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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.
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Greetings, Spacefarer!
Space Haven Alpha 17 is now available to play in the experimental branch. As a reminder, the update process is as follows:

  1. A new Update is first available in the Experimental Branch.
  2. Players, who do not mind playing a more unstable version, will first want to test the new update.
  3. Once the experimental game build looks solid and stable enough we will push it out officially to all players!
NOTE! Joining experimental is completely optional, and you should only do it if you are willing to risk that some new bugs are introduced, which could affect your game play and potentially break your save.

Please do not join the experimental branch if you don't want to risk breaking your save or have the game break on you in midst of play! If you want to play a more stable version please wait for the official release of the update.

Here is how you join The Experimental Starfarer crew:

  • Open Steam Library
  • Right click Space Haven
  • Select Properties
  • Go to tab 'Betas' at the top.
  • Select 'Experimental' in the drop-down.
To see what has been added, check the in-game patch notes.

Giving Feedback

Please give your feedback in the experimental branch forum. Link below:

Let us know what you think of the new features and if something should be altered or tweaked in your mind. Perhaps something makes the game too hard or something is too annoying, let us know so we can get a feel for how the new features feel! =)

Space Haven Alpha 17 Experimental Branch Patch Notes
Fighters and Point Defense
  • New Buildable Unit: Added a fighter craft to the game, capable of attacking enemy ships and defending against enemy fighters. The fighters need a crew member to pilot them.
  • New Character Skill: Re-introduced the piloting skill, which affects how well a crew member is capable of maneuvering a fighter craft.
  • New Buildable Facility: Added a Point Defense turret to the game. The Point Defense turret is used to defend against drones and fighters.

Rogue Bots
  • New Entity: Added a new entity called the Rogue Bots to the game, along with a full backstory of how they came to be in form of data logs.
  • New Data Log Series: 5 new data logs created by an Android named Andreas-9/DW. Found by exploring derelict ships and stations.
  • New Data Log in-game Station: Added the station mentioned in the data logs created by Andreas-9/DW to be found within the game.
  • New Data Log in-game Character: Andreas-9/DW can be found on the station mentioned in the data logs.

Rogue Bots Entities
  • New Rogue Bot Entity: Rabbit (Scoutbot). It will transmit its observations to other robots in its network, and will summon more heavily armed units from far away if they are available.
  • New Rogue Bot Entity: Hound (Attackbot). An intervention and response robot which will redeploy to the site of an alarm and engage any hostile entities it finds there.
  • New Rogue Bot Entity: Cat (Sentrybot). This robot model is designed to protect a defined area, object or person from hostile or unauthorized intruders.
  • New Rogue Bot Entity: Pony (Transportbot). A robotic cargo shuttle and unit transporter, the Pony is built to take substantial punishment.
  • New Rogue Bot Entity: Hamster (Flybot). The android Andreas-9/DW created this robot to streamline logistical needs. Encountered within derelicts ships.
  • New Rogue Bot Entity: Chimp (Walkerbot). The android Andreas-9/DW created this robot to more closely echo their own form and that of the Creators. Encountered within derelict ships.

Rogue Bots Behavior and Structures
  • Rogue Bot Behaviour: Rogue bots aim to clear out their enemies from derelict ships and use its resources to create more of themselves.
  • Rogue Bot Behaviour: Rogue bots can build preservation tanks, with them being able to capture both human and alien life forms.
  • New Rogue Bot Structure: A structure Rogue Bots use to build more Pony (Transportbots), a type of dropship rogue bots use to move around.
  • New Rogue Bot Structure: A charging station Rogue Bots use to charge themselves.

New Rogue Bots Research Modules
  • New Research Module: A new type of hypersleep chamber derived from the technology robots use.
  • New Research Module: Hamster (Flybot) Data Sheet.
  • New Research Module: Chimp (Walkerbot) Data Sheet.
  • New Research Module: Rogue bots Architecture. Gives increased charging efficiency for your own robots.

