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We’re excited to tell you all about Patch 1.22.0—the largest content patch to date for StarCraft: Remastered, which brings with it the robust ranking system that the most competitive 1v1 game on the planet deserves. Today, we’d like to preview the new system and give you some additional information about how we’re improving player profiles.

Season Tab

We’re adding a new tab in the player profile called Seasons. Here, you’ll see detailed information about your performance in current and in past seasons. You’ll be able to see your wins and match history on each ladder map as well as global statistics showing which race is performing the best. This will help you see which maps you need extra practice on and figure out the maps where your race has the advantage.


The Collections tab is getting additional content aimed at giving you increased control over the cosmetic loot you’ve acquired. Your unit, structure, and console skins will now all live in the Collections tab. You’ll also be able to opt in and out of showing off your new ranked border. More on that in a moment.

Climbing the Ladder

If you’ve played other Blizzard games, you’ll find this new ranking system as familiar as an old friend. You’ll start out unranked in the first season of 2018 and you’ll need to complete five games to be placed in a league.

After your five placement matches, you’ll land in one of the following leagues:

Each rank comes with an associated color border that you can choose to equip around your portrait. As previously mentioned, you’ll be able to toggle this option on and off in the Collections tab. Placing in the top leagues will also grant you unique portraits. The S, A, and B leagues all have their own portraits, and the S league’s is also animated! We’re also giving away a portrait to all players who log in during the ladder season. You can expect a unique set of portraits for each new competitive season.

Once you’ve been ranked, you’ll see how your MMR was affected at the conclusion of each match. The amount needed to be promoted (or demoted) will be clearly displayed so you know where you stand at any given time. If you have Battle.net friends who play StarCraft Remastered, you’ll see how their MMR stacks against your own.

For those battle-hardened veterans who have been earning victories since release, we’ll be using that data to determine your MMR for the beginning of Season 1. Initially, ranking will be based on a flat MMR value. After two weeks of players battling online, the MMR range for each rank will be percentage-based and will be adjusted every day at 8:00 am PDT to keep each rank balanced. Because of this dynamic adjustment, players who happen to land on the border between ranks may find themselves in a different rank after the daily rebalancing.

We’re also adding MMR decay to the highest rank to ensure players at the highest levels of skill are always properly represented. S rank players are required at least five games a week or they will suffer a 2% loss of MMR for every game they do not play, up to a maximum loss of 10%. For example, if a S ranked player plays only three games in a week, they will lose 4% of their MMR.

Your Journey Starts Now

In the first two weeks of Season 1, players with an MMR of 2471 and higher will be rank S, while players with an MMR of 2470 to 2015 will be rank A, and so on. On the third week, these ranges will change based on the player pool and their performance.

We hope these new features and stats will aid you on your journey to the top of the ladder. As always, we want to know what you think so please leave us your feedback in this thread. Thank you!