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The graphics are starting to look a lot more refined and it seems like they’re blending the painterly style of smite 1 with the new tech from unreal 5. There’s still some things to iron out but this showing has made me a lot more confident that the game will look good at launch. The effects seem to have all gotten a bit better, one to note would be Odin’s alt skin has had a pass on its spear effect that genuinely looks like candy for the eyes.

I really like the new Novus UI setting and I think it should just be the new default for smite 2. I also think that visually the UI still needs work to make it look better, in previous dev spotlights we saw that some ability icons had diamond shaped borders around them I think that if we got more UI customization options or even UI skins that would be really cool and possibly help with accessibility.

I think Hecate is exactly what this game needed to validate the concept of smite 2. She’s really unique and has a lot of utility in her kit. Other than her I think that another way to validate smite 2’s concept would be to have more additive additions to existing character kits. Having having characters being port 1 to 1 isn’t very interesting and adding things like Odin gaining a larger more damaging bird bomb in his cage (bird nuke) or Anhur having dot damage on his 1 will make the game really feel new.

(Performance needs to be more optimized)

(We also need the god card art back)

Rambling aside very happy with the changes seen here and now I’m looking forward to the next alpha and 24/7!

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Yes agreed, the lighting seems better this time around and I like that the buffs drop immediately now. I just wish they'd fix the wonkiness with the item store though. I can't tell you how many times I've double clicked an item, walked out of base, and realized it didn't purchase the item for me. Also I NEED consumable slots back. I can't deal with just one ward every 3 minutes

We're aware and working on the item store issues!

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My only complaint is the screen tearing I've gotten on console where I'll get a half second of black

Yeah, this is a known issue with Playstation right now. It will be fixed ASAP. Unfortunately couldn't have it ready for this weekend.

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Could you guys please allow us to swap between combat blink/beads without disabling the autobuy feature? :)

Yup, that's already in the works. I think we mentioned it on patch notes, actually.