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In this update, we've focused on performance, specifically for players with large automated bases experiencing lower frame rates. Key improvements include optimizing physics and chutes, reducing physics update tick time by 50% through better caching for dynamic objects in slots, and improving server tick for bases with many chutes and chute devices.

Additional enhancements encompass streamlining the decay tick, Trading Motherboard Computer screen interface, Satellite Dish scanning logic, and the Computer screen render optimization. These performance updates aim to provide a smoother, more responsive gaming experience, particularly for players with complex bases.

Hem Droid Quality of Life Improvements

We've added some quality of life improvements for those who own the Hem Droid DLC. Although these have been designed for the Hem Droid the Disposable Battery Charger can be used by other species as well, to recharge their suit battery.

Hem Droid Sleeper
While regular sleepers have catered to the other species, Hem Droids have been missing a dedicated option. The Hem Droid Sleeper is specially designed for Hem Droids. As long as it has the required power it will keep Hem Droids batteries charged.

Disposable Battery Charger
For emergency situations we've introduced the Disposable Battery Charger that can partially recharge your battery immediately. When used it is consumed but will recharge the battery of your suit, or if you’re a hem droid, the battery in your suit.

HEM-Droid Repair Kit
The HEM-Droid Repair Kit has been added to the game for players using Hem Droid characters and functions as the heal pill does for the other species.

Self Contained Stairwell
We've included a 3x1 stairwell to offer a more compact option for moving up and down your base. This new stairwell design aims to optimize space and improve navigation within your Stationeers base.

Localization and Voice Packs
We're actively working on improving our localization from multiple angles: Ensuring more of the game is localizeable, having the game localized for some languages, as well as improving the pipeline, both for us as well as for community translations.

We are paying for languages to receive a full new pass of translation, and then will accept community suggestions for better localization. This should help provide cleanup on the current messy state where some English strings were changed, but not retranslated.

Chinese Voice Pack added
The voice pack we're adding this week is Chinese! You can also select the voice pack independent of the localized text. This means you can have your suit voice pack warnings in German, Russian, or Chinese, while still having the text in English. More voice pack languages will be added in the future as well.

Your support makes this possible Over the last year, we’ve completely refactored the net code making multiplayer more stable, we’re continuing to improve the connectivity, and we’ve improved some big systems to allow us to bring you better content and new game loops. All this while transitioning to a weekly update cycle.

All the community support, feedback, and involvement have made this possible. So thank you!

If you like the progress we have made, please consider taking a moment to leave a positive review. This makes a huge difference to the project. We've been working hard for the last five years, and feel confident the game has substantially improved over this time. Many projects steer clear of the hard tasks, and we are proud to have taken them on.

Additionally, you can support us by purchasing DLC that we've made to allow those who enjoy the game to support us, and in return get something a little fun to use in-game.




