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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.
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Welcome to the second season of SMITE's Year 10, The Season of Hope
With the Battleground of the Gods shaken by the arrival of Surtr and Martichoras, it seemed all hope was lost. However, just as things seem their most grim, the Battleground receives a sudden abundance of new growth and life. And with it... Hope! Welcome to SMITE Year 10's Season of Hope!

With changes to the Conquest Map, game-wide changes to Healing and over 150 balance changes overall, the SMITE Season of Hope has arrived!

The Conquest Map has new life!
The Conquest Map is seeing new life in the Season of Hope, with plants springing forth, changes to pathing, and even a rainbow in the sky! Explore the vibrant new map, and discover all of the changes for yourself.

A new event arrives on the Battleground: The Hope Reborn Event! The Hope Reborn event is a massive event spanning 3-Updates. With a huge variety of cosmetics available from chests or for direct-purchase, this event has so many incredible skins! This includes our newest Tier 5 Skin, Leading Lady Aphrodite. You can get the new Tier 5 by purchasing skins throughout the event, or unlock it on day 1 along with ALL of the event skins, by clicking the Buy All button!

We also have a new Battle Pass on the Battleground: Duality The Duality Battle Pass walks the line between light and dark, good and evil. With each Skin having two opposing styles to unlock in this new 90-level Battle Pass, which side will you choose?

And finally, we are celebrating SMITE once again, with the Community Calendar Event! To celebrate both SMITE and our amazing Community, the Community Calendar Event has returned! Starting with the release of the Season of Hope, play one game of SMITE each day that the event is active, and you will earn a free reward. These can include Boosters, Gems, and even a free skin after claiming 6 prizes.

You will also find some incredible Community Cosmetics available to win. Make sure to check out the event every day, and don't miss your chance to earn some incredible prizes!

New God Skins
Leading Lady Aphrodite

Annihilator Martichoras

Business Dog Anubis

FenRAWR XD Fenrir

Elven Enchantress Morgan Le Fay

Voidsworn Surtr

Cryomech Ymir

Shadow Tanuki Danzaburou

Witch Seeker Amaterasu

Lich Lord Ah Muzen Cab

Lich Reborn Ah Muzen Cab

Arcane Wizard Zeus

Arcane Charmer Zeus

Witch of the Mire Nox

With of the Woods Nox

Lifebringer King Arthur

The Season of Hope is bringing a TON of changes to the Battleground of the Gods. With a brand new in-game HUD, over 150+ total balance changes, and a TON of new cosmetics available. We are excited to continue SMITE's Year 10, and invite you all to join us in the Season of Hope!