11 Jun

Welcome to the SMITE Mid Season Update!
This Update has two major components. First, we have a huge variety of God and Item balance in store for you, where we reworked and upgraded of a huge variety of T2 Items with the goal of making it easier to customize your build earlier in the game. We are also rolling back the 9.5 Update from Year 9! This was something the Community was hugely passionate about, and we are excited to have the chance to utilize your feedback so quickly.

It has been a great year so far, and we are excited to reach new heights in SMITE with the 11.6 Update. See you all on the Battleground Deities!

New God Skins

Goth Gourmet The Morrigan

Party Animal Danzaburou

Mighty Mutt Fenrir
... Read more

14 May

Welcome to the fifth Update of SMITE's Year 11 - The Galactic Frontier!
This Update has a lot to offer, delivered directly from beyond the stars. We have a wide variety of balance including a pass on item procs, allowing new Gods to proc items with their attacks. We also have a rework of some of the Slash mechanics, and the return of the Odin's Onslaught game mode. Tack on new Cross-Gen skins from the Immortal Honor event, and you HAVE to check it out.

New God Skins
Steel Sentry Athena

Iron Fang Anhur

Prismatic Gust Kukulkan

Wraith Rider Guan Yu

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16 Apr

Welcome to SMITE's 4th Update of the year, the Dapper Denizens Update! If you are a fan of the finer things in life, you can check out the new Dapper Denizens Cross-Gen Pass. We are also bringing you more balance changes, including 2 new items and a huge list of timing improvements. For all of this information, make sure you check out the Update Notes Here![smitegame.com]

New God Skins
Vizier Eggbert Beakington Ra

Dapper Catter Bacchus

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19 Mar

SMITE's Year 11 continues strong with Update 11.3, the Netherbeasts Update! With a HUGE variety of intense balance, the return of Domination, new events, and more! Make sure you dive into the Battleground of the Gods and check it all out now.

New God Skins
The Fallen Zeus

Nightstalker Neith

Embalmed Anubis

Death's Rain Chaac

Shadow Sentry Cerberus

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20 Feb

New God Release: Nut - The Goddess of the Sky
Nut has descended from the skies themselves and has arrived on the Battleground of the Gods! Will she be able to use her awe striking cosmic powers to bring harmony to the fighting between the Gods? Find out now!

Passive - Flux
When Nut hits an enemy god with a damaging ability, she gains a stacking Attack Speed buff for 5s. Nut may gain multiple stacks from a single ability.

Nut enhances her Basic Attacks, firing 2 additional damaging projectiles from her sides at a converging angle. All projectiles pierce enemies but not walls, with the center dealing Basic Attack damage and the sides dealing ability damage. Nut always ... Read more

23 Jan

Welcome, to SMITE's Year 11
It has been an incredible 10 Years of SMITE. We have reached amazing milestones and obtained some wild achievements because of how loyal you all are. Our Community is the reason we are here today, celebrating 11 Years of SMITE and the announcement of SMITE 2. So from all of us at Titan Forge, thank you, and let's have an unforgettable Year 11!

The Year 11 Conquest Map
With the kickoff of SMITE's Year 11 we have updated the Conquest map! All balance aside, we now have new Comets that fall in each of the lanes, a revised mid-lane Beacon that damages the towers of the enemy teams, the ability to buy items in the Jungle Shop, and a new cross-map teleporter that takes the fight from the solo lane to the duo lane in an instant! Hit the queues and let us know what you think of SMITE's Conquest in Y... Read more

12 Dec

New God Release: Bake Kujira - The Yokai of Despair

Passive - Curse of the Ghost Whale
Enemies that hard Crowd Control Bake Kujira are Cursed. If an enemy is already Cursed, the duration is refreshed and the Curse increases in strength. Bake Kujira converts Protections from Items and Abilities into Basic Attack damage and converts Attack Speed into reduced Basic Attack movement penalty. Attack Speed and Item Passives do not benefit his Basic Attacks.

Rough Waters
Bake Kujira imbues himself with cursed energy. When activated, Bake Kujira gains increased Basic Attack range and reduced Movement Penalty when Basic Attacking. He also gains a stack of Protections for each enemy hit ... Read more

14 Nov

Get ready for the biggest event of the year, with the SMITE Season of Worlds!

