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Tried to log in to a game today, and BAM unexpexted 24 hour outage due to mandatory maintenance. All good, it was communicated well and within the game client, and the game was online only so is to be expected sometimes.

But it got me wondering: - what are FGs plans for maintenance during Early Access? - what about comms? Both within the client and outside the client? Given we've only had betas so far most of the maintenance has been communicated via discord (which i don't use) - will the team be planning to have PTR versions of the game to try things? - will it be regularly scheduled outages or outages only "when required"? - where will patch notes go up? - are there any parts of the game that can be played (eg campaign) while other parts are offline (eg 1v1)? Or will most outages just be full client shutdown?

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We'll have the ability to share important news regarding scheduled maintenance and unplanned outages within the client, in addition to updates on the official Discord. We'll post patch notes in the Discord and on the official website--it's likely you'll find them elsewhere, like here on Reddit, as we have an active community.

As for a PTR, Stormgate will be entering Early Access, so everything in the game is effectively trying new things. Running a separate PTR while a game is in Early Access doesn't feel necessary as this is an active development phase and we'll be making many changes based on player feedback.

As for offline mode, our game is going to require an online connection when we release, but we do have plans to introduce offline support for single-player campaign at some point in the future.

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Thanks for the responses Gerald!

You're welcome! Have a great weekend. :D