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Arm your photon cannons, stack up your spider mines, and sharpen your zergling claws. StarCraft: Remastered Season 6 begins today, with an updated map pool and new rewards to earn on the ladder.    

Ranking reset and new rewards

You’ll need to complete five placement matches to see where you stand. For the first two weeks, ranks will be based off the previous season’s Matchmaking Rating (MMR) ranges. After that, we’ll move to a percentage-based system, as outlined below.  
  • S – Top 1% 
  • A – 7% 
  • B – 21%
  • C – 21%
  • D – 21%
  • E – 21%
  • F – 8%
Your valiance in battle will not go unnoticed. Four earth-shaking Ultralisk portraits are available to those who distinguish themselves on the ladder, including an animated portrait for those who make it all the way to S-Rank.   


Season 6 map pool

Let’s take a quick look at the seven interstellar battlegrounds that will make up the Season 6 map pool!   New Bloody Ridge 2.1 A two-player map featured in Afreeca Starleague (ASL) Season 8, New Bloody Ridge is set on a hilly jungle planet, with a central expansion rich in vespene gas.
  Hitchhiker This icy two-player map, featured in ASL Season 9, encourages aggressive play thanks to the short distance between bases. 
Neo_Sylphid A rare three-player map and a favorite of the StarCraft: Remastered development team, Neo_Sylphid has appeared in ASL Seasons 7, 8, and 9. 
La Mancha 1.1 La Mancha is a four-player desert map with a unique windmill-inspired layout that drives players into conflict on four central hills.
La Mancha 1.1
Circuit Breaker 1.0 A classic four-player map with a long competitive history, Circuit Breaker facilitates sprawling battles and big-picture macro play. 
Circuit Breaker 1.0<
Escalade 0.90 A brand-new addition to ASL Season 9, Escalade is a four-player map set on a space platform with elevation shifts that reward meticulous army positioning.
Escalade 0.90
Fighting Spirit A fan-favorite four-player map with years of history, Fighting Spirit makes a triumphant return in StarCraft: Remastered Season 6. 
Fighting Spirit

Permission to engage: Granted

Season 6 is live now. Stop reading this blog and go crush some face!