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01 Nov

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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.
Please note: since the last major update, loading a game with a DLC character would cause an error resulting in that character being replaced with a human without a suit. This has now been fixed and those old saves will now correctly spawn the DLC character. Now that this error has been corrected, new saves made since then with the DLC characters will not load correctly.

  • Fixed scene overriding trader panel fix
  • Fixed trading panel not displaying
  • Fixed in game code editor not displaying after entering and leaving and then entering a new session.
  • Fixed Error when disconnecting pipe from water bottle filler.
  • Fixed Render distance on Heat Exchangers.
  • Fixed Sorter Motherboard white-list dropdowns displaying behind other sorter buttons (meaning that you couldn't select those items)
  • Fixed Removed individual wreckage items from sorter. (you can filter all wreckage ite...
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24 Oct

20 Oct


Locktober Down here in New Zealand, it’s been a couple of long, locked-down months, but the Stationeers team is back and bouncing out an update for you powerheads and balance boffins
Enjoy the improvements to our power system, new tech, architectural additions, furious fixes, tweaks and more, knowing that Stationeers is preparing the ground for surprises in updates soon to come ...

Power On Try out the Omni-directional power transmitter – a wireless battery charger that uses special cells with a lower capacity than regular batteries. Even supertech has its downsides, right?

There’s a line of new doors for base building. Improve your interiors with these attractive por... Read more
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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.

27 Aug

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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.

Any way you look at it, August has been a month of powerful developments. We're dropping a bunch of new methods for making and managing power, while continuing to up performance across the board. Try out the new Stirling Engine, our wireless Power Transmitters, or the thermal plants. Performance-wise, enjoy new power-ups as we extend our virtualized rendering system and a bunch of UI upgrades, and empower your gameplay with the new portable IC editor laptop.
We're powering up, so come jump in, Stationeers!

At long last, we're dropping wireless power into the game: separate out your power generation, then beam that current anywhere you want, without having to lay miles of cable.

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25 Jul

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Apologies for the trouble with this. We are doing a very big refactor of the multiplayer and P2P was not working very well, with some big performance troubles and it also made the code very complicated.

We have depreciated it for now so that we can cleanly rewrite our networking to be much more efficient. We are looking at a more global solution for NAT traversal as well. This is because steam P2P only works for two players running the game through steam, it doesn’t work for three players or if one of the three players is running the game outside of steam.

We will keep you posted with the progress, again very sorry for the disruption as we redo it.

21 Jul

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Thanks for being patient, We did a massive 4 refactor update so there was so much going on that a few things got through the cracks, But I know at least 2 team members are currently investigating a fix for this issue.

20 Jul

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Just reposing this here in case anyone's not on the discord

We are aware of the frame rate loss for some players while building or wielding frames along with other actions, For now to help alleviate these issues try temporarily
disabling "extended tool tips"and "Show slot Tooltips" settings in the game play tab of the settings menu. This should help while we work on the issue.

and yeah the fps drops are a result of the engine upgrade and we are working on getting this and some of the other issues fixed.

19 Jul


Getting ready
It’s been a month of deep end tech work focused on upgrades, refactors and performance – laying the foundations for an improved Stationeers experience across the board towards 1.0.

After two years, we’ve upgraded the engine version to take advantage of awesome new Unity 2021 features. There’s big performance gains, too, plus rendering and network stability improvements, and a new debug console – critical groundwork for wow to come.

So we’re light on content this month, but giving some much-needed love to our codebase means our players will starting feeling the difference.

Unity 2021
At long last, we’ve upgraded to Unity 2021, bringing a raft of new tools and opportunities, from performance and profiling to fancy blinking lights. Of course, in the short term, shifting engine version r... Read more

16 Jul

    rocket2guns on Steam Forums - Thread - Direct
Our most extensive refactor ever in the project is underway, focusing on optimization and stability.

This is spearheaded in four parts:
  1. Implementation of a new debug approach, that is included in the shipped build (console, debugging gizmos)
  2. Multiplayer Refactor. Rebuild using the lessons learned from our game "art of the rail". Dramatically reducing the network bandwidth, improving stability, and framerate - especially for large bases.
  3. Rendering Refactor. Improving how our rendering happens, optimizing it to improve frame rate dramatically especially for large bases.
  4. Upgrade of the engine (from 2019 to 2021 version - so two years of fixes).

This might result in some instability. However, we have already noticed significant improvements in testing in both performance and multiplayer. Some of these changes will roll out in the next update (which will b... Read more

11 Jul

25 Jun

17 Jun