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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.
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Get ready for the biggest event of the year, with the SMITE Season of Worlds!

The SMITE World Championship is closing in and the Battleground of the Gods has taken on some incredible new decoration to celebrate. With the SWC X Logo in Mid Lane, the famous Thor's Hammer Statue, and banners all around, the Gods are preparing to celebrate SWC X!

New Battle Pass - World Champions
As SWC X gets closer and closer, we are gearing up to cheer on our favorite SPL teams with the newest Battle Pass: World Champions. As you work through the BP, you will earn chest rolls that give you a choice between any of the 8 SPL skins or Gems. Rep your favorite team and get ready for the action in January!

New Event - ColorForge: Worlds Collide
The ColorForge system returns with incredible new skins in the Worlds Collide event! Get all new dyes to use with the new and existing ColorForge skins, including a Dye set matching each of the SPL teams! We also have the Coolseidon Skin available, a homage to one of the most incredible skins in SMITE history. You can also earn the Little Charmer Cupid skin for FREE on the Quests tab. You won't want to miss this!

New God Skins
Coolseidon Poseidon

Intergalactic Harvester Thanatos

Camelot's King Maui

Rainbow Warrior Ix Chel

Eldritch Hounds Sun Wukong

Gilded Gladiator Bellona

Highland Ravens Zeus

Styx Ferryman Apollo

Jade Dragons Ao Kuang

Atlantis Leviathans Susano

Oni Warriors Nemesis

Camelot Kings Poseidon

Midnight Freeze Xbalanque

Yule Cheer Aphrodite