The SMITE World Championship is closing in and the Battleground of the Gods has taken on some incredible new decoration to celebrate. With the SWC X Logo in Mid Lane, the famous Thor's Hammer Statue, and banners all around, the Gods are preparing to celebrate SWC X!

New Battle Pass - World Champions
As SWC X gets closer and closer, we are gearing up to cheer on our favorite SPL teams with the newest Battle Pass: World Champions. As you work through the BP, you will earn chest rolls that give you a choice between any of the 8 SPL skins or Gems. Rep your favorite team and get ready for the action in January!

New Event... Read more

24 Oct

Welcome to the RuneScape Returns Update!

The RuneScape Returns Event!

All former RuneScape Crossover Skins will be available in the RuneScape chest along with the BRAND NEW RuneScape crossover skins and bundles! You are able to directly purchase the new skins, or you can roll them from the RuneScape Chest! Any three RuneScape crossover event purchases will unlock the Black Plate Bellona Reward Skin!

New God Skins
Sandwich Lady Amaterasu

General Graardor Ymir

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26 Sep

New God Release: Maman Brigitte - The Protector of the Dead

Passive - Soul Spikes
Damaging an enemy with a basic attack or ability afflicts enemies with Soul Spikes. Upon reaching 5 stacks, Maman Brigitte absorbs a piece of their soul, dealing damage based on their missing Health and gaining a Soul Orb from enemy gods. Soul Orbs last 30s.

Party Trick
Maman Brigitte drinks from her bottle and breathes out fire. Enemies are set aflame, damaged every 0.5s for 1.5s, refreshing if they stay in the area. This damage does not trigger Item effects. Maman Brigitte is knockback immune, channeling the fire as long as she has Rum and can cancel at any time. When out of Rum or upon rea... Read more

29 Aug

The Battleground of the Gods is rising up from the darkness of the Underworld, into the light of day once more! Welcome.

Welcome to the fourth season of SMITE's Year 10 - The Season of Celebration!
After delving into the Underworld, the Battleground of the Gods is ascending once again! As the light of day shines upon the Battleground, the spirits join together in uproarious celebration! With changed map geometry, bright and cheerful art, and brand new Shaman Camps & Totems the party is just getting started!

The Season of Celebration Conquest Map
The party is starting on the Season of Celebration map! With changes to the layout of the map, a new Fire Giant Pit, Shamans, Totems, and more! Grab a Party Punch and some Bountiful Bao and get right into the action now!

The Odyssey: Immortal Revelry & Celest... Read more

08 Aug

New Crossover Event | Avatar: The Last Airbender!

You can get Toph Scylla, Fire Nation Toph Scylla, and Avatar Roku Yu Huang now as a part of the Avatar: The Last Airbender Event! You can also get any of the other Avatar: The Last Airbender skins that you may have missed in the past. Make sure to check it out!

The 10-Million Gem Giveaway!

Until August 17, we are giving away 10,000 Gems every 30 minutes! Simply complete a game of SMITE and for the next 1-hour you are eligible to win! Good luck, and thank you for being part of SMITE's Year 10!

Arena Changes
The Arena in SMITE has some HOT new changes! With the addition of the Fire Giant as ... Read more

11 Jul

New God Release: Charon - The Ferryman

Passive - Ferryman of Souls
If Charon is in assist range while any friendly lane minion or jungle monster dies, their essence persists for Charon to collect for 8s, granting him 1 gold and a Soul stack each. When Charon returns to base, he loses all Soul stacks and gains a permanent 2 Max Health per stack.

Spectral Surge
Charon plucks a soul out of the Styx, firing it as a line projectile that damages and Slows all enemies while stopping on the first god hit. If the soul hits an enemy god, it then explodes in a damaging and Silencing area around the target. All enemy gods hit by the explosion leave behind a damaging, Slowing trail of the ... Read more

13 Jun

Welcome one and all to the third season of SMITE's Year 10 - The Season of Souls!
The Deities of SMITE continue to face adversity as the Battleground of the Gods suddenly sinks into the Underworld, crashing down besides the River Styx. In the confusion, we find Anubis and Maui being guided by none other than the Styx Ferryman himself - Charon! Will he be able to help guide the lost souls of the Battleground back to where they belong?

With a new Conquest map, game-wide Item Changes, and a brand new ColorForge Dye system - The Season of Souls has arrived!

