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I posted the following in the FAQ:

Why is it hard for the game to be released on Linux?
We have built the game in Linux and it does run. However, it runs without DirectX and some of our graphics features only run on DirectX (such as volumetric lighting). There is no solution for that so there would be some visual degradation on Linux where there was no equivalent solution that we have on DirectX.

Most importantly though adding another version of the game involves making our already complicated build process even more complicated. One of the reasons we have been able to add so much content to the game is that we rapidly develop, deploy the build, and work with the community to get that implementation working. This has allowed us to adapt and change the game far more rapidly that we could doing it internally. The longer it takes to author a build, the less agile we become. Already adding dedicated server support, for two platforms (windows and linux) is a major development headache for us. Keeping dedicated server windows, dedicated server linux, and windows client, all running is a lot of effort and adding another platform makes it even more problematic.

Recently (October 2018) we upgraded our engine version and that involved an entire week of deep development and many all nighters. Much of that was dealing with the edge cases from so many platforms.

However, it's not all bad news! We do have plans to try and provide a Linux platform of the game. We have tested it, it mostly works. Once the game has become more stable and our build pipeline is not so problematic if it is longer - building and deploying the game on Linux will be explored. We can't 100% confirm it will work and that it will happen - but at the very least I can 100% we are going to try it and, baring no major issues, this would mean officially supporting linux. There is currently not ETA though.


We now have concrete plans to try official linux client support, once the game has become more stable. We can confirm that it has been possible for us to build the game although some DirectX shader coolness might not be supported.
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Originally posted by Thalann: Does this mean you've sold .1M licenses?
I Wish! Actually I don't, not yet anyway. The guts of the post was that we'll try run a Linux build and hope that it works without any major issues. If the issues are minor, we'll make it available. If the issues are major and require a bunch of work to fix, then we'll have to limit the resources we put into it until the sales figures justify it.
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No news yet, but one of our devs is away at a Linux conference this week so maybe he'll come back inspired ;)

I noticed I hadn't mentioned it in this thread yet, but the #linux-discussions group in the Stationeers Discord [discord.gg] is pretty active and if you search through the logs in there you'll see a bunch of discussion on solving issues in WINE or Proton. It's not a replacement for a native Linux client but they seem to have a high degree of success.

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