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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.
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New Crossover Event - VShojo

Welcome to the VShojo Event! This special event celebrates the amazing talents of the VShojo virtual Content Creators with a range of exclusive skins and bundles! There are 6 new VShojo-themed skins to collect, featuring your favorite virtual personalities with their unique styles. In addition to the skins, there are also 2 bundles available for direct purchase or to roll from the VShojo chest. If you collect all the items from the event, you’ll receive an exclusive VShojo cosmetic bundle! Don’t forget to tune into Twitch and watch your favorite VShojo personalities to unlock more cosmetics such as Avatars and Announcer Packs!

Whether they are a part of VShojo, or rocking it in their indie careers, don't miss your chance to celebrate all these amazing VTubers in SMITE!

Artemis Visual Update

Artemis has a new Default look! This is automatically applied to her default, mastery skins and her Stalker skin. Classic Artemis will be for sale in the store priced the same as other Classic Skins

Default Artemis

Artemis Mastery

Stalker Artemis

New God Skins
Ironmouse Persephone

Apricot Izanami

Kson Nemesis

Nyanners Serqet

Silvervale Skadi

Vei Nu Wa

Shackled Souls Ares

Demon Dasher Ne Zha

Twisted Jester Thoth

Striking Archon Ishtar

The final Update of the Season of Hope is here, and it's bringing the power of the gods and anime together! With a new VShojo Crossover Event, balance, skins, and some game mode changes, we have a lot to see! Hop in and join us on the Battleground of the Gods for the VShojo Update.

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