Change Log v0.2.3920.18842
  • Added vertical sleeper variant for robots. Will regenerate robot battery or suit battery if present. Will damage non robotic entities.
  • Added HEM-Droid Repair Kit. Fully repairs HEM-Droid character. Created at Tier 2 electronics printer.
  • Added 1x HEMDroid Repair Kit to Starting load-out for HEM-Droid characters.
  • Added DisposableBatteryCharger. Disposable single use chemical battery that will partially recharge a HEMDroid battery or Stationeer suit battery.
  • Added stairwell variants to stairs kit
  • Added Chinese voice language pack
  • Added countanimator command.
  • Added debounce to server search
  • Fixed incorrect slot names for sleepers and cryo tubes
  • Update description for stairwells and droid sleeper
  • Fixed bug where you could call down the same trader to multiple landing pads. Now, when trader begins approach, the land button will be disabled. Also added a safety check so stop this behaviour if called by other means.
  • Changed sleeper and cryo tube behaviour with regards to robot batteries. Now, robot batteries will continue to drain inside regular sleepers and cryo tubes. To maintain robot batteries when offline, use the 'droid' variant of the sleeper.
  • Updated droid sleeper to use more power when charging
  • Fixed bug where you could call down the same trader to multiple landing pads. Now, when trader begins approach, the land button will be disabled. Also added a safety check so stop this behaviour if called by other means.
  • Changed sleeper and cryo tube behaviour with regards to robot batteries. Now, robot batteries will continue to drain inside regular sleepers and cryo tubes. To maintain robot batteries when offline, use the 'droid' variant of the sleeper.
  • Updated droid sleeper to use more power when charging
  • Fixed GrowLights that are turned off when game saved stop working on reload.
  • Changed GrowLight light radius to more closely match area of effect on plants.
  • Fixed DisposableBatteryCharger sounds not playing sounds when charging another player.
  • Fixed Emissive material on DisposableBatteryCharger, now show blue emissive when charged and red when discharged.
  • Fixed Can use DisposableBatteryCharger when it has been discharged.
  • Fixed Some issues around grow light plant lighting.
  • Made trader shuttle collision box a little smaller. Tweaked how often collisions can occur by adding a debounce time.
  • Fixed Laptop positioned incorrectly in right hand.
  • Refactored set hand position function to make it more flexible.
  • Changed data and power cable lists on device from fields to properties
  • Fixed fertilizer not affecting plant yield
  • Re added changes from rev. 18797 and fixed a few bugs where batteries and apcs weren't supplying power correctly
  • Fixed bug where devices connected through power port only would be accessible by logic. Now, devices will only be accessible by logic when their data port is connected.
  • Fixed Clients see airlock control as disabled when joining.
  • Fixed AdvancedAirlock doesn't update PressureExternal and PressureInternal values on clients.
  • Fixed Settings would get saved when game was paused. Possible cause of access violation error when saving game bug.
  • Changed moved sound mixer channel volume management out of the Settings.OnValueChanged Function to AudioManager.
  • Fixed Changing music volume setting would reinitialise main menu scene.
  • Fixed Chinese Suit Voice assets too loud.
  • Fixed Voice assets to use Compressed in Memory LoadType.
  • Fixed A number of sounds not playing (regression rev. 18757).
  • Fixed server list search
  • Fixed bug where all tablets in the world would receive scroll events regardless of whether they were in your hand
  • Fixed no server password icon displaying on the server List
  • Fixed none of the filters on the server list working
  • Optimised ServerTick. Bases with lots of chutes and chute devices should see a small fps gain.
  • Optimized Decay tick. Now runs on threaded game tick rather than blocking main thread.
  • Fixed dead bodies still being able to be moved around in some instances
  • Optimised Trading Motherboard Computer screen interface. Reduced time to refresh the screen from 5ms to 0.2ms.
  • Made some visual tweaks to the plant analyser cartridge to make it more consistent with the other cartridges
  • Fixed incorrect capitalisation of kPa in some instances
  • Fixed IC motherboard dropdown not matching the correct chip holder
  • Fixed IC motherboard connected devices displaying wrong code
  • Fixed spelling mistake in plant analyser cartridge
  • First pass on tidying up tablets/cartridges
  • Made scrolling better (still have yet to find the cause of scrolling not working sometimes)
  • Removed paging from network analyser as regular scrolling is now more usable
  • Replaced much of the plant analyser cartridge object with prefabs
  • Changed font for plant analyser and config cartridge
  • Moved Satellite Dish scanning logic onto the power tick.
  • Fixed Computer screen render optimisation was turning on when any player was in view screen is now only rendered when local player is in view.
  • Optimized Physics caching for dynamic objects in slots. Result: 50% reduction in physics update tick time. Players with lots of physics items in slots should notice a small fps improvement.
  • Fixed a few issues around dropping suits and uniforms which could cause bodies to disappear for clients
  • Fixed Using screwdriver on power-tool to remove battery be would actioned even when interaction was aborted.
  • Fixed bug where starting/ending a game quickly would leave the screen faded to black
  • Fixed TransformerMedium Reversed not registering its lower half on the small grid.
  • Fixed Laptop rotates 90degrees when dropped.
  • Tweaked wording in one particular hydroponics tutorial stage
  • Fixed battery/motherboard drop position when removed from laptop.
  • Cleaned up chat canvas code
  • Potential fix for chat bubbles not billboarding
  • Removed ping column until we can provide that information
  • Removed GetIntegerSafe Function as it was causing a lot of GC allocation and general slow down.
  • reverted some changes to chat causing a potential build error
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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.

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