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Latest Patch NotesPatch 1.21.0 – The Return of EUD Maps (almost 2 years ago)

09 Jul

Rediscover the classic real-time strategy gameplay of StarCraft with all-new, adorable cartoon graphics by Carbot Animations! Whether you’re a veteran of the Koprulu sector or visiting for the first time, StarCraft: Cartooned is a great way to experience StarCraft!

StarCraft: Cartooned re-imagines every unit, structure, map, menu, and mission with the beloved art style of Carbot Animations. Add a whole new look to the epic single player campaign, take the cartooned m...

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20 Feb

Korea StarCraft League (KSL) is back! Blizzard Entertainment announced today that the global StarCraft: Remastered tournament will be returning for its third season later this year.

With two successful seasons in 2018 under its belt, KSL is preparing to make a comeback in April 2019. 2018 saw the likes of terran player Seunghyun ‘Last’ Kim and zerg player Mincheol ‘Soulkey’ Kim take home the KSL trophy during the first two seasons. With the first season of 2019 just around the corner, fans are waiting to find out which of their favorite players will jump into the fray to be crowned the third KSL champion.

For its third season, KSL will be taking place at the newly established VSG Arena in the heart of downtown Seoul. The VSG Arena, which is a multipurpose esports cultural complex, is complete with state-of-the-art audio and visual capabilities, as well as convenient facilities that provide fans and players with an excellent competitive experience.


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31 Jan

Today kicks off the start of a new season of StarCraft: Remastered! It’s time to see your New Year’s resolution through and jump on the ladder.

As usual, you’ll need to complete five placement matches to get things started. After that, you’ll be placed in a rank based on the following rank ranges.

These ranges will only apply to players who complete their placement matches within the first two weeks of the new season. Afterwards, we will move to a percentage-based system, as shown in the image above.

A new season also means new rewards. The brutal Hydralisk is our featured unit for the season, and the portrait borders are Zerg-themed.

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03 Dec

The long-waited KSL Season 2 Finals will be held on Saturday, Dec 15 at 4:00 pm at Kwangwoon University Donghae Arts Center!

For those who want to watch in person, location and ticket information can be found below!


  • Date & Time: Saturday, Dec 15, 2018 @ 4:00 pm
  • Place: Kwangwoon University Donghae Arts Center (21, Gwangun-ro, Nowon-gu, Seoul / 02-940-8614)

[Ticket Purchase for Final]

  • You can purchase your tickets either on the website of KSTAR ( or Ticketlink (...
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03 Nov

Any way you look at it, StarCraft is an outlier among modern esports. It hasn’t received a balance patch in over a decade. Its competitive lifespan just passed 20 years. In 2017, it underwent a total makeover in the form of StarCraft: Remastered. Through it all, the competitive scene has remained strong. Other esports come and go; StarCraft seems on track to last until the sun swallows the Earth.

StarCraft endures because it is at once eternal and ever-changing. Nobody embodies this better than Kim "Last" Sung Hyun and Jung "Rain" Yoon, who faced off this weekend in BlizzCon 2018's special ASL vs. KSL exhbition match. Last, a crafty Terran, debuted way back in 2008. Rain, a well-rounded Protoss, debuted in 2009. Perennial contenders, they may never have achieved the success of legends li...

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29 Oct

StarCraft® might seem like a whiskey and cigars universe, but terrans have carted cans of Pabsch and Zerg beer with them to the most unpredictable corners of Koprulu. It’s only fitting that we bring their pastime home to Earth.

At BlizzCon on November 2-3, 2018, we’ll be serving up four (4) different con-exclusive StarCraft 20th anniversary beers with our friends at Bottle Logic: one for each classic StarCraft race, and a special commemorative anniversary ale.

To celebrate 20 years of StarCraft, these stellar beverages—Haze of Adun Hazy Pale Ale, Nydus Nectar Tart Ale, and Stimpack Stout—are available to sip at stations around the ...

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17 Oct

The top StarCraft: Remastered pro players in the world will step up at BlizzCon for a one-of-a-kind show match on the biggest stage in esports.

In this “KSL vs. ASL” event, the reigning Korea StarCraft League (KSL) champion, Seunghyun “Last” Kim, and the current AfreecaTV Star League (ASL) king, Yoonjong “Rain” Jung, will face each other in a best-of-five exhibition match that should settle all debate on who is the world’s top StarCraft player. The battle will take over the StarCraft II stage at BlizzCon on Nov. 2 circa 6:30 p.m. PDT, following that day’s WCS Global Finals matches, and will be livestreamed on

This isn’t the first time StarCraft: Remastered has been featured on a Blizz...

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KSL Season 2 starts its exciting journey on Oct. 18!

The total of 16 players consisting of 13 players qualified through competitive online/offline qualifier matches and 3 players seeded last year through Season 1 will compete in the KSL Season 2 Group Stages. The 16 players (6 Zerg players, 6 Terran players, and 4 Protoss players) are allocated into four different groups through the draw ceremony. They will go through the Round of 16 to advance to the stage of Quarterfinal.

