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Hello r/Smite, I’m coming to you with a post that I hope most of, if not all of, you should read. I was unfairly and unjustly removed as a mod from this subreddit on January 2nd by the "Head Mod" TripleCharged. This removal was not discussed with other members of the mod team and my removal comes strictly from a place of his own negative feelings of me, belittlement, and the need to keep power.

So let me begin by saying this, Triple’s time as "head mod" should come to an end, another mod should take his place and this subreddit should be run differently with far more care, love, and attention than Triple is willing to give. For the longest time I was pulling the majority of the weight, for almost 2 years. We have moderation logs proving the amount of time and effort I put into the subreddit.

This Google doc shows that myself and u/CastleImpenetrable pulled most of the leg work, but this is simply showing when Castle was here. Before that I was pulling nearly 50% of the work on the sub. Whether it was post removal, approval, or speaking to users to give them answers to information. Triple says he does all this work like talking to HiRez employees, but I’ve never seen him truly participating in the sub.

Now for the meat and potatoes of why I’m here. When I first met Triple we hit it off pretty well, we were good friends and I thought perhaps a bit more. Now understandably Triple didn't like I was polyamorous, which is acceptable I don't expect any to bend their views to fit into my romantic lifestyle. This didn't stop Triple from requesting nudes from me. Now was I naïve, yes... but was I also working in the sex industry? Yes. I’m not ashamed of how I make my money. Triple would for a short while pay more for pictures, I’m not ashamed of it, until it began to feel odd. The last conversation we had about it was about a month ago (Screencap 1, Screencap 2, Screencap 3, Screencap 4, Screencap 5). In these images you can see him asking me for nudes and my refusal of it; he also stated he has an archive of images of me. I played this off, simply stating I didn't want him to distribute them. My fears stemmed from this conversation that if I stepped out of line there was a possibility of him leaking my pictures. Is he capable of this? I’m not sure, but I made sure to tell him it was weird he had an archive of photos of me for nearly 2 years. Why would he archive photos of me? It obviously has made me fearful of the possibility of distribution if I didn't keep quiet.

So let’s fast forward a bit. This post appears on the subreddit. I didn't remove it because I went through her post history and viewed her as genuine and the post genuine. Later on it was removed by Triple, no removal reason was given. So we get a modmail about the issue, and Castle speaks to Triple about it. Triple believed her post was a "Troll sh*t post," by his own volition and when confronted about it got defensive and upset. Now I understand defending one’s self when a mistake is made, but it came down to Castle working through the issues and having her re-submit a post. It makes us look unprofessional and heartless. This album of screen caps is the conversation Castle, Triple and I had over the issue. The dismissal of the post and the way he basically says her post is written poorly the first time irked me immensely (Screencap 1, Screencap 2, Screencap 3, Screencap 4, Screencap 5, Screencap 6, Screencap 7, Screencap 8, Screencap 9, Screencap 10, Screencap 11).

Now for 1/2/2021: I sent Triple a message about Smite Digital Loot bundles HiRez usually graciously gives the mod team each year. He said he’d ask after HRX. He then brought up the issue that happened. I never planned to bring it up and I desired to leave well enough alone because I know how these conversations go (Screencap 1, Screencap 2, Screencap 3). I felt no matter how many times I voiced my opinion, tried to tell him my perspective, or my feelings it was met with less care than any other mod. I felt if I spoke up I'd be de-modded, which he threatened on multiple occasions. I kept my mouth shut for months and months because I didn't want to risk my position that I cared so dearly for. Within that 30 minute call I proceeded to be told that I would be de-modded and that he was not going to bring it up with any other mod. During this time I had a conversation with u/VirtuousV and he decided to speak to Triple. Triple was upset I told Virtuous even though he said I was allowed to speak to other mods about the issues. He said "Virtuous is going to be gone too after HRX, he doesn't do sh*t as a mod and I don't care about his opinion." Which is such a terrible thing to say. He also stated that if the mod team took a vote he KNEW I'd be voted to stay. Which ended up being true (Screencap 4, Screencap 5, Screencap 6, Screencap 7, Screencap 8, Screencap 9). These screenshots came directly from a mod who believes this situation is insane and completely brought on by Triple’s own issues with me, he is trying to make me seem like I'm "Not a team player" even though that’s WILDLY untrue.

As for another issue: u/Snufflebox I’d like to issue an apology, for years I was fed misinformation about you, told you were a salty ex-mod who had a vendetta against Triple. I was told many times how you loathed us all as mods, but after speaking to you personally, I realize how horribly wrong I was. How you were insanely right... partially. No, we don't need a whole new mod team, we NEED a NEW HEAD MOD! For 2 years I saw you silenced and banned, and I never thought much of it until now (Screencap 1, Screencap 2 , Screencap 3, Screencap 4)). Virtuous I feel works hard to just end situations, he was always a voice of reason and someone who consistently did his best to clear up or finish hard situations. I’d also like to touch on a post that Snuffle made a long time ago.

Snuffle told me he has never had an issue with any mod other than Triple, though this post seems to overlay all mods, it is mostly targeted at Triple who had this sub fall into his lap and he assumed absolute power over it.

Also on a miniscule note, he doesn't like u/Savvysaur, though I know it’s only one screen cap. Triple was upset after Savvy was elected to the Olympian Council and has bad mouthed him on more than a few occasions and Savvy is more than aware of this feeling.

At this juncture I'm quite sure there is more I'm missing. I'm sorry to burden the users of the sub with something like this but it's quite literally come to a point where I feel Triple’s tenure as mod should come to an end.

**I know eventually this post will be removed, I just hope that perhaps it stays up long enough for many to see it.**

If for some reason the links are not working, or get messed up you can use the [Google Doc](https://docs.google.com/document/d/19sIrYmcQME6CFmLNNHgZMpn0qkV8s6tn5Vl-YZaBsks/edit) Ive linked here. I know old reddit has trouble converting the docs properly.

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Originally posted by Dergen-Bergen-Kergen

So uh... when are the other mods gonna like... acknowledge this because this needs to be talked about.

Most mods are aware of the situation. We are talking about it, but we don't want to make any rushed decisions in the process if we don't have to.

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Originally posted by Monotarium

I have always thought it weird that Smite let's their game subreddit and discord be entirely run by someone who had no official affiliation with them prior. He has a higher "role" in Discord than most of Hi Rez employees. Whwn i joined, he personally banned me from the discord for disagreeing with him. The toxicity he displayed when talking to me as "head mod" nearly made quit the game entirely, as for a while i believed that Hi Rez knew about Triple's behavior and were supporting it.

Not commenting on other points, but he has a higher role in discord than hirez employees because he owns the fan discord server, he literally can't have lower roles.

On the other side, the official discord server is different, but his permissions there aren't as big.

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Originally posted by Kuchinawa_san

I got banned from SMITE Twitch on first offense because a mod found something I said offensive. Havent looked back.

Y'all need to reassess your mods. I dont even want to get unbanned, but imagine all potential followers youre losing or viewers because of your mods going trigger happy.

Theres a balance in moderation thats not being met.

I got banned from SMITE Twitch on first offense because a mod found something I said offensive. Havent looked back.

A completely different team moderates their twitch, and AFAIK, they are actually employed by HiRez.

We have no contact with them otherwise.

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Originally posted by Tayloroids

That’s because they don’t. They get a bit of power online and treat it like an actual job. It’s sad tbh.

Yeah, I agree, it's really sad. Like they should just get a life.

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