The Season of Souls Conquest Map
The Season of Souls Conquest Map has arrived! The Battleground of the Gods has changed dramatically as it sunk into the Depths of the Underworld. There are giant skeletons littering the map, a dark swirling vortex of clouds abov... Read more

18 Apr

New God Release: Ix Chel - The Light Weaver

Passive - Rainbow Weaver

Every time Ix Chel hits an enemy god or provides an allied god with a beneficial effect she gains one color of the rainbow. On obtaining all 6, her next basic attack has no movement penalty, is increased in size and deals bonus damage.

Gleaming Blast

Ix Chel fires a blast of gleaming light ahead of her dealing damage, piercing minions, and stopping on the first enemy god hit. Minions and Jungle Camps take an extra +40% damage. Successfully hitting an enemy god turns this ability into Threads of Light.

Threads of Light (Gleaming Blast Alternate)

Ix Chel weaves together st... Read more

28 Mar

Welcome to the second season of SMITE's Year 10, The Season of Hope
With the Battleground of the Gods shaken by the arrival of Surtr and Martichoras, it seemed all hope was lost. However, just as things seem their most grim, the Battleground receives a sudden abundance of new growth and life. And with it... Hope! Welcome to SMITE Year 10's Season of Hope!

With changes to the Conquest Map, game-wide changes to Healing and over 150 balance changes overall, the SMITE Season of Hope has arrived!

The Conquest Map has new life!
The Conquest Map is seeing new life in the Season of Hope, with plants springing forth, changes to pathing, and even a rainbow in the sky! Explore the vibrant new map, and discover all of the changes for yourself.

A new event arrives on the Battleground: The Hope Reborn Event! The... Read more

27 Mar

The time has come again to celebrate SMITE's birthday!

We are bringing the party this year with the SMITE Birthday Gem Sale!

With savings up to 33% on Gems and plenty of sales, let's celebrate SMITE in style!

Gem Sale!
  • Save up to 33% off of Gems now until April 9!

  • The SMITE Birthday Calendar Event
  • A Gem Storm! | Complete 3-FWOTD and earn 50 Gems Each from March 31 - April 2
  • Earn 2x Worshipers for completing games from March 28 - 30
  • Party Up to earn 2x rewards April 3 - 9

  • Seasons Chests: Up to 40% Off
  • SMITE Birthday Chest: 25% Off
  • Sea Being Chest: 25% Off

21 Feb

New God Release: Martichoras - The Manticore King

Basic Attacks

Basics apply Venom, dealing 5% Basic Attack Power over 2s. Initial hit applies 4 stacks, hits refresh and increase damage by 1 stack, max 8 stacks.

Passive - Monstrosity

Martichoras gains up to 100 stacks of Ferocity for hitting Basics, Abilities, and earning kills or assists. Once maxed, he loses all Ferocity and gains an Attack Speed buff that increases in duration by Basic Attacking gods. He also gains a permanent Monstrosity stack of 1% Physical Lifesteal and 1% Physical Ability Lifesteal.

Acid Rain

Martichoras fires hundreds of venomous spikes from his wings, creating a circular rain of spikes that deals damage as it rolls forward. As the rain moves, it leaves behind a toxic trail that slows and damages all enemies within the ... Read more

24 Jan

SMITE's is celebrating its 10th Year, with the release of the Fire Giant Update!
To celebrate 10 amazing years of SMITE with our incredible Community, we have packed the first Update of Year 10 with more changes and additions than ever. We are looking forward to SMITE's 10th year being the best one yet!

A Brand New Conquest Map:
With an entire new Conquest Map, Year 10 will give players a chance to create brand new strategies and chances to express their playstyle.

A new SMITE Crossover Event - Magic: The Gathering:
We also have an exciting new Crossover Event with the incredible universe of Magic: The Gathering! Play as powerful Planeswalkers & Creatures in... Read more

06 Jan

It has been a long and eventful road, but #WorldsWithFans is almost here!

To celebrate this momentous occasion, we have an SWC Gem Sale going on.

With Gems up to 33% Off, and certain Chests up to 50% off, now is the perfect time to grab a new look.

Get ready, Season 9 SWC is right around the corner!

Gem Sale January 6 - 15: Save up to 33% on Gem purchases!
Events January 6 - 9: 3x Worshipers

January 13 - 15: Gem Storm | Receive 50 Gems per day by earning 3 FWOTDs, for a potential total of 150 Gems!
Discounts Mood Chests are 40% Off

Dev Chests are 50% Off

Noxious & Psychedelic Chests are 25% Off