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We had to make a change to the data structure for the server list so your servers will no longer be visible in the server browser until you update to the latest stable version.

This hot fix resolves the duplicate entries in the server list as well as the error spam happening for some players.

* Fixed Error Spam from furnace audio caused by incorrectly clamped values when furnace got very hot during a NoS burn.
* Fixed "time parameter is not a valid number" Error caused by a NaN value in the CleanBurnRate of inflamed atmospheres.
* H2Combustor can now empty, if turned on, without an input atmosphere.
* Fixed master server ping not always respecting ServerVisible
* Added 'suntime' command to change time of day
* Fixed sessionID not updating with provided sessionID from the master server
* Fixed bug where plants would never decay unless they are planted and in their final growth stage
* removed unused INetTransport interface
* Changed network manager to work with new master server
* Fixed Splitting stacks of cables that are inside a toolbelt inside a backpack causes the split-item-stack to spawn at the position where the toolbelt was 1st put in the backpack.
* Fixed Clients unable to join game when their stationeer was in a cryo-tube.
* Fixed saves with signs could cause an editor crash on load.
* Fixed race condition in ReferenceID assignment when atmospheres were being registered on atmos thread while new things were being created on game thread.
* Changed game session CheckSum to follow project constants like prefabs, not session constants.
* Fixed a few issues with the 'regeneraterooms' command. Should now remove rooms if they are invalid and more accurately regenerate existing ones
* Fixed an issue where registered structures were not being cleared between world loads
* Fixed vending machine dial rotating the wrong way
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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.

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