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It is not scrapped, but we cannot take on the challenges regarding mobile at the time. We simply do not have the resources for it.

It makes the most sense to focus on developing the game on the current platforms, and then one day when the opportunity presents itself see about other platforms.

We did not plan for it all to take this long, to still be in a stage where we will develop the game for a good amount of time, but we're happy to say it was worth it =) The game simply needs that kind of time, it is that type of a game.

26 Oct


Originally posted by tigesclaw

how can i import my ship & game over to alpha 10?

You can try loading the Alpha 9 save and continue playing, but there's probably multiple issues. You'd need to start researching to be able to unlock many of the facilities you already have, and you'd need to travel to a new galaxy to get the new starmap.

It is highly recommended to start a new game.

23 Oct

    Aksel on Steam - Thread - Direct

We have arrived, the Alpha 10 update has been released! Alpha 10 is one of the biggest and most exciting updates to Space Haven so far, and it is now available for you to experience. Alpha 10 brings in a lot of new features and additions, and many tweaks and modifications to existing ones. Let's take a look into all the new features and what Alpha 10 has to offer.

Some of the most exciting additions include:
  1. A new modified starmap with a new layer showing star system clusters and faction presence
  2. Space Stations and derelict space stations have been added to the game
  3. Crew combat can now take place on asteroids in addition to spaceships and stations
  4. A Research Tree has been implemented along with a research lab facility
  5. IRS Mary She...
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    /u/ on Steam - Thread - Direct
: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page [url=]here[/url].

21 Oct


Originally posted by ApolloDawn17

When is the expected release date for this update?

This month if all goes well, it depends on if there's more tweaks needed based on the feedback from the build in the experimental branch. It is out in the experimental branch at the moment =)

19 Oct


You can do that by editing the save file, the save is saved as "game" in a save folder in the install folder of the game. Example:

Steam\steamapps\common\SpaceHaven\savegames\New haven-30\autosave1

Search for solarflares and micrometeroids and set them to Normal or Rare.

16 Oct


Originally posted by TheMonkeyshoewalker

My favorite part of the game not having to research new systems and “workbenches”. The game really felt like Terraria in space; go collect resources, make stuff, and fight guys.

Adding a hardened tech tree really takes away from that freedom of progression because now players have pay ANOTHER up front cost to building a new system or workbench through research cost and time. It feels like the devs are trying to make the game artificially longer by making the players wait around more. The players are only going to feel like they are paying taxes in space.

Open world games such as Minecraft and Terraria have been enormously successful because there isn’t a hardened research tree; there is just a world to go crazy in. This is a sand box in space, I don’t want my hand held by a tech tree.

Furthermore, player progression through tech trees feels really lazy from a design standpoint. I want to find new resources to mine and blocks to make, not a hard path to win...

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It feels like the devs are trying to make the game artificially longer by making the players wait around more.

That is not what the research tree was intended for at all. Our goal is to make the game better overall, not only by offering more meaningful choices and paths to survive but also improve player onboarding. Alpha 10 tackles these with the research tree but also stations with services, which are capable of providing something for the player so that they don't have to have everything available on their own ships.

The research tree comes in really handy when new players launch up the game and are not faced with one bazillion different facilities to choose from. Rather, there are basic facilities needed from the start, and more are introduced by the player choosing for themselves what to research next.

The above is what we thought was one of the real upsides to a research tree, and keep in mind the amount of facilities and it...

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14 Oct


Originally posted by Azorico

Great news, can't wait to try it!

Thank you for the patch notes below and everything you've done up to this point!

Thanks for playing! Let us know if you feel something needs tweaking.


Space Haven Alpha 10 now in Experimental Branch!

Experimental Spacefarers, we call upon you to test Alpha 10 and all the new features :)

Joining Experimental is done as follows On Steam

  1. Open Steam Library
  2. Right click Space Haven
  3. Select Properties
  4. Go to tab 'Betas' at the top. 5. Select 'Experimental' in the drop-down.


  1. Use GOG Galaxy and open the preferences for Space Haven, next to the play button
  2. Choose Manage Installation
  3. Choose Configure
  4. Select "Experimental" from the beta channels.

NOTE! Joining experimental is completely optional, and you should only do it if you are willing to risk that some new bugs are introduced, which could affect your game play and potentially break your save.

See here what's new in the experimental build: ...

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    Aksel on Steam - Thread - Direct

Greetings, Spacefarer!
Space Haven Alpha 10 is now available to play in the experimental branch. As a reminder, the update process is as follows:
  1. A new Update is first available in the Experimental Branch.
  2. Players, who do not mind playing a more unstable version, will first want to test the new update.
  3. Once the experimental game build looks solid and stable enough we will push it out officially to all players!
NOTE! Joining experimental is completely optional, and you should only do it if you are willing to risk that some new bugs are introduced, which could affect your game play and potentially break your save.

Please do not join the experimental branch if you don't want to risk breaking your save or have the game break on you in midst of play! If you... Read more

Originally posted by asher1611

Looks like I'm going to need to fire up a new save soon anyway. But quick question: with these kind of updates will my prior save carry over or will I need to start again?

Hey! Best to start a new game when Alpha 10 hits, the changes are so big that there could be issues with old saves, and missing out on new content as well.

12 Oct


Originally posted by SovietUnionGuy

Just want to say the same! Your game is brilliant, ideal mix of X-Com, FTL and Rimworld. Loved it from the first sight. Wish you best of luck! Can't wait for the next build.

Thanks! Appreciate it =) Alpha 10 is not far away now!

05 Oct


Originally posted by WolfMayer

Do you guys will add, when we intercept a ship maybe a cooldown on the enemy ship jump?

We will look into that at some point. Now it works both ways, the player can also jump away. Some type of jammer could be one solution, or that cooldown you mentioned. It is indeed a bit irritating when trying to destroy an enemy ship =)


[email protected]# Terrence! You can lock him in a room and close the vent on the door, have him drafted in there and let it run out of oxygen. Once he is dead you can use the autopsy to turn him into meat or vent him into space =)


Yeah, he did! =)