New Alien Entities
  • New Alien Entity: The Infester. Added an Alien entity capable of attaching itself to the roof of ships and stations and infecting the ship with an alien environment.
  • New Alien Entity: Evolving Alien Core. Deployed by an Infester the Evolving Alien core has a few stages it goes through, eventually leading to a new hive if not taken care of.

New Alien Research Modules
  • New Research Module: Alien Hive Core Data Sheet.
  • New Research Module: Evolving Alien Core Data Sheet.
  • New Research Module: Advanced Nutrition 02. Improves plant growth rate significantly.

Expanded Wear and Tear System
  • Expanded Wear And Tear system: Expanded Wear and Tear system to apply for weapons, armor and other items. Weapons and armor can now be of various quality, which will affect their functionality.
  • New Buildable Facility: Added an Item Workbench facility to the game. This facility is used to repair weapons, armor and other items.
  • New Game Customization Setting: Added a setting in the Game Customization menu to make it possible to disable the Wear and Tear for items.

New Space Threat
  • New Threat: Asteroid fields may get asteroids floating by periodically, capable of damaging ships and stations on hit.
  • Fighters and Point Defense Turrets can defend against incoming asteroids.
  • New Game Customization Setting: Added the possibility to tweak the threat level of the asteroids in asteroid fields.

User Interface Additions and Improvements
  • User Interface: Merged the power control menu and the Attack Systems menu, this can be found at the upper left part of the UI.
  • User Interface: Redesigned the Attack Systems menu. Including levers to adjust power distribution to systems and a grouping feature for turrets, shields and operations.
  • User Interface: Added a way to assign turrets and shields to custom groups, which can be controlled in the Attack Systems menu.
  • User Interface: Added Rally Points to control fighter movement. You can assign a rally point for fighters, which will also work as a target selection. The fighters will maneuver to the rally point and engage targets nearby.

Quality of Life Additions
  • Quality of Life: Added information on how long critical resources, like food and oxygen, will last in days to the upper left ship information window.
  • Quality of Life: Added information rich tooltips to the critical resources listed in the upper left ship information window.
  • Quality of Life: Added a way to lock the camera on characters and crafts. The camera will follow the unit as they go about their tasks.
  • Quality of Life: Added a duplicate button to buildings, to allow selecting an object and duplicating to build more.
  • Quality of Life: Added duplicate and move objects as keybindings in the settings of the game.
  • Quality of Life: When you find a crew member in a hypersleep chamber you will be able to see their stats and decide if you want to take them with you or not.

  • Balancing: Adjusted trading prices for certain resources. Food resources are cheaper, hyperfuel and fabrics prices adjusted lower.
  • Balancing: Rebalanced the amount of hit points received from Hull Stabilizers and Shield Generators.
  • Balancing: Rebalanced the amount of damage given by turrets.
  • Balancing: Rebalanced the amount shields recharge over time.
  • Balancing: Rebalanced the amount of CO2 a gas scrubber can remove per second. This was way too high.
  • Balancing: Modified the recipes for the Recycler, adding some new resource outputs to scrap salvaged from derelicts.
  • Balancing: The Hull Stabilizer now requires some steel plates to charge up hull stability.
  • Balancing: Edited botany and weapons skill to be learnt faster with experience.

Graphical Improvements
  • Graphical Improvement: Improved ship-to-ship battle related explosions.
  • Graphical Improvement: Added icons for shields, turrets and other elements found on ships/stations to the tactical map.

  • NPC Designs: Redesigned/Slightly Modified all NPC ships and stations.
  • Mystery: Added an easter egg to the game. Work together to solve the mystery! =)
  • Bug Fixing: Fixed bugs.

Please give your feedback in the experimental branch forum. Link below:

Join Space Haven Discord: http://discord.gg/spacehaven

Space Haven subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/SpaceHaven/

We will gather feedback for Alpha 17 in the experimental branch and tweak as needed. Once everything is looking solid enough we will publish the update to the main branch.

Thanks for reading and see you again in the next update!

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