess of Love and War

Passive - Mark of Vengeance

When Ishtar drops below 75% Health, she marks the Enemy God that most recently damaged her for 10s. Each time Ishtar deals damage to the marked God with a Basic Attack, she gains a stacking Attack Speed buff. If Ishtar receives a kill or assist on the marked God, she gains a Movement Speed buff. This passive has a 20 second cooldown.

Imbue Arrows

Ishtar imbues her arrows with heavenly light, enhancing her Basic Attacks in one of three ways for 5s. The three varieties include Strike Shot, a lobbed explosive arrow, Spread Shot, a volley of five arrows, and Storm Shot, a fast-paced long range snipe. Ishtar cannot hit Structures during the duration.

Strike Shot

Ishtar lobs bolts that explode in a... Read more

12 Jul

MidSeason for SMITE Season 9 has arrived!

New Item Tree: Earrings!

With the MidSeason Update we are introducing an entirely new item tree, Earrings! These dazzling new items provide not only stats, but some of the wildest passive effects to ever grace the Battleground of the Gods! Increase your projectile speeds, Cooldown Caps, and do so much more with this stylish addition to SMITE, new to the Season 9 MidSeason Update!

Changes to Diminishing Returns, Crowd Control, and More!
The Season 9 MidSeason Update has gone HARD in the balance as well, working on a wide variety of changes and improvements to both Diminishing Returns (DR) and Crowd Control (CC). Players wil... Read more

14 Jun

New God Release: Lancelot, First Knight of the Round Table

Passive - Camelot's Quest

Lancelot receives 1 Stack for a god kill/assist and 1 Stack for every 5 minion kills (max. 60 Stacks). While Mounted, each stack provides increased Movement Speed. While Unmounted, each stack provides reduced basic attack damage received from directly in front.

Piercing Thrust

Lancelot does a quick dash and thrust forwards with his lance. He deals damage to enemies in his path and those hit by the extending lance. If he hits an enemy he may dash again within 3s

Skilled Strikes

Lancelot slams his shield into enemies in a small area in front of him, dealing damage and knocking them back. He follows up this attack with a sweep of his lance dealing damage again and bonus damage to enemies tha... Read more

19 Apr

New God Release: Yu Huang

Passive - Master of the Dao

Yu Huang attunes himself to the Dao, giving his Basic Attacks and Abilities additional effects. He gains a stack of Dao every 15s. He may also gain a stack by hitting an enemy after not taking or dealing damage for 3s. Once he has 6 or more stacks, Yu Huang becomes Attuned, allowing his Basic Attacks to chain to one additional enemy.

Flames of the Phoenix

Yu Huang conjures four cinders of the phoenix, spreading them in an X shape. The cinders rush inward, dealing damage once as they travel. When the cinders meet, they explode in a field of flames that persists for 3s, burning enemies inside. If Yu Huang is Attuned, when the cinders explode, all enemies in the area have their Magical Protections reduced.

Dao Cultivation
... Read more

18 Apr

In-Game Events and Sales:
  • The SMITE 9.4 - The Jade Emperor Update is going live Tomorrow, Tuesday April 19! Keep an eye out for the nerfs, the new skins, and the addition of Yu Huang to SMITE!
  • You can earn the Earth Day Avatar with a FWOTD on Friday, April 22nd. Happy Earth Day! Let's celebrate the planet we call home!
  • You can earn 2x Worshipers for completing games in SMITE from April 22 - 25. Hop into the Battleground this weekend to earn those masteries!
  • The Chill Chest is 50% Off from April 20 - April 25
  • The Groovy Chest is 25% Off from  April 20 - 25
  • The Earth Chest is 50% Off from April 22 - 25
  • The Rambo Ullr Skin is available to claim through Prime Gaming  - Make sure to claim it!
  • The 9.4 Update Notes are LIVE! Make sure ...
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22 Mar

New God Skins Queen of Cards Izanami

Funny Bones Baron Samedi

Doom Bot Hades

Freezy Bot Ymir

Beaky Bot Thoth

Intruder Bot Cupid
... Read more

07 Mar

In-Game Events and Sales:
  • Celebrate International Women's Day on Tuesday, March 8!
  • Update 9.2 | The Destroyer - Is on the Battleground now! - You can check out the Update Notes HERE! [www.smitegame.com]
  • The 9.3 Update | Heavenly Light Update Notes are LIVE! You can learn about the upcoming Update 9.3 now, HERE![smitegame.com]
  • If you earn 1 FWOTD from March 8 - 10, you will obtain the International Women's Day Avatar!
  • ...
Read more

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