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09 Aug

Bugbyte and Space Haven are taking part in the first ever Tiny Teams Indie Festival, shining a spotlight on games from indie micro-studios, one to three-person indie development teams. The Yogscast Tiny Teams Festival runs from August 9th to August 15th and will be broadcast live here on Steam and

As you may or may not know we here at Bugbyte are three developers strong, making us a micro-studio of indie devs! We've taken upon us a great challenge with a game like Space Haven, but we've come very far and we're determined to go all the way and keep building upon what we have currently. There's much more to come =)

We're excited to take part in this Tiny Teams Indie Festival and hel... Read more
: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page [url=]here[/url].

07 Aug

Thank you, so glad you like the game and thanks for the great feedback! =)

05 Aug



Awesome, glad you like the game =) To whomever wants to write stories we would love to read them as well. Feel free to write stories here in this subreddit as much as you please!

04 Aug

Originally posted by BufferingHistory

I really like the addition of these space hazards, they add an interesting dimension to decision making. Do I focus on turrets for anti-pirate work, or shields and scanners to better survive solar flares and meteorites? Do I risk going into a nebula and meteorite combo system to mine a critical resource? How long do I want to risk staying in a solar flare system to grab resources from a derelict?

My first exposure to a solar flare system was rough. I destroyed a pirate ship and stuck around to capture the crew and loot the ship. I was about half way through looting when the first flare hit. It wasn't too bad so I continued looting as there was some good stuff over there. Got hit a second time and this time was bad. Finally got the ship patched up enough to leave and a third flare hit even worse than the second. Had to vent most of the ship to stop the fires and smoke. The crew had to work overtime to get the minimum repairs done as quick as possible so we could escape. I w...

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Awesome, just the type of effect one would want to see from the new feature, affecting many areas of decision making and creating interesting choices regarding designing ships as well.

31 Jul

Originally posted by ManaChains

Great. Keep up good work.

Will do! =) Thank you.

Originally posted by CattusKittekatus

Are the game saves compatible?

Should be, although there might be some small glitches. The assembler has changed in size to be a bit smaller and might cause a hull breach, but if you get it repaired it should be all good =)

[Image: 5e6c97df7576fcce4581aa9bcc8cc10a_origina...33d3bc406c]

Alpha 9 is now Released! Below is a recap of the new main features included in Alpha 9, along with a full list of patch notes. Enjoy this new update and let us know if you stumble upon any big problems! Faction Interactions
[Image: 0ffb9a973c4666f01c8c722a80c3e2a4_origina...d8c5c86d0e]... Read more

Alpha 9 is now Released! Below is a recap of the new main features included in Alpha 9, along with a full list of patch notes. Enjoy this new update and let us know if you stumble upon any big problems!

Faction Interactions

So far all the communication requests have come from the player, whether it is the want to trade or have a simple discussion otherwise. We've spent some time and implemented these interactions further, allowing other factions to contact you in case there's something they need or want.

These additions will give more life to your encounters with other faction spaceships, as they can now signal their want to communicate with you too. ... Read more

30 Jul

Originally posted by Catsic

You guys are doing a stellar job.

Many thanks! =)

Try rebooting the game and see if that fixes it!

29 Jul

Awesome, thanks for taking the time to write this! =)

Originally posted by i2hellfire

This is why I'll keep reiterating that the hazards that cause fires will always be a bad idea. It may not have been meant as "punishment", but it sure feels like it.

In my humble point of view I see a problem to solve in a situation like this. Could someone die? Sure, they might, but by drafting and using only the most healthy and energy filled crew members could easily also lead to no deaths. Would someone dying be a big deal to me personally? Not necessarily, and perhaps that is also the part of where differences lie between players.

To me: I see a problem I can solve, using the tools in the game. The fire inside the console area can be put out by getting the crew members out of there immediately and closing all vents on the doors to the room, the fire can be contained, oxygen will run out and the fire will die on its own. The room is perfect for that =)

Will the room be filled with gas after this? Sure will. I would Put space suits on and crew members fixing/operating consoles and jump the hell out of there to lick my wounds in a more calm sector.

Shane, Ffion, Narci can be drafted and the storage fire put out. They a...

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28 Jul

This report is a continuation to the previous reports, which you can read below:

Watching Solid Content play the new patch was interesting, seeing how space hazards can create emergent situations, whereby a part of the ship has been cut off of power and a power node needs to be repaired in order for power to be restored. These types of situations can create interesting problems to solve, and also brings a new dimension to designing and building ships.

However, finding a good balance... Read more

So glad you like the game and many thanks for your encouraging words! =)

27 Jul

Originally posted by flyxdvd

ehh my crew members dissapear when entering a shuttle? and i can also not draft or select the shuttle

Can you get this to reoccur? If you can please send in your save with F11 with clear steps to reproduce. Thanks! =)

So basically it would need to happen again when loading a save and then doing certain steps.

24 Jul

Greetings, Spacefarer!
We've been hammering away on Alpha 9 and we're ready to gather some feedback from the new update. This is the first draft of the Alpha 9 update. We want to test it in the experimental branch first before releasing it officially. Once the experimental game build looks solid and stable we will push it out officially to all players!

To know what we've been working on for Alpha 9 check the previous progress reports:
... Read more

23 Jul

Originally posted by umbr360

To bounce off of OPs bit about trading the ships back to the original faction and your point about actually claiming such ships being tricky due to springing players forward... you could actually have a little feature here that could really change the way the game plays (at least for the way I play).

Take OPs scenario where a military Alliance ship is killed by pirates and the ship is abandoned. Perhaps you could either choose to scrap it all as you would now - OR - give an option to offer it back to the original faction for a substantial (but more easily managed to avoid breaking gameplay) reward. With a catch.

You'd have to wait X number of days for that faction to send a crew to reclaim it, and each day provides X% chance of more pirates coming that you need to fend off. Jumping away would immediately abandon your offer/reward.

At the moment my gameplay largely consists of jump in - mine/scrap a derelict ship asap and then jump away again to keep hu...

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Thank you for the feedback and encouraging words. We will think about this =)

Originally posted by redhotchilipopper

thanks for the reply!

Really glad to hear that the team is thinking about different weapon possibilities.

I do understand the tricky nature of fully working claimable ships being a big jump in power for the player. My idea kinda revolved around the whole Refugee system you guys are bringing in and I thought would it not be possible to have something like Refugee ships that you could trade back to the factions for some reputation or rewards or we could even build on the idea of the refugee system, say for example you respond to a distress beacon and take on board a refugee, you could repair up their ship for them and get it running again and return the refugee to their ship for some reputation gains. I think gaining reputation with the factions is currently quite limited unless you're willing to chuck a lot of resources at it and this would offer a fresh avenue to gain those reputations.

Thanks again for taking the time to reply.

These are interesting ideas, thanks! =)