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Yes there was quite some debate about this among the team.

Likely in future we may split the IC Chips into multiple types, with some having more instructions than others.

There is a reason to directly reference, the "batch named" instructions are not *quite* as performant as directly referencing something. The cost of finding the device(s) that you want to change goes up the more devices on the network.

The batch named instructions are the same as their batch counterparts, except a final 'test' is applied on the name hashes. So to do the batch named commands, the processor has to loop through all the devices on the network.

It is important to put this in perspective though. The list of devices is cached, and to compare each device it simply uses a "hash" (does one integer equal another). These are *very* simple operations for a computer and it can do thousands or tens of thousands of these kind of operations without breaking a sweat.

Additionally, all the IC code is run on a "thread", so concurrently. This means your main game framerate is generally not affected by the operation of the logic system at all.
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Originally posted by Bonny01: ...
This is a really cool video, and also is a great explanation of the problems/benefits of hashes.

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