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Originally posted by LLJKCicero

Looks pretty good! More co-op stuff at launch than I expected, honestly.

We are planning to create “War Chest” events where players will be able to earn fun cosmetic rewards by completing in-game objectives.

Please be careful with the design for this. This sort of thing sometimes backfires in team-based games, because you end up with people just chasing the achievements and being shitty teammates.

My understanding (and I wrote the post) is that this is just earning XP.

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Originally posted by winniebillerica

I'm disappointed there was is no 3v3 until next year. I guess it really is early access

It really is Early Access.

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Originally posted by meek_dreg

No version 1.0 release mentioned on this road map is not uhh encouraging.. I really hope when it comes out on steam they do start focusing on balance, nothing will kill the game quicker then it just being janky.

We're going to be in Early Access for at least a year. We're not pre-announcing a 1.0 date as that will depend on how things progress in development. It's typical for Early Access games to not announce 1.0 until later.

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Originally posted by shnndr

I'll personally wait until I have a bigger picture of how much the game will cost. If f2p means breaking down the game into very little pieces that together cost more than an AAA game for an equivalent amount of content, then I'm not interested. I'm sure a lot of people have enough money to support a business model like that and the game will do fine, but that's not for me. I want a fair price, which for what I've seen would be an AA price equivalent for the actual content, and then they can add any gacha mechanics on top for the cosmetics.

We're not planning to implement any gacha mechanics -- we want our players to know exactly what they're paying for.

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Originally posted by RealAlias_Leaf

Seems weird to not prioritize complete T3 units for each race. When is actual release? Beyond the 2025 roadmap?

It would be weird to have tournaments and stuff without a complete tech tree.

Players have been competing in Stormgate since our pre-alpha days. You don't want to introduced T3 units in dribs and drabs as you want to bring them into the game at once so that one faction doesn't have a significant advantage over the others as their T3 units came online earlier in the development pipeline.