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Anyone having issues connecting to the servers? Can’t do anything in multiplayer or store.

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over 1 year ago - /u/Unyshek - Direct link

Thanks for the reports here everyone - the team is aware and looking into it!

over 1 year ago - /u/misplacedyank - Direct link

Hey Ryan,

Can you try again? I was just able to search/match/play so I'm wondering if there was a hiccup maybe?

about 1 year ago - AndrewT - Direct link
In Game Settings in our launcher, choose Cross Store MP (all players will have to do this). That makes you use the Nakama MP service instead of Steam's.

Does that help?  
about 1 year ago - AndrewT - Direct link
Any firewall in your computer or router will need to allow all traffic from steam.exe , stellaris.exe and Paradox Launcher.exe through in both directions.

The issue won't be specific ports as Steam and Nakama use different ones.  
about 1 year ago - AndrewT - Direct link
Well, again, Steam MP and Nakama MP servers will use different IPs to each other.

The bottom of this page has links to the Steam IPs:

Steam Support :: Required Ports for Steam

help.steampowered.com help.steampowered.com
I don't have similar info for Nakama I'm afraid.

Finbarrr said: On a side note, I can play the game perfectly normally using a VPN with no issues.
That proves it is indeed a firewall issue!