All matches of KSL Season 2 will be broadcast on StarCraft Twitch Channel in Korean and ...

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16 Oct

BlizzCon is just around the corner, and starting today, those who purchased a BlizzCon ticket or a BlizzCon Virtual Ticket will have access to new content in StarCraft: Remastered and StarCraft II.

We all know how important it is to maintain a high APM when fighting for ladder points, but did you know you can also be super stylish while doing so? The BlizzCon 2018 SCR Console Skin not only sports a sleek Umojan-style outer layer, it also changes color based on your actions-per-minute. From a cool green to a blazing red, the console will react to every single one of your actions just like a slick new gaming keyboard.

Warping to StarCraft II, we look back at the legacy that started it all with brand new ‘Classic’ skins. The workers from each race can now be equipped with a skin inspired by the original StarCraft game. Make your enemies q...

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02 Oct

SCR Season 2 is Live

12 months ago - Blizzard Entertainment on News - Thread - Direct

Today begins the second season of StarCraft: Remastered! If you’ve played through Season 1, you’ll know what to expect.

You’ll have five placement matches that you’ll need to complete. After finishing these, you will be placed in a rank based on the following rank ranges.

These ranges will only apply to players who complete their placement matches within the first two weeks of the new season. Afterwards, we will move to a percentage-based system, similar to the one we used in Season 1.

We are also making a change to the placement algorithm which will now heavily favor your performance from the last season when deciding your rank for the current season.

A new season also means new rewards! The Archon is our featured unit for the season, and we’re also using Protoss themed portrait borders this time.


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12 Sep

BlizzCon 2018 is less than two months awaybut the BlizzCon season begins today with the launch of the BlizzCon 2018 Virtual Ticket, available to order now!


The BlizzCon Virtual Ticket provides comprehensive access to the show whether you’re joining the fun from home on or watching on the go with the free ...

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31 Aug

KSL Season 2 announcement

about 1 year ago - Blizzard Entertainment on News - Thread - Direct

The KSL Season 2 sponsored by K-STAR GROUP (hereinafter “KSL”) will start from Sep 17, accepting submissions for the league participation. The KSL Season 2 starts right after the finale of Season 1 Final that will take place on Sep 8 so we can maintain the heat of the passion from Season 1. It will also be held in the form of an open tournament, which means anyone can participate as a player! One thing to keep in mind is that you need to be able to follow the league schedule of Offline Qualifier that will take place in Seoul starting from Sep 30.

Since the top four players in Season 1 will get seeds for the Round of 16 in Season 2, Yoon Jong Jung, Jae Dong Lee, Min Chul Kim, and Sung Hyun Kim will automatically advance to the Round of 16 without going through the hassle of Season 2 Qualifier.

The remaining 12 players will be the ones who make it through Offline Qualifier, and together with the above four players, the total of 16 players will fierc...

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30 Aug

The long-waited KSL Season 1 Final will be held on Saturday, Sep 8 at 4:30 pm in Yes24 Live Hall. For those who want to watch in person, location and ticket information can be found below.


  • Date & Time: Saturday, Sept 8, 2018 @ 4:30 pm
  • Place: Yes24 Live Hall (20, Gucheonmyeon-ro, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul) / 02-457-5114)

[Ticket Purchase for Final]

  • You can purchase your tickets either on the website of KSTAR ( or ticketlink (...
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Season 2 of the KSL sponsored by K-STAR GROUP is coming up, and interested players can register to compete beginning September 17. After signing up, players need to make sure they’re available to play in the qualifiers on September 27 & 28 (online) and September 30 (offline).

The top four finishers from the first season of KSL will automatically be seeded into the Round of 16 for Season 2. This means fans can see favorites like Yoon Jong Jung, Jae Dong Lee, Min Chul Kim, and Sung Hyun Kim in the next season without watching them sweat through the qualifying process

The remaining 12 players will be determined by the Season 2 Offline Qualifier. From there, it’ll be a ferocious fight to the finish for the second KSL championship.

The matches for the Round of 16 through the quarterfinals will take place in Jade Hall (12th floor, Hyundai Department Store - Sinchon Branch) and fans are invited to watch the action live a...

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16 Aug

Hoping to attend BlizzCon in person this year but didn’t manage to snag a ticket during the first two sales? You’re in luck—we’re thrilled to announce a third ticket sale, scheduled for Saturday, August 18 at 10 a.m. PDT.


This third ticket sale will once again be hosted by, and tickets are priced at $199 each (plus applic...

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11 Aug

The next season of StarCraft from ASL begins September 2 with registration now open and the qualifying competition beginning August 18. Top players from the previous season, like Rain, are already qualified for Season 6 and will be waiting for new players to join them in the main stage of the competition next month.

The ASL regular season will be broadcast (in English) from Seoul’s Freecup Studio on Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays for eight consecutive weeks. Check out for more information.

