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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.
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New Slipknot Event!

Slipknot is here to put on a show in SMITE! 🔥

Slipknot legends Corey Taylor, Sid Wilson, Craig Jones, Michael Pfaff, clown, Jay Weinberg, Mick Thomson, Jim Root, & Alessandro Venturella are joining the Battleground of the Gods!

New Conquest Update - Knight's Keep

Welcome to the Knight's Keep!

Obelisks will now have medieval themed visuals for the structure and the offerings, and will be filled up for a reward in a similar manner as before. However, offerings now will drop only from Lost Knights who spawn within Mist across the map, and the reward will be a siege weapon instead of Indra’s Scepter.

There is also a significant environmental art change to the duo lane, where the Knight’s Keep now stands.

SMITE Adventures - SMITE Night!

The first Adventure of the year is SMITE NIGHT featuring Classic Conquest!

This map is a blast from the past! It was only available to PC players during the earliest closed beta phases of SMITE back in 2012. Many players have never played this map, but those who have know how amazing it was. Now everyone can have that experience of the very first playable SMITE Conquest map.

Blast from the Past Battle Pass
Introducing an all new Battle Pass where you can choose from past non crossover Battle Pass skins to Unlock. Plus we're making the fan favorite, highly requested Trickster Loki Skin available as the immediate unlock for this Battle Pass!

New God Skins
Necro Alchemist Vulcan

Mystic Flare Pele

Dark Apprentice Apollo

Aquatic Nightmare Ra

Horsin' Around Chiron

There are also a ton of balance update including major time to kill changes and buffs to Towers, Phoenixes, and the Titan! You can also check out all of the exciting new skins, and the release of the newest God Yu Huang! All of this and more is available now, in SMITE!