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Not talking about early access... Like trial version where you get the "feel of the product" cuz idk if I would like playing this or not. I watched a few Lowko streams on YouTube but these two resources don't feel right to me like they did in Sc2 where they have multiple mineral nodes and geysers at a base/expo.

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You don't need a free demo when the game is free. You can play three free prologue campaign missions, all of the co-op heroes to level 5, etc., unlimited games of 1v1 with all units available (no need to buy units, no gacha). In the future, the editor and 3v3 mode will also be available to play with for free.

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I mean... 😅 The steam early access packages that give stuff out for $$$, one of the announcements on reddit 📢 informed us that the Gold Vanguard Army Accent 🔫, Chicken 🐔 Supporter Pack, & Firestorm Fog of War Shader 🔥 won't be available for future purchases while all other features will be acquirable. My concern is that later when they make game access available and that I would come to liking the game very much, I would miss this early bird 🐦 Easter Egg 🥚 🐣🐥🐤 🥚

🔫 Gold Vanguard Army Accent Add a little extra bling to your Vanguard uniforms with this special golden accent.

🐔 Chicken Supporter Pet Welcoming this feisty feathered pal to your base is a great way to show your support for the Frost Giant team!

🔥 Firestorm Fog of War Shader When the Infernal invasion decimated nearly all life on Earth, survivors described it as "a world ablaze." Please note that this fiery cosmetic option provides no tactical benefit to either player.

The early access packs will still be available in the Steam store after August 13.