24 Jul

Greetings Cerebrates, Commanders, and Executors,

Patch 1.22.0 has arrived! This patch features a new Ladder, updated profile UI, and ramp art for mapmakers.  

Features and Improvements

New Ladder

For a more in-depth ladder overview please visit: New Ranking System

  • Season 1 is now live!
    • Players will begin the new Season unranked. After 5 placement matches, they’ll be placed into a league.
    • Frontier League data will help determine pre-placement MMR.
  • Note: The pla...
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16 Jul

We’re excited to tell you all about Patch 1.22.0—the largest content patch to date for StarCraft: Remastered, which brings with it the robust ranking system that the most competitive 1v1 game on the planet deserves. Today, we’d like to preview the new system and give you some additional information about how we’re improving player profiles.

Season Tab

We’re adding a new tab in the player profile called Seasons. Here, you’ll see detailed information about your performance in current and in past seasons. You’ll be able to see your wins and match history on each ladder map as well as global statistics showing which race is performing the best. This will help you see which maps you need extra practice on and figure out the maps where your race has the advantage.

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10 Jul

Get your Tickets for KSL!

about 1 year ago - Blizzard Entertainment on News - Thread - Direct


For those of you who wish to see the action in real time, at the KSL studio where the event is held, here is how to book tickets online and what to watch out for when you purchase tickets.

Please note that KSL tickets can only be purchased online through Ticket Link and no tickets will be available for purchase in person.

You can purchase a ticket by selecting the e-Sports section on the Ticket Link website and clicking the KSL tab in the menu below. KSL tour ticket price is set at 5,000 won, and separate discounts cannot be applied.

Purchase a KSL Ticket from ...

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06 Jul

KSL Season 1 Qualifiers

about 1 year ago - Blizzard Entertainment on News - Thread - Direct

Roughly 1,200 players signed up to compete in the Korea StarCraft League, and after brutal battles in the online and on-site qualifiers, the top 16 players have been determined.

Protoss proved to be a force to be reckoned with by having eight players advance to the group stage, with five Terrans and three Zergs filling up the remaining slots.

Now, without further preamble, here are the qualifiers for KSL Season 1!

The Round of 16 Group Stage will start on July 19. Make sure to tune into our live streaming channel and catch all the action!

KSL Studio Location

about 1 year ago - Blizzard Entertainment on News - Thread - Direct

The KSL group stage will be held at the KSL Studio in Hyundai Department Store U-PLEX Sinchon Branch with 16 qualifiers!

The KSL group stage includes tournaments of the round of 16, 8 and 4. Starting with the opening game on July 19, 7:00 PM KST, it is scheduled every Thursdays and Fridays for seven weeks at 7:00 PM KST.

Location: Hyundai Department Store U-PLEX Sinchon Branch 12F

Address: 83 Sinchon-ro, Seodaemun-ku Seoul, Korea

15 Jun

Today we’re presenting the latest StarCraft: Remastered Developer Update. Lead Software Engineer Grant Davies recaps recent developments in SCR, shares what SC20 means to him, and previews new features coming in patch 1.22 including an all-new League system.

14 Jun

Get ready to raise your APM! This summer, StarCraft fans everywhere can expect a substantial game update for StarCraft: Remastered, while fans in Korea can get excited about the introduction of Korea StarCraft League (KSL), an official Blizzard-operated StarCraft league based in Seoul, Korea.

Introducing Korea StarCraft League

Korea StarCraft League will become Blizzard’s flagship esports tournament for the beloved real-time strategy game, which has been viewed by millions around the world across nearly two decades and considered by many to represent the pinnacle of esports competition.

Korea StarCraft League will begin with registrations opening today and online qualifiers starting June 28. Korea StarCraft League will consist of two separate seasons in 2018, with a total prize pool of KRW 160 million (around $150,000 USD).

Anyone who wishes to compete in the tournament is welcome to register, but competitors must be present in Seou...

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19 Apr

Struggling to find the perfect gift for a friend, or just hoping to give them the flexibility to choose their own gifts?

We’re expanding our gifting service by allowing you to send Blizzard Balance to your friends, offering you the benefits of retail gift cards in a new and easy-to-use digital format.

Sending Balance gifts is simple: visit the Blizzard Shop, select one of the suggested values—or enter a custom amount, click the “Gift Balance” button, and select a friend.


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03 Apr

Throughout it's 20 years, StarCraft has touched countless lives across the world. This Thursday, we invite you to hear the stories of several of StarCraft's most prominent community figures at our SC20 Anniversary celebration panel at PAX East!

Stream Content

The celebration panel will be hosted at the Albatross Theater at PAX East, where panelists will be invited to share their stories of StarCraft, as well as answer questions from those watching the panel. In addition, our guests will speak about how they impacted StarCraft and helped shape it into the a game that transcended it's players and influenced the esports & gaming communities at large.

Special Guests

The panel will feature community figures bringing a wide range of perspectives to bear. Familiar esports personalities Sue 'Smix' Lee and Geoff 'iNcontroL' Robinson will be accompanied by Brood:War community veteran Susie